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Temptations infomercial

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I just watched an infomercial for a 20 piece bakeware set from Tara - similar to old world, but the pattern is reversed , the background is the color and the pattern is white and embossed. It is a 9x13 with lid it - 2 loaf pans and 4little serve it bowls for $99.90. It is also guaranteed for full purchase price if anything happens to it. She does say it can go direct from freezer to a 500 degree oven. It appears to be a very nice set - the pattern is very attractive in this reverse color scheme. So it appears Tara is branching out.

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KY_Liz1363548268.68770 PostsRegistered 3/16/2013

I saw the infomercial too. It is different but I prefer the painted version that's on QVC.

www.BuyTemp-Tations.com if you want to see it. They call it Carved Old World on there.

The satellite program guide said "Age-Less Cooking" or something weird like that. They probably have to call it something else, because the product name might lead one to believe it is adult content. LOL

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