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Join us Thursday for CEW & QVC Present Beauty with Benefits!

Last Reply by Minnie 111 1397788707.013 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, Beauty With Benefits

When I started my career in cosmetics a decade ago, I had no idea of the effect that makeup had on a person.  The ability to change a look, a feel, an attitude - with just the swipe of a lipstick, the brush of a mascara, and the scent of a fragrance.  What an impact this had on women&rsquo... Continue Reading

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Alberti QVC Host on 1397487597.59

Denim & Co. Chat of the Week 4/1 at 11:00 am ET!

Last Reply by decembergal 1398045624.15 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Denim & Co

Hi, ladies!  Happy April & Happy Spring! I hope everyone had a great winter, but, I think I am not the only one super excited now that we are officially into the spring season!!!  So now that it is spring, I hope everyone is enjoying Denim & Co.’s spring palette of colors. We also have so many prints and patterns to offer this season! What type of print or pattern are you looking for today?? Or what is your all-time favorite go-to print? We have a great dot print woven shirt (Denim & Co. Button Front Long Sleeve Dot Print Denim Shirt ... Continue Reading

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Heather- QVC Design Team on 1396295432.22

Try My Pistachio Dip! And, What Are Your Favorite Easter & Passover Recipes?

Last Reply by speschelty 1396307361.743 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… One of my favorite things about being the host of In the Kitchen with David is having the opportunity to meet some truly incredible chefs. I’m not a chef, as I’ve said many times. But, I love everything about cooking and I love being around people who understand t... Continue Reading

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David Venable QVC on 1396034185.037

Our First Anniversary - Paper, Right?!?

Last Reply by CHARLIE J 1397771343.2 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends

This Sunday, Joe n I will celebrate our 1st wedding anniver n I couldn't be happier. Joe, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for loving me through good n bad, sickness and health! My buddy!!Feel free to post ur pics in the comments below of you and your most fav person. Love is good and I love t... Continue Reading

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Shawn Killinger on 1396461200.063

Bling for Spring!

Last Reply by Dish 1398004288.65 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Susan Graver

While traveling in Europe I noticed most of the styles were heavily embellished. Bright colors were everywhere encrusted in multi-colored gemstones. Even shoes are embellished! That was my "ah-ha" moment... Let's design a collection of embellished Liquid Knit to up-date the collection and make... Continue Reading

27 replies
Susan Graver on 1395761396.267

And Baby Makes Three!

Last Reply by Educator36 1396930815.23 | in The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs

Steve and I have been enjoying our last evenings together as just the two of us. We’ve been together 11 years and married for six—so, while we’re excited, we also know things are going to change. One piece of advice we’ve taken to heart is to go to the movies! Here's a p... Continue Reading

21 replies
Amy Stran on 1396036435.817


Last Reply by ashnic 1396965273.95 | in The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities, Denim & Co

Welcome, Denim and Company Divas, to our FIRST Designer vs Diva Poll for 2014!! You'll be "in the swim" of coverup fashion this season with our brand new line of "DENIM AND COMPANY BEACH"!! We will be debuting some VERY cute coverups and other beach accessories in the coming weeks and we wanted to ... Continue Reading

20 replies
Carolyn Gracie on 1396378442.553

Peek Behind the Scenes of My Photo Shoot!

Last Reply by TaylorBrown 1397022373.72 | in Q Did What?, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

All in a day's work. I always thought doing a photo shoot would be sooooo glamorous. Actually, it's a lot of work and many awkward moments.....lol. Take a peek behind the curtain at my 5 hour photo shoot. A gazillion pictures were taken, but only a very select few can be used.... LOL.   I... Continue Reading

14 replies
Antonella Nester on 1396628512.733

Do You Know the Muffin Man? I Do--I've Got Three Muffin Recipes!

Last Reply by kidzthree 1397411123.81 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… I just caught the local weather report and some beautiful things are happening here in the Philadelphia area. We’ve got a perfect 10 weekend in store...70s and sunny every day! I’ll be spending a lot of time outside this weekend in-between Saturday Morning Q and I... Continue Reading

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David Venable QVC on 1397237343.31

Bacon & Egg Cups! What's Your Ultimate Breakfast?

Last Reply by jibit 1397091050.563 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… The recipe development meetings I have with the In the Kitchen with David team are some of my favorite meetings. We talk about food, more food, and oh yes, food! So when we landed on our “Do You Know the Muffin Pan” theme and were noodling over a breakfast recipe,... Continue Reading

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David Venable QVC on 1396903875.233

Sensational Spring Potato Salad

Last Reply by mamajell 1397826187.137 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities

My mother makes the best potato salad!  It is a simple recipe, potatoes, celery, seasoned salt, Hellmann’s mayo and lots of LOVE.  I have watched her make it for years and still have not been able to get the same flavor.  I decided that instead of trying to do what she does, I s... Continue Reading

12 replies
Jayne Brown on 1397576388.687

Towel Cake Recipe

Last Reply by HappyAndIKnowIt From NY 1397769660.183 | in For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs

I was so honored to be invited to Linda Davies' daughter’s bridal shower this past weekend.  Meghan will be marrying her high school sweetheart, Matt, in May.   As a gift, I created this fun towel cake.  I have been making towel cakes as my signature gift for years.  Ever... Continue Reading

11 replies
Jayne Brown on 1395670333.617

How to Wear a Blazer - THE Wardrobe Essential Right Now

Last Reply by waiveland 1397926892.6 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Jackets are back! I know they are always a staple, but right now they are THE essential! I think it is always nice to have new ideas on how to wear the key pieces, so that is what we are talking about in the video blog this week. We do have a great G.I.L.I.(TM) blazer in The Lisa Robertson Show this... Continue Reading

11 replies
Lisa Robertson on 1396458904.283

Need a Hair Color Change? Try a Wig First!

Last Reply by Bird mama 1397777390.223 | in Q Did What?, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

I loved this blonde wig the minute I put it on. I love the Blonde Ambition cut, and the completely realistic coloring (with the darker roots and the different shades of blonde).  I put it on and I feel…”polished”. The cut is precise, it’s longer on one side, and falls i... Continue Reading

10 replies
Rachel Boesing on 1397486613.55

A Sentimental Family - Hosts At Home With Jacque

Last Reply by Mick31 1397275593.93 | in For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs

When we sat down to think about the things in our home that make it so special to us --- it's the sentimental things that mean so much. My husband Jim and I both have a strong connection to items that bring back memories.  This photo from my parents on their honeymoon is one of my priceles... Continue Reading

9 replies
Jacque Gonzales on 1396970128.097


Last Reply by margTX 1397006969.57 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Quacker Factory

Happy day, everyone!! We just returned from a lovely vacation at the Secrets Maroma Beach resort in Riviera Cancun, Mexico. Yes, we were just away in London in December, but that was work-related. This vacation was pure relaxation. I feel so very blessed that we were able to get away and go to such ... Continue Reading

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Quacker Factory on 1395864564.573

Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunt!

Last Reply by 4girlzmom 1GB 1397090496.997 | in For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs

Hi, everyone—Happy April! Are your crocuses peeping out of the ground? Are your daffodils blooming? Spring is HERE. It’s really here! And I’m thinking about gardening, spring parties, and Easter. The holiday is a little late this year, but I just think of that as more time to plan... Continue Reading

8 replies
Jill Bauer on 1396387059.047

Want to Look Your Best in a Matter of Minutes? Self-Tan!

Last Reply by Ms Patricia 1397940499.55 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Want to look thinner, younger, and more toned in a matter of minutes? SELF-TAN!!!!! I love to self-tan year round, and after doing it for a number of years you learn a few tips to make it easier. We have a brand new self tanner in The Lisa Robertson Show this Friday night, but the tips in the video ... Continue Reading

8 replies
Lisa Robertson on 1397769172.017

A Return To My Youth

Last Reply by adriennelisa 1397162804.93 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

What’s a dramatic change that only takes a second? A wig.  In the next four weeks I’ll be “Wiggin’ Out.” I’ll wear four different wigs in four weeks, and share the story each week.   Years ago, wearing a wig meant you had something to hide (loss of hai... Continue Reading

7 replies
Rachel Boesing on 1396903337.81

I Say Tomato…

Last Reply by 4lafz 1396369021.21 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, In the Garden, Hosts & Personalities

Tomatoes – Yes, it’s time!  My mouth waters just thinking of tomato season! This perfect fruit is just that, perfect. There is nothing and I mean nothing more delicious and more satisfying than picking a tomato off the vine and eating it right then and there.  My tomatoes are ... Continue Reading

7 replies
Barbara King on 1395862941.353

“Hattitude” For Education

Last Reply by starr490 1396204606.303 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, All About Accessories

I belong to a national organization of incredible women who dedicate their time and talents to helping others. Each year, our local chapter hosts  “Hattitude for Education” Hat Auction and Luncheon. Our Chapter Members The event is a fun afternoon with raffles and prizes, culm... Continue Reading

7 replies
Leah Williams on 1395856269.34

Kiwi Cilantro Margaritas! Who's Ready for a Frozen Drink?

Last Reply by flbettyboop 1395947249.747 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… I don’t know what the weather was like in your area on Saturday, but here in the Philadelphia area, we actually hit 63°F. It was BEAUTIFUL! The sun was shining, I saw a few robins out and about hurriedly building their spring nests, and everyone was outside walking,... Continue Reading

7 replies
David Venable QVC on 1395692943.513

Beauty Before Breakfast

Last Reply by 1moai 1397910129.36 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends

In early 2013, I was approached by our behind-the-scenes team with an idea for a “Beauty Show” as a lead in for AM Style. The thinking was, since Saturday mornings were already a popular time for fashion fun, why not add beauty to the mix? It sounded great, except for one thing -- I was ... Continue Reading

7 replies
Leah Williams on 1396656258.827

What Easter Looks Like At Our House!

Last Reply by audrann 1398016812 | in For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends

It feels like I've been doing some extra tidying around the house lately considering there won't be much time for that once Bree arrives. FYI-- My due date is Sunday (April 20th) but if you've seen me lately it feels like she could come at any point, lol! As I was cleaning up I noticed that the East... Continue Reading

6 replies
Amy Stran on 1397664281.607

Comfort Food for Everyone: Matzo Ball Soup & Chicken & Dumplings Pot Pie!

Last Reply by love my david 1397699330.297 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… Happy Passover to one and all! I pray a bowl of Matzo Ball Soup is in your future before the week’s end—whether you're Jewish or not! This soup is like a big bowl of comfort and I’m indebted to the folks at America’s Test Kitchen for sharing one of the... Continue Reading

6 replies
David Venable QVC on 1397507243.86

How Do I Love Thee - IsaacMizrahiLive! 24/7 Pants...

Last Reply by ROMARY 1397935276.753 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Let me count the ways!!! So you can see how much I love IML! 24/7 Stretch pants and I'm so happy there is a new Spring crop version!  Just a few of the beautiful colors. And did I mention they come in Petite?!! -Jane Continue Reading

6 replies
Jane Treacy on 1396034554.077

Road to the Midnight Kickoff

Last Reply by C-Mom 1396273186.17 | in Hosts & Personalities, Susan Graver, TSV Talk

  At the start of every day we present our Today's Special Value. This, the very first presentation of the day, is a big deal, and is watched by many....so, needless to say I was focused on having a great time and doing well:)   Here's my minute by minute (kind of ) &nbs... Continue Reading

6 replies
Rachel Boesing on 1395948587.31

Happy Easter from Ireland!

Last Reply by blueorchid1 1397914171.503 | in Jewelry Talk, Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

I remember long ago that as children we painted eggs for Easter. It was great fun to decorate them and even more fun eating them afterwards! Yesterday one of my colleagues painted some eggs – with shamrocks on them, of course – and gave me a few! So, today I boiled them up and enjoyed t... Continue Reading

6 replies
Irish Insights on 1397665058.553

Pineapple Casserole Recipe - The Perfect Easter Side!

Last Reply by Britt1112 1398015801.63 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! It’s a week for celebrating and week for eating. Could life be any better? We do Easter at my house and a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt is in the plan, as is dinner with all the trimmings. Speaking of dinner, there’s still time to get a Easter ham from Q... Continue Reading

5 replies
Jill Bauer on 1397598013.09

Mini Breakfast Quiche

Last Reply by PRIMADONNA429 1396712868.127 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities

Lauren & I were trying to find quick and easy breakfast ideas.  We both start the day very early and we need something with protein that we can heat up in the microwave.  She found this recipe on Pinterest.  We tweaked it a little.  You can make them the day before and put th... Continue Reading

5 replies
Jayne Brown on 1395839314.58

Shout Out to My Friends in Boston!

Last Reply by Bonnieshores 1396902909.743 | in Sports, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends

Shout out to my friends in Boston!!  What a great city!!  James, Lauren, Chelsea and my sister Cathy and I visited Boston this past weekend for the Navy vs. Boston University lacrosse game.   I have only been to Boston once to visit the Clarks offices.  It was a quick trip w... Continue Reading

5 replies
Jayne Brown on 1396369078

Passover Dinner

Last Reply by Be Grateful 1397911870.207 | in Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

Chag Sameach to you and your loved ones. I love holidays, and being able to celebrate them with loved ones is something I cherish deeply. The beginning of this week marked the start of Passover, the Jewish holiday commemorating the liberation by God of the Jewish people from slavery in ancient Egy... Continue Reading

5 replies
Renee Greenstein on 1397827702.257

Vanilla Cupcakes with Whipped Strawberry Frosting...Spring Has Sprung!

Last Reply by oneroomschoolhouse 1396800539.057 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… I’m back for In the Kitchen with David this Sunday! I’m so glad you enjoyed my Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies. Mary QVC said you were all over those cookies in the chat on Wednesday and it looks like lots of you shared them like MAD on Facebook—thank you! Hopef... Continue Reading

4 replies
David Venable QVC on 1396639292.77

More Holiday Favorites! Try My Ham Loaf with Mashed Sweet Potato Topping

Last Reply by MizWasy 1398013353.433 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… I’ve posted several Easter blogs this season in hopes I can help you prepare for the holiday meal on Sunday. But, I want to make sure I offer another recipe idea or two to the foodies out there who are celebrating Passover. I was browsing through my recipe library this ... Continue Reading

4 replies
David Venable QVC on 1397660857.127


Last Reply by GinaV24 1397498363.883 | in Pet Lovers, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

Hello and Happy Springtime, Everyone!! Since the Easter Bunny will soon be hopping into town with baskets of goodies and colorful eggs, I wanted to devote THIS month's Fur Baby Blog to some of my absolute favorite pets ever, my loveable, smart, silly, cuddly, sometimes ornery, BUNNIES!! Did you kn... Continue Reading

4 replies
Carolyn Gracie on 1397249377.293

Mom says “Make your bed every morning…”

Last Reply by JJGirl 1396737802.323 | in For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends

I know that so many of you have either heard these words from your mom, or said them to your own children at some point in time.  “Make your bed first thing in the morning! If you have a clean bedroom you’ll have a clear mind.” My mom has always promoted the idea of making... Continue Reading

4 replies
Alberti QVC Host on 1396277435

Gluten-Free Chocolate Fudge Bars

Last Reply by Michelle1962 1397746588 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities

Our lovely friend and fearless Lock & Lock companion, Chris Pryme is as dear a friend as you could hope for. She is a baker. She has been a professional baker for 20+ years, but she also has a passion for it. Also, every Christmas, she bakes her Gluten-Free Chocolate Fudge Bars. I have to admit:... Continue Reading

4 replies
Mary DeAngelis on 1397504368.47

Tasty Easter Appetizer: Newport Beach Clam Chowder

Last Reply by PAMPER 1397136841.68 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hi, everyone! I finished my spring decorating this morning and my house feels officially de-winterized. I would have loved to infuse a little more Easter into my décor, but I just don’t have enough room, time, or the ability to be so specific. (I bet you can identify!) So, I put out li... Continue Reading

3 replies
Jill Bauer on 1396991984.433

Lucky, Lucky April Birthstone Babies!

Last Reply by sun lover 1397340778.487 | in Jewelry Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

As the famous blonde bombshell once said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!”  Known for their fire, shine, facets and brilliance, they sparkle like no other gemstone.  They are in fact the hardest natural substance on the Earth.  They rate a 10 on the Moh’s ... Continue Reading

3 replies
Antonella Nester on 1397066538.93

Another Suprise For The QVC Baby Bumps!

Last Reply by PAMPER 1395867974.427 | in The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs

As many of you may know the Baby Bump is a common theme we have going on at the Q! Today after our host meeting, the team surprised all of us pregnant gals (Me, Gabrielle Kerr, and another member of our Talent Team-- Kim Green) with a baby shower! It was such a nice surprise and the perfect excuse ... Continue Reading

3 replies
Amy Stran on 1395767728.297

Easter Home Décor

Last Reply by MissL 1397904531.04 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, Mally

Happy Easter, My Loves! Easter is so important in our home! We really try to make it special for the girls to let them know it's a meaningful holiday for what we believe in. We use Easter as a way to show the girls that miracles do happen and it gives us hope and strength that we carry with us thro... Continue Reading

3 replies
Mally Roncal on 1396297642.043


Last Reply by D5681 1397766821.597 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Quacker Factory

YOU VOTED…WE MADE IT… IT’S HERE…AND IT’S GLORIOUS! At last…the Winning Design from our 2013 Quacker Factory Garden Party is READY FOR YOU! TUNE IN Saturday, April 12th from 8:00-9:00PM EDT! Last year, we asked you to vote for the design you liked best from... Continue Reading

3 replies
Quacker Factory on 1397226717.863

Cool Ideas For Cool Crops

Last Reply by RocketMom 1397158514.353 | in For the Home Talk, In the Garden, Hosts & Personalities

Now is the time for cool crops!  I like to plant my cool crops in raised planters and raised beds.  There are many benefits raised planters and beds – keeps pathway weeds from the garden soil, keeps little critters such as snails and slugs out, supplies great drainage – but the... Continue Reading

3 replies
Barbara King on 1396463667.487

An Easter EGGstravaganza!

Last Reply by KELEANORAM 1397934763.753 | in Q Did What?, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

We decided to give our hosts a creative challenge! They stepped up to the plate and had a blast decorating Easter eggs! Can you guess which hosts decorated these eggs?    Hint: The host that decorated this egg has a love for all things bling!     Hint: This host loves gems a... Continue Reading

3 replies
On The Scene on 1397845489.48

Mary Beth's Menu - Easter Fun with the Kids Edition

Last Reply by N2Ofoodie 1397657723.377 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities

This is a cute project for the kids old enough to use a microwave. The end result can be eaten or used as decoration for your Easter table. Easter Egg Nests Ingredients: 6 oz. white almond bark 1-1/3 cup flaked coconut 1 Tablespoon milk green food coloring mini jelly beans / mini Robin's eggs... Continue Reading

3 replies
Mary Beth Roe on 1397351643.703

Carolyn & Dan’s Pawparazzi Showcase

Last Reply by reececup 1397004432.593 | in Pet Lovers, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends

Mmmm....Did I hear someone say PAWSITIVELY TOO CUTE?!!   Thank you all SO MUCH for sharing photos of your precious fur babies with us!  Here is this week’s Showcase… XOXO from your fellow pet lovers, Carolyn and Dan  ... Continue Reading

3 replies
Carolyn Gracie on 1396900263.753

Tea Party Special

Last Reply by willamay 1396949711.213 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities

The generations are at again, this time with the Lenox Stainless Steel Flatware Set.  My Friend, Kristen (20), Isabella (4-1/2) and I (49) each chose a different pattern of the Lenox Tableware and styled it for a formal dinner, an everyday table and a tea party.  Guess who chose what? ... Continue Reading

3 replies
Nancy Hornback on 1396380273.13

Sensational Spring Salad

Last Reply by Herself 1396589115.493 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities

We have a really nice restaurant in our neighborhood that is only open for breakfast and lunch.  My family loves going there for breakfast but our favorite dish is their chicken salad.  I don't know what it is that makes it soooo good but we just can't get enough of it!  I think par... Continue Reading

2 replies
Jayne Brown on 1396459345.47

Craisin Chicken Salad

Last Reply by dbeasle 1397151013.497 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities

I am very excited to share with you this week’s Sensational Spring Salad recipe.  Eileen Reimer and her daughter made this yummy salad and they so kindly offered to share the recipe with me so that I may share it with you!  I am making it this weekend!  YUM!!!!  Thank you E... Continue Reading

2 replies
Jayne Brown on 1397076421

Basic Jersey Dress: How to Style the Perfect Summer Essential

Last Reply by ROMARY 1397419446.38 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

One of my go to pieces in the summertime is a great basic jersey dress. If it's a good one, I'll need it in a number of colors, because I'll be wearing it a number of days every week! When it's comfortable and it's flattering and it's versatile, it's going to be a staple in your wardrobe. This week ... Continue Reading

2 replies
Lisa Robertson on 1397066976.923
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