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One time only value

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Why are working people always penalized ? I often record Susan Graver and a few other designers to watch when I get in from work. When I see a one time only offered, I feel like qvc does not value working people. It is difficult enough that m size is often Sold out, but I find it an added insult that because I am working I have to pay a higher price...If they are going to order a special price it should be offered for the day so all can participate. Does anyone else feel this way or am I over reacting?

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birdmama1365291152.54313715 PostsRegistered 3/24/2009Michigan

You know PattiJ, you make a good point. It would be interesting to have something like a this day only. I changed my cable package last month and don't get QVC on TV anymore so I am betting I've missed tons of OTOs.

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Lizzief1365291406.4173022 PostsRegistered 9/27/2011
It's not just OTO's. They often have Fashion Days on weekdays when working people who would be interested in many of the items are at work! By the time you're home, everything is gone! What's with that?

pilgrimsoul1365292052.06180 PostsRegistered 8/2/2011

When HSN sells out their TSs they do "this day only" every hour for the rest of the day and the price is good until midnight. I always thought that seemed more fair.

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