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I have tried a few tarte products and haven't had any luck with any of them! I tried the Amazon Escape Eye and Cheek Palette, the Lights/Camera/Eyes mascara and a liner that was specifically for the inner rim. The entire palette has just about no color in any of the selections, the mascara was full of clumps and the inner rim liner was so dry nothing even came off on my rim!

Has anyone else had problems like this? I really, really wanted the eyeshadows to work because the colors look so intense. Very disappointed that there is absolutely no color when I put it on my lids. Nothing there if i try it on my hand either. What is wrong?

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Beautybyte­sbyCC1386520308.5072464 PostsRegistered 11/21/2011
Sorry they haven't worked for you. I've been using them more and more for many years and like just about everything. The mascaras are my favorites. I thought the the inner rim liner was extremely smooth, Wonder if yours is a bad one? I know how you feel tho, I wouldn't be repurchasing!

Cardamom1386604851.1577096 PostsRegistered 6/24/2006

I like their shadows. I don't have that particular palette. I am very fair so maybe they show up better on me than others. I don't care for their pencils in the rims. It makes my eyes sore, watery and tired as do any pencils I have tried so I can't fault them for that.

Icegoddess1386605147.911743 PostsRegistered 3/19/2010

I like their shadows, but I too am fairly light. All their liners irritate my eyes. I really liked the Amazonian Clay eyeshadows in the little pots and would like for them to make more of them. I haven't seen those on the Q lately; maybe they don't make them anymore.

turtle521386610894.142937 PostsRegistered 2/22/2008

FYI-- 30% off F and F sale on their website!!

This too shall pass.

vaccinia1386632259.692030 PostsRegistered 5/18/2013

The only thing I've tried is the Amazonian clay blush -- just bought the set with 3 colors and a brush and I love it! It really does have staying power.

Icegoddess1386687114.991743 PostsRegistered 3/19/2010

I do like their blushes although I received one in a kit that was a bit too intense for my complexion. Also love the new under eye corrector. I like it better than their concealer which I used exclusively.

Ccassaday1386696673.0372740 PostsRegistered 4/18/2009

I bought a eyee pallet back in June and had the same problem until I used a eye primer. try tht. I love their blushes and skinny smolderyes

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