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kathy levine

Started 1276579124.247 in Q Did What? | Last reply 1288756734.487 by Sunshine Kate

What happened to Kathy? she was on quite a bit for awhile and now nothing for many months. Does anyone know if La Vintage is gone?

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SuziQ21276579353.552572 PostsRegistered 9/18/2008

Don't know.....loved Kathy and wish she were back. Remember all the old Diamonique shows she did? I loved watching her and she had such beautiful natural nails. Loved her with Joan Rivers.

Don't care for the La Vintage stuff......but wish she was back at QVC instead of all the young, silly, unprofessional gals on there now. She at least had some real class!

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jacksmommom1276589773.223249 PostsRegistered 7/13/2008

Funny, I just saw her on Q Check for about 15 sec. She had a bracelet that was the lunchtime special. I am not kidding, she barely talked about the bracelet. She did mention she is coming on with a new collection (I don't know if it's La Vintage) in August, if I remember correctly.


Dr-Phil1276609096.183209 PostsRegistered 11/19/2008

I have no interest in La Vintage and I am still laughing at her clothing line at HSN.

She was a great host though

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Blondilocks1276686117.2033856 PostsRegistered 3/13/2007Home

She should have stuck to hosting IMHO her jewelry line is cheap looking sort of like Macys vintage 1910 (I think thats the year) line.

Ladybug7241276703051.2375052 PostsRegistered 11/13/2007

Most of her La Vintage line is clearance, last clicks or as is

lovetheboa­rdwalk1276715025.761657 PostsRegistered 10/10/2007

I didn't care for her LaVintage line but I really enjoyed her as a host on QVC. I wish she would come back as a host instead of the new ones.

MeganRose1276722812.7372789 PostsRegistered 11/12/2007

I wish she were back too. She could almost make you think that Diamonique was real diamonds and couldn't live without them. I think she left because she wanted more ... well, I'll keep that to myself. I read a book written by a host who is no longer at the Q. Talk about dishing? {#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}

SuziQ21276740605.1672572 PostsRegistered 9/18/2008
On 6/16/2010 Jcee said:

I wish she were back too. She could almost make you think that Diamonique was real diamonds and couldn't live without them. I think she left because she wanted more ... well, I'll keep that to myself. I read a book written by a host who is no longer at the Q. Talk about dishing? {#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}

Can you tell us which one it is? Might be interesting reading.....

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dbfromcali1276740862.57180 PostsRegistered 3/15/2007

I heard she is re-inventing her famous diamonique ring. Maybe a new line in Diamonique??

twocent1276741761.86310898 PostsRegistered 1/5/2008

Didn't care for her clothing or jewelry line, but just adored her as a host! {#emotions_dlg.wub}

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Sunshine K­ate1276742747.7612984 PostsRegistered 11/13/2006The Beautiful Mountains & Western Sky

She was on the other day for a brief time showing one of her LaVintage bracelets. She said she would be back in August.

I wish she would be back permanently. I just loved watching/buying from Kathy.

Kitty Galo­re1276746077.991937 PostsRegistered 4/28/2009

I wish she was back too, without doubt the best host QVC ever had ! I do love most of the hosts now and enjoy watching them, but Kathy was a host I would watch even if I was not interested in the particular hour, she had a way of selling and connecting with the audience that no one else ever has since. I liked her jewelry line, but it was base metal and I cannot wear it because of the nickel in it. Thought it was very pretty though, never saw her hsn line. Look forward to what she will bring in August and to see her !

Reggie31276747034.56621 PostsRegistered 2/24/2007

Hands down the best host QVC ever had and I have watched since the beginning. She could sell jewlery like no other. I do not care for the LaVintage line either. Hope she comes back with something more exciting!

bazb1276776753.3974234 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Ditto! Kathy was/is still the best!{#emotions_dlg.wub}

stevieb1276783174.85336658 PostsRegistered 11/4/2007

Never saw Kathy as a host, but have caught her on QVC from time to time and for one reason or another and could see where she'd be enjoyable. Didn't care for or purchase anything from her LaVintage collection. I sort of doubt she'd be returning to hosting. Even realizing that the compensation is good, I don't see how some of them do it year after year after year... I guess too, when you're one of the 'premier' hosts and expected to work lots of prime time, the hours could get to you after a while.

wildcat fan1276786027.4835030 PostsRegistered 1/18/2010

I saw Kathy a couple of days ago for a brief moment on Q Check. Her bracelet was the lunchtime special. It had a lot of bling, but I'm just not going to spend $100 on fake stones and mystery metals. Kathy said that she'll be back with Jill B. in August with new items from her line.

SherbearTwo1277260702.811529 PostsRegistered 2/3/2009

Kathy was and would still be the BEST host the Q has ever had.!!!

She was not phony and seemed to be very honest in the things she said. I just enjoyed listening to her. She was the main reason I starting watching QVC more than 20 years ago.

I really, really liked her.

Beebo1277261222.3436960 PostsRegistered 4/13/2010

Like Kathy, LaVintage....not so much.

Marsha20031277261513.74870 PostsRegistered 10/31/2007

I'll echo what most of you have been saying. While I do not care for the products she brings to QVC, Kathy was a marvelous host and sales woman. She was always knowledgeable, funny and used proper grammar. Kathy sold me so much Joan Rivers jewelry that I didn't need. {#emotions_dlg.blushing} {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

I no longer watch QVC because I cannot stand to listen to the current hosts.

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RosieLu1277413672.695 PostsRegistered 6/5/2009
On 6/16/2010 Jcee said:

I wish she were back too. She could almost make you think that Diamonique was real diamonds and couldn't live without them. I think she left because she wanted more ... well, I'll keep that to myself. I read a book written by a host who is no longer at the Q. Talk about dishing? {#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}

I'd love to know who myself. I loved watching her, she was supposed to have her own talk show which never appeared as far as I know. I remember she was very close to another male host, who supposedly married another young female host, and that marriage ended right after they tied the knot, and then the male host was gone. The female host ended up on another station. I've always wondered about those 2, but Google never helped. Maybe this book you mentioned might shed some light?

Anyway, She was the type of host that could sell anything and make you enjoy buying it!

cupcaked1277413893.54490 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004NY

I wish the Powers-That-Be would just do the right thing, what everybody really wants, and bring Kathy Levine back as a host on QVC. No one really liked her clothing line on HSN and the jewelry line she promotes on the Q didn't do too well, either. Just bring back our girl and let her do her thing again. It's what she does best ... and doesn't the Q want a great salesperson?

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Cloud71277414047.1936501 PostsRegistered 12/29/2009

She was a natural when it came to hosting. As far as the jewelry line, not so much.

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ghb1277480857.51185 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Love Kathy Levine...saw her on Q Check a few days ago. Just hearing her describing an item for 2 seconds reminds you of how good she really is/was and how it SHOULD be done!!! Would love to see her back, but I think she loves her new life way to much to be tied down to the Q again.

gym lady1277483083.107289 PostsRegistered 3/27/2008

I would love our Kathy to come back!!!{#emotions_dlg.laugh}

millieshops1277483546.3416662 PostsRegistered 3/15/2007

Would Kathy appeal to the younger shoppers or more to those who already know her or both?

I'm one who used to watch her - probably just for diamonique since I can't remember anything else - but I haven't been at all excited by her recent appearances. That could, of course, be because I'm not at all excited by the offerings she's been touting. Nothing she could say would make me buy or even hang around to listen.

I do think she has one of the easiest to listen to voices of any of the shopping channel hosts.

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