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QVC and the WAIT LIST...

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I am on the wait list for 5 products from QVC. Now...I pop on to some of the show hosts facebook pages and read where they are getting their waitlist orders filled that were placed at the same time I did mine. Yet...I'm still sitting here on waitlist with status to ship immediately with credit card.

This is so frustrating and maddening. I don't know what has happened to the QVC we used to all know and love. Shawn saying hush up to the vendors, no good Christmas programming and now my waitlist order has been sitting there for over a month. I thought they would be glad to take my money....apparently not.

Its just very frustrating and sad to see QVC take such a turn for the worse. I really just want my wait list product. I wonder how they pick and choose if everyone went on the wait list at the same time. Thank you all for letting me vent. I'm a 18 yr customer with QVC....so frustrating.

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stevieb1356217086.9536789 PostsRegistered 11/4/2007

Sorry for your frustration, but I understand it. Personally, I've not had problems with WL orders, though I have no idea if others have gotten theirs before me. I do, however, share your concerns about the paths QVC seems to be taking that aren't leading me to believe I'll be shopping here as much as I once did. I hope you get your items soon.

Bobby K1356217784.1671234 PostsRegistered 12/25/2010The Golden State

Thanks so much for responding. I think....back in the day....when all of us 18+ yr customers...you couldn't find out info like this....like the others were receiving their orders until Facebook / social media came along. QVC pushes all of us to communicate with them and all their show hosts via facebook...then you read other customers posts and you say what the heck ? So you call Customer Service and they have no answers for anything.

BonnieBelle1356229452.01320120 PostsRegistered 4/13/2007

I don't do waitlist. If they don't have enough of a product, it's there tough luck, they lose the sale from me.

Pagan1356233157.0631229 PostsRegistered 11/11/2008
It's probably done by warehouse location. If you happen to be in the delivery range of the particular warehouse that gets the next stock delivery, you'll be in that next shipment.

Bobby K1356235880.791234 PostsRegistered 12/25/2010The Golden State

The items I'm on the wait list for are EXCLuSIVE to QVC and no where else could I find these particular items. Also....all of the QVC warehouses are on the East coast. Location has never been an issue.

WillEscape­CAsoon1356406608.1433445 PostsRegistered 3/5/2009

Yeah, I do shop at the Vendors and amazon.com

Less expensive shipping and no high pressure selling.

I used to have a Ton of AD's. With the changes there I'm down to 1 for emergencies.

I usually order it directly from the Vendor.

Raider Fan1356427528.044508 PostsRegistered 8/11/2009SF Bay Area

I actually hate waitlist. I will never do it again. In fact I don't actually know when I will order from the Q again. I am taking a well needed vacay from ordering until I get things paid off. Meanwhile, Macy's is giving stuff away that I love and I can actually try it on and I don't have to pay shipping charges. Some of you get the Q stuff much cheaper than I do because I live in CA and the taxes are outrageous and add that to s/h and a SG top that is 37 dollars costs me 50 and I don't want to pay that when I can get better 10 minutes from my house. Best thing about Macy's and their sales is that I take my DH with me and I head to the petite dept and he knows where to sit and I find things, bring them to him to see, he will hold them for me while I hunt for more before I try things on. A couple of days ago, I went into a dressing room where there were a bunch of PS clothes hanging in there, no one had taken them out so I tried some on and bought them and they were all 70% with an extra 20% off and are fab. Q, beat that!!!! Also, darling hubby pays the Macy's bill. Win win for me. Cool

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