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Hello, from Lake Tahoe!

Last Reply by SLBigler 1405546240.977 | in Health & Fitness, Hosts & Personalities

Hello from Lake Tahoe! Have you ever been here? It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The first day and a half of my vacation has been busy! But busy with wonderful things. Tuesday evening consisted of a delicious dinner, (an all too good dessert), catching up, long games o... Continue Reading

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Lisa Robertson on 1404930964.607

Order Your Copy of Cookbook #2--Back Around the Table--This Sunday!

Last Reply by MsChristmas 1404675988.673 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to tell you these six little words: I just completed my second cookbook! I can hardly believe it. The recipes have been written, tested, and finalized and the manuscript is off to print. It has been an incredibly busy&md... Continue Reading

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David Venable QVC on 1403894954.503

New Lisa Roberston Christmas, New Ways to Decorate! Celebrate Christmas in July®!

Last Reply by Pamula 1406220058.277 | in For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities

This is our big Christmas in July® Sale weekend, and we're finishing up with A Lisa Robertson Christmas on Sunday night at 10pm ET. I am so excited! It is true that Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and I am always looking for new ways to make my home beautiful for the holidays. This ye... Continue Reading

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Lisa Robertson on 1405537042.593

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary!!!

Last Reply by hubba64 1404095953.607 | in Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs

    10 years ago today it was raining all morning - and as we drove to the church the sky cleared and the sun came out.  It was our wedding day - June 26, 2004.     My bouquet   Getting ready with my dog Bo (my original baby)   Jim and I met at QVC and... Continue Reading

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Jacque Gonzales on 1403804890.577

Beach Bumming With Bree & Family

Last Reply by FanciJean 1405360248.687 | in Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends, Mom to Mom Blogs

Hi everyone!! I'm so happy to be back at the Q after spending some quality time with Bree at home. While it was hard leaving her, I'm so so so glad to be back to work and shopping with you!! I know I have a lot to catch you up on, but I wanted to start by sharing all of our photos from Bree's first ... Continue Reading

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Amy Stran on 1404913916.04

Cinderella for a Day: Oheka Castle & Aimee Kestenberg's Wedding!

Last Reply by kate fenimore 1404780631.227 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, All About Handbags

  Oheka Castle in Huntington New York, was built about 100 years ago by Otto Hermann Kahn. He spent $11 million to build this summer home, which is the equivalent of $110 million in today's money. This 127-room castle is the second largest residence ever built in the US and was the location of... Continue Reading

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Lisa Robertson on 1403715942.123

Ryan Roe Travels to China for a Mission Trip

Last Reply by complication 1405914024.33 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends

The day after Ryan's high-school graduation party, he left for China on a cultural mission trip with a group from our church. Our son, Eric, went on the same trip eight years earlier and had such a great experience. Here's Ryan's story:   "I’m sure it takes a lot of guts for a mom to le... Continue Reading

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Mary Beth Roe on 1405348652.497

Slow-Cooker Brownie Bread Pudding - It's Christmas in July(R)

Last Reply by Army Chick 1405880684.84 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… For some reason, I was up bright and early today. And I mean EARLY! But, my eyes just opened and I felt completely refreshed, so I decided to start my day. I do my best thinking in the morning…always have. As I write this, I’m getting a reward for my ambition&hel... Continue Reading

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David Venable QVC on 1405119817.673

“Shawn's Beauty Picks from Head to Toe!”

Last Reply by Miranda1550 1405549118.217 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Kinda ironic I should be writing about my fav beauty products, because right now, they are all in boxes stacked in a corner. I am moving this week. I can assure you, over the next few days, sweaty, unshowered, tired from unpacking from dusk to dawn…I will NOT be feeling so beautiful even with... Continue Reading

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Shawn Killinger on 1404143612.633

Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh.

Last Reply by mail carrier 1405460004.9 | in The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends

Sometimes you just have to laugh.  We had another round of bad thunderstorms in our area on Wednesday evening.   The high winds brought down several large trees and when that happens we often lose power.  Last time it occurred we were without electricity for almost 5 days an... Continue Reading

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Dan Hughes on 1405108082.937

Campfire Hash & A Look Inside Cookbook #2!

Last Reply by Jenny Book Lover 1404683204.78 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… Happy Independence Day! It’s a beautiful day in West Chester…I hope that's the case across the country and I hope you’ve got big plans to celebrate our nation’s 238th birthday! I always love doing a little light reading early in the morning and I stum... Continue Reading

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David Venable QVC on 1404337972.253

Susie Q Sailing!

Last Reply by Crazy for QVC 1404138061.39 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Susan Graver

In preparation for my nautical show, Richie and I decided to go sailing! I wore my new nautical tops and Pebbles her cute new life jacket... It was a beautiful day! We first stopped at a local deli in town and picked up sandwiches chips and cookies for the sail. After arriving at the boat, we settle... Continue Reading

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Susan Graver on 1403792083.213

Isaac Mizrahi Live!

Last Reply by Meesh312 1405999541.85 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Isaac Mizrahi Live!

Here are a few more pics from last week's live studio audience show with the I-Man.  Wonder what he's thinking here! Sure looks like he's up to something! Maybe some new cool designs. : )  and here .... the designer, the man, the legend .... deep in thought! And how cute is he?!?!... Continue Reading

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Shawn Killinger on 1403802873.413

Gluten-Free Ice Cream Sandwich - Happy Birthday, Mary!

Last Reply by satlqvcer 1405270928.53 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… This Sunday just so happens to be our dear friend Mary’s birthday! Way back in May during our recipe development meeting, I asked Mary to pick the recipe of her dreams and we would make it on July 13. The conversation started with a gluten-free chocolate cake. Then, the... Continue Reading

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David Venable QVC on 1404938179.633

My Favorite Sale Time of the Year!

Last Reply by fligal 1404780069.7 | in Hosts & Personalities

Hello PM Stylers!   I'll keep this one short, sweet, and to the point. Fourth of July is always on of my favorite times of the year because of one sign on every retailers door; SALE.   Below I took the liberty of finding some great summer clearance items all for less than $28. I love to break for bargains, but I also love a good clearance find without the sweat ;-).  Enjoy!   Chic shade from the sun... VT Luxe hat     The Go-To, IML knit dress       All you need is love necklace   Feeling blue... Rachel Zoe necklace   &nbs... Continue Reading

10 replies
Courtney Cason on 1404167030.33

Denim & Co. Chat of the Week 7/1 at 11:00 am ET!

Last Reply by dw123 1405453418.633 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Denim & Co

Hi, ladies!  As everyone prepares for the upcoming Independence Day holiday weekend, I find myself wondering what to wear to this year’s festivities. Will anyone be wearing some of their Denim & Co. items to their festivities over the weekend? Maybe new Denim & Co. pieces or your tried and true pieces that have been a staple in your wardrobe? Will anyone be going to the pool or beach and wearing some of their new Denim & Co. Beach items? There are some items in today’s show that would be great to wear to your summer barbecues, such as our Essentials... Continue Reading

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Heather- QVC Design Team on 1404146249.267

Gem Day! And please vote - we want to hear from you!

Last Reply by Peyton Kelley 1405975471.75 | in Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Gem Day has finally arrived and let me tell you, the array of gemstones is incredible!  From Kunzite, to Fire Opal, Baltic Amber, Pink Tourmaline, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Alexandrite, and beyond, it’s going to be an incredible journey through some of the greatest gemstone mines around ... Continue Reading

10 replies
Peyton Kelley on 1405395066.563

Deep Fried Banana with Chocolate and Peanut Butter - Hooray for Fair Food!

Last Reply by boardwalk_angel 1404953323.57 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… How was your holiday weekend!? Filled with terrific food? Time with family and friends? It can be tough getting back in the swing of things after a long weekend, so I hope your Monday was easy and stress-free. Mondays and Tuesdays are typically my days off so I’m enjoyi... Continue Reading

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David Venable QVC on 1404768521.77

Summer Travels

Last Reply by shwarma 1404615533.903 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Dennis Basso

Hi everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the beginning of summer. We are traveling for the first time to the beautiful Scandinavian countries. The photos are from both Stockholm and Copenhagen. We have visited both Royal Palaces in each city and watched the changing of the guard along with a tour of... Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1404320432

My Four-Year Anniversary Celebration of Shawn Says Accessorize

Last Reply by silvergallery 1405997647.34 | in The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities, All About Accessories

I seriously can't believe it. 4yrs! Shawn says Accessorize has been on the air for 4yrs! I hosted a Big 2hr live audience show last Fri to cheer the big Annv! It was so much fun n i got to meet some really neat audience members! Right b4 the show i posted on my fb page asking you to compl... Continue Reading

6 replies
Shawn Killinger on 1405521435.727

Street Sailing in Southampton

Last Reply by paigerx 1405796370.09 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, Super Saturday

If you follow me on Facebook, Alberti Popaj QVC, you probably know that I was in Southampton last weekend shooting video content for our big Super Saturday event on 7/26/2014. Since I was going to be there for a few days, I decided to bring Prince Charming and Coco Chanel for some “fun in the ... Continue Reading

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Alberti QVC Host on 1405365378.457

We All Scream For Ice Cream

Last Reply by Dixiebelle 1405177645.707 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities

Here’s a fun fact  -- July is National Ice Cream Month! Who knew there was such a thing? So, in honor of the month dedicated to ice cream, I thought I would share my favorite and easiest ice cream recipe. I make mine in my Vitamix, but it works just as easily in a food processor or a&nb... Continue Reading

6 replies
Leah Williams on 1405113795.823

Light Potato Salad & How-to Make the Very Best Burger

Last Reply by Hazel Mae 1404441737.083 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… I’d like to start by saying THANK YOU for all your wonderful comments about cookbook #2...I can’t wait until you all have that book in your kitchens and you start cooking your way through it. While I won't be hand-signing this book as I did with the first, I want ... Continue Reading

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David Venable QVC on 1404164901.097

New Torture of the Week Photos! June 2014 Recap

Last Reply by bmorechick 1406167113.533 | in Health & Fitness, Hosts & Personalities

Every Tuesday on Facebook I like to post a "Torture of the Week." Selfishly, it motivates me. But mostly, because I love reading your comments. I love when you try the moves, and I laugh out loud at your jokes when you don't. Here is a little recap of the "Tortures" for the last month. Enjoy! (Or no... Continue Reading

5 replies
Lisa Robertson on 1404326297.26

Black Hills Jewelry Memory

Last Reply by katiescarlett 1404919658.093 | in Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs

I wanted to share this beautiful post from one of my Facebook Friends, Linda R.  She wrote this during the Black Hills Jewelry show on Memorial Day.  (BTW – the Black Hills Gold Guy is Jim Whittaker. J)  Enjoy! “I am so enjoying the Black Hills Gold show.  I woul... Continue Reading

5 replies
Nancy Hornback on 1404227659.22

A Sparkling, Stackable, Sculpture-Filled Summer

Last Reply by SuSu 1405443364.913 | in Jewelry Talk, Judith Ripka, Hosts & Personalities

Hello everyone. Can you believe it is already July? This summer is really flying by, and I hope that you are all creating your own special memories. I think that it is so important to take time to enjoy the beautiful weather. Ron and I have been doing just that. I always say that if I did not spend... Continue Reading

5 replies
Judith Ripka on 1405019513.29

Greetings from beautiful Lake Como, Italy!

Last Reply by Sciacca 1406276091.57 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Dennis Basso

Hi everyone! This is probably one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Europe, the deepest at 1200 feet and the prettiest in Italy. The shores are lined with magnificent villas some dating back to the 17th century. We were fortunate enough to be guests in one of these spectacular villas and it’s really like stepping back into another era. We traveled around the lake in a beautiful vintage boat captained by Ricardo who was so knowledgeable. Every meal has been perfection! (Not so good for my diet, but if you’re going to cheat there is no better place.) Being in the north if Ital... Continue Reading

5 replies
Dennis Basso on 1405315688.8

Happy July 4th!!!

Last Reply by engineer 1404669574.437 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs

Happy July 4th!!! One of my favorite holidays! We are celebrating with my shoe shopping family with a "red, white and shoe" party! I wanted to share some photos that show how much I love this holiday and our country. I am an American Revolutionary history lover so this is my holiday! I also included... Continue Reading

4 replies
Jane Treacy on 1404158527.72

Mushrooms Stuffed with Cream Cheese & Bacon

Last Reply by PatAnn 1404909600.3 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities

You have probably heard Pat & I talk about how much we love bacon.  Here is another recipe featuring our favorite other white meat.  It makes for a great appetizer or side dish.  And surprisingly it heats up nicely in the microwave the next day. (just in case there are any left).&... Continue Reading

4 replies
Jayne Brown on 1404327826.38

A Look Inside Grumpy Cat's Green Room

Last Reply by pebblebrook 1405968801.233 | in The Q We Love, Q News, Hosts & Personalities

So have you heard the big news? The grumpiest feline on the internet is spending some time at the Q! That's right, THE Grumpy Cat you know and love will be spending some on-air time with you in honor of our Christmas in July event celebration!  When elite celebrities like Grumpy Cat come to th... Continue Reading

4 replies
On The Scene on 1405709034.107

Leah’s Summer Beauty Tips

Last Reply by Erika - QVC Social 1405112254.94 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Summer is my favorite time of year; sunshine, warm weather, vacation getaways. But summertime can also wreak havoc with our beauty routines; make-up melts, hair frizzes, and skin is parched and dry. Here are a few of my favorite beauty tips that get me through the warm weather season -- no sweat! &... Continue Reading

4 replies
Leah Williams on 1404231700.68

Mary Beth's Menu - Tex-Mex Chicken

Last Reply by ncmom 1404853878.21 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities

In celebration of 'National Grilling Month', I present to you, Tex-Mex Chicken. Two great things about this easy recipe .... it can be made in either the oven or on the grill and it can be made as mild or as spicy as you like. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Tex-Mex Chicken Ingredients: 4 ... Continue Reading

4 replies
Mary Beth Roe on 1404313900.853


Last Reply by cinderella 1 1406258475.57 | in Pet Lovers, Hosts & Personalities

HAPPY SUMMERTIME, FELLOW PET LOVERS!! Once again, it is time to showcase another one of my beloved fur kids! This month, I thought you would enjoy meeting one of our adopted Coton de Tulear's, Monty! Monty is one of our most joyous pets....always happy and smiling and sweet! AND he loves to do... Continue Reading

4 replies
Carolyn Gracie on 1406127512.243

Crayon Art!!

Last Reply by Ellen S 1405801461.63 | in For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs

Chelsea found this really cool art project on Pinterest!!  She wanted to create some colorful artwork for her room.  There is nothing more colorful than CRAYONS!!! You will need: Stretched canvas Crayons- depending on the look you are going for you can use   new crayons or old... Continue Reading

4 replies
Jayne Brown on 1405693916.747

How to Pack/Travel for Your Honeymoon/Upcoming Trip

Last Reply by Capemay 1406163761.43 | in Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends, Holiday Advice

I am so excited. I get to host "Courtney Says I Do" next Monday at 2pm ET on QVC Plus! It's a Bridal Shower for our dear Courtney Cason and YOU are invited! Don't fret if you don't have QVC Plus yet on your area, we will also be airing the broadcast on :) More details to come! YEARS ago, I was a flight attendant. I loved the traveling, my dear crew members, and meeting new people. Since we are talking about weddings and honeymooning next week, I thought I would share some thoughts on something I know about: travel! I am confident in my ability to help you maximize space and minim... Continue Reading

4 replies
Mary DeAngelis on 1406068047.65

Hosts are sharing their favorite Christmas (in July) Recipes

Last Reply by ailika 1405061765.39 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities

Submitted by Mary Beth Roe Minnesota Mint snowballs  Cookie ingredients: 1 cup softened butter (or shortening) 1/2 cup powdered sugar 2 teaspoons water 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 cups flour 1 cup quick oatmeal Mix together all of the above ingredients and roll into 1 inch size balls. ... Continue Reading

3 replies
On The Scene on 1404214200.12

Vacationing with Vera Bradley!

Last Reply by Its Me 1405778143.383 | in Hosts & Personalities, All About Accessories, TSV Talk

Now that I'm back from vacation - and in the midst of writing about our trip to share with you (next week) --- I can't wait to tell you about VERA BRADLEY joining us for the trip!   I was lucky enough to be able to take all 3 of the NEW Vera Bradley Patterns in our Today's Special Value Cresc... Continue Reading

3 replies
Jacque Gonzales on 1405545537.797

Easy Summer Makeup Tips!

Last Reply by Bhappy 1406046501.523 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, Laura Geller

Hi, everyone! Happy holiday week!! Are you having a Fourth of July party at your house? Are you going to one? I’ll be blogging later today with some entertaining ideas. But first, let’s talk about MAKEUP. What’s your makeup routine in the summer? (If you’re like me, the answ... Continue Reading

3 replies
Jill Bauer on 1403812032.457

Southern-Style Fried Fish Sandwich & Campfire Ceviche!

Last Reply by Zona hottie 1406062590.863 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… It’s been a busy week! Last week, I spent a few days in North Carolina with my mom and had a wonderful visit. Then, I flew back to Philadelphia for Saturday Morning Q and In the Kitchen with David at QVC on Sunday. Now, as of late last night, I’m officially back o... Continue Reading

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David Venable QVC on 1405972828.553

Gluten-Free Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies from Chris Pryme

Last Reply by SuziQ2 1406110479.227 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities

A couple of weeks ago, Chris Pryme (our dear friend from Lock & Lock) made me some Gluten Free Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were to die for. Now, she is on a very-deserved vacation and she kindly e-mailed the recipe to share with you! Please see below and ENJOY! INGREDIENTS 1 cup Crisco 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup white sugar 1 egg 2 teaspoon vanilla 3 1/2 cups brown rice flour 1 cup almond meal 2 teaspoons baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup oil 1 & 1/2 cup crushed corn flakes 1 & 1/2 cup gluten free oats 2 cups chocolate chips DIRECTIONS Pre-heat the oven to 350... Continue Reading

3 replies
Mary DeAngelis on 1405357660.92

Not So Hot Wings

Last Reply by mtnbikegirl 1405274651.47 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities

OMG!!  I made these wings last week!  They were soooooo good!!  Crispy, saucy and just a touch spicy.  Here is the recipe.   Not So Hot Wings Ingredients: Vegetable or Canola oil, for frying 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon paprika 3 pounds chicken wings, split at... Continue Reading

3 replies
Jayne Brown on 1404924676.443

Which is the real deal?

Last Reply by sunnybrook 1406252974.173 | in Jewelry Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

Hi friends, The ring on the left was custom made for me and the ring on the right is Epiphany Diamonique. I was so pleased with how well our Diamonique team did in recreating the ring I love so much. They nailed it! Look for this Diamonique replica in August. It will be under $100 and I am trying... Continue Reading

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Leah Williams on 1405965656.493


Last Reply by olderset 1405608983.57 | in Hosts & Personalities, Denim & Co, TSV Talk

Dear Denim and Co Divas, Friends and Fans-   After hearing your MANY requests for a new, slimmer leg "Active" French Terry pant, I am thrilled to be able to introduce you to our Today's Special Value from Denim and Company!!  Please meet our brand new D&Co Active French Terry St... Continue Reading

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Carolyn Gracie on 1403812034.397

Jennifer's Gumbo

Last Reply by Sheribilly 1404504697.45 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs

During the holidays it's tradition in my New Orleans-based family to take all the leftover turkey and turn it into a gumbo! Here's the recipe...hope you like life spicy! Ingredients: 2 lbs cooked turkey off the bone 8 cups stock (chicken is fine, but bonus if you used the turkey bones to make the... Continue Reading

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Jennifer Coffey on 1404237714.747

The Women with Control® Legging

Last Reply by pas4116 1405798708.233 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

No matter what, we can always count on leggings, right? They’re easy to throw on, and are always one of the most comfortable options in our wardrobes. However, it can be tricky styling them for any occasion that isn’t casual. They can sometimes make us appear under-dressed, and that&rsqu... Continue Reading

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Renee Greenstein on 1405432495.003

Twenty Years of 4th of July memories!

Last Reply by grammaf 1404359762.413 | in Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Carolyn Pollack

It’s hard to believe, but on a beautiful Fourth of July weekend in 1994, Bill and I said “I do” in the presence of our families at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.  Everything was perfect, just as I had imagined, and that’s really all I could do is imagine given that ... Continue Reading

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Carolyn Pollack on 1404242999.577

In Celebration of Christmas in July some of your favorite Hosts are sharing their favorite Christmas memories!

Last Reply by Senora Rosario 1405721840.15 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities

"Look at the size of "Santa's" hands in this pix!! I'm 6 or 7 here. Some family traditions: mom n dad would ring bells during the night to fake us out that the Big Guy had arrived. And I would always wake up w ribbon candy on a plate next to my bed. Again, Santa. My stockings always weighed abt 10 p... Continue Reading

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On The Scene on 1404929283.15

Susan Graver's Foxy Makeover

Last Reply by Jimdog 1405693828.877 | in Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Susan Graver

Last year, I went to Beijing twice to conduct training sessions for our sister network, CNR Mall. When I'm in China for QVC, I work really long hours, but my weekends are free, so I pack those days with sightseeing and shopping.  My favorite market is the Panjiayuan Market (also ... Continue Reading

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Sandra Bennett on 1405561010.687

A Walk In Your Shoes – Summer Mini Series – Amy Oselkin!

Last Reply by baker 1404167051.95 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs

It is so nice to have Amy Oselkin from Clarks shoes back with our family after having little Dylan! She's was our featured gal for this week's edition of A Walk In Her Shoes Mini Series on SSWJ - along with beautiful Dylan and hubby! Guarantee you will say awwwww when you see the baby's photos! ... Continue Reading

2 replies
Jane Treacy on 1403884473.177

July’s Hotties – Ravishing Rubies

Last Reply by 33maggie 1405831523.57 | in Jewelry Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

There’s no place like home….. there’s no place like home…..  How many of you have watched “The Wizard of OZ” and DROOLED over those “Ruby Slippers” that Dorothy sparkled at us???!?  As a little girl, it was at that moment that I fell in ... Continue Reading

2 replies
Antonella Nester on 1404310440.247
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