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After Christmas sales?

Started 1323534885.447 in philosophy | Last reply 1323541726.753 by njnj

I've never shopped on philosophy after the holiday. I can't recall what kind of sales are typical?

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belleandme1323536242.9378644 PostsRegistered 7/13/2009southern illinois

hey bikerbabe! around feg-march last year they had a %off all the holiday and gift kits. that was a really fun way to stock up on some and try a few little flulffy kits i would never have bought for myself normally.

i cant remember what happens right after christmas, i hope someone else can.

wasnt there a mystery discount code thing, and a 3/33 thing???

help ladies do you all remember???


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tess13131323536431.31762 PostsRegistered 3/8/2008

Until 12/12 all Philosphy on sale 30%. Over $50 free s&h. I did my ordering yesterday.

That is at Philosophy.com

njnj1323541726.753602 PostsRegistered 8/28/2011

I can't remember either if the after-Christmas sales were/are even better.

You guys know that right now Ebates is offering 5% back and Mr Rebates 8% on philosophy?

I am holding out for 40% too, but don't know if that's coming any time soon, so I am debating whether I should use the current 30% off code, combine it with either ebates or mrrebates, and call it a day. HTH :o)

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