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When did Philosophy start using Sodium Laureth Sulfate instead of Tea-lauryl Sulfate in their 3-in-1s?

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I'm kind of upset/disappointed to see that Philosophy is now using Sodium Laureth Sulfate in their 3-in-1s. They used to have Tea-lauryl Sulfate in their 3-in-1s, which is the main reason I could use them because I have psoriasis on my hand and cannot use any shower gels that contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate. It totally irritates my hand.

I have not bought any 3-in-1s for over a year so this may not be a new thing. I just looked at the ingredient deck of several 3-in-1's and noticed that the majority of the new holiday scents have Sodium Laureth Sulfate in them. The ones I have in my closet (bought before Nov. 2009) all have Tea-lauryl Sulfate in them.

I have had to give up on so many Philosophy products because of formulation changes and this change may now force me to give up on using their 3-in-1s. {#emotions_dlg.crying}

As soon as my laryngitus clears up I'll call customer service to see what they have to say. In the meantime, I wondered if anyone else had noticed this or had any information on the change.

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EllieBham1292823189.37698 PostsRegistered 8/15/2010Midwest

I've used Philosophy 3 in 1s for years and thought something was different, especially since I use them as shampoo, too. That's it! Darn.

poodlpoo1292826838.514265 PostsRegistered 10/23/2010

All I can say is....geezshh...if the products were BETTER before, they must have been REALLY dam good! As much as I love their products, I wish I would have known them with the better formulations too.

SuziQ21292841768.6532572 PostsRegistered 9/18/2008

Since they have just been sold again....maybe they will go back to the better ingredients as before? We should write the company and let them know what we prefer. Maybe the SLS is cheaper??

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stts1292844386.192056 PostsRegistered 6/15/2006

I am not a fan of Philosophy anymore. They have gone *way* down in quality. Its a shame.

caramels231292844979.0214875 PostsRegistered 10/21/2004
On 12/20/2010 stts said:

I am not a fan of Philosophy anymore. They have gone *way* down in quality. Its a shame.

I'm using up the remainder of my stash of shower gels...and then I'm finished. Stopped using their skincare a long time ago; cancelled all AD for fragrance and JUMBO cleansers; am finished. Spending too much $$$$$ on fragrances that don't last, despite the "layering" each time; skincare that seems to cause too many problems; and the watered down, weaker fragranced shower gels...JMHO!

abbyt1292845387.4572 PostsRegistered 1/13/2006

Philosophy was sold to Coty Intnl. last April for several billion dollars. Whenever a large corporation takes over a smaller company the quality goes down. It's all about the bottom line although if fewer people buy the products, are they ahead?

Daysdee1292859221.66720276 PostsRegistered 1/23/2007
On 12/20/2010 hama said:

Philosophy was sold to Coty Intnl. last April for several billion dollars. Whenever a large corporation takes over a smaller company the quality goes down. It's all about the bottom line although if fewer people buy the products, are they ahead?

I thought that deal wasn't completed yet. Carlisle Group bought Philosophy a few years ago and now is selling to Coty. I agree that quality has gone down in the last few years.

Ossamom1292860774.403951 PostsRegistered 7/10/2006Georgia

Are you perhaps thinking about Sodium Lauryl Sulfate? That's the incredibly irritating ingredient. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is less irritating than the TEA-lauryl Sulfate.

ladyval1292861737.30794 PostsRegistered 10/29/2004south florida

Ossamom...you are correct..I think she is thinking of a different ingredient. Philosophy is trying to improve their products according to customer service at Phil.com.

daiseyo1292861910.8935508 PostsRegistered 6/8/2008

I think it may have occurred when philosophy stopped making the "Award Winning Ultra Rich" formulations, which is printed at the bottom of the bottle on some of the "older" 3 in 1s. The "Award Winning Ultra Rich" formulations included tea-lauryl sulfate in the ingredient list. It may seem philosophy suddenly switched, but I'm thinking the change probably occurred when The Carlyle Group bought philosophy in early 2007. There were still many of the "Award Winning Ultra Rich" formulations being sold after the acquisition, so you may not have noticed the change in ingredients in some of the newer scents. Other formulations started to be offered around that time, such as "High Foaming" formulation being printed on the bottle. The really recent 3 in 1s just state "Shampoo Shower Gel and Bubble Bath" at the bottom of the bottle. I miss the "Award Winning Ultra Rich" formulations. The newer "hybrid" formulations feel silky, but different from the really creamy "Award Winning Ultra Rich" formulations.

I did notice with one of the 'candy cane' stocking stuffers I bought from this year's holiday collection that although it states "foaming bubble bath and shower gel" on the bottle, it does list tea-lauryl sulfate in the ingredient list. I don't think it's "old stock," as the last two digits of the manufacture stamp is "10."

SharonKay1292865183.1173795 PostsRegistered 3/16/2008Ohio

Sorry I am just getting back to this thread. I have the flu and I have been in bed all morning.

No, I'm not referring to Sodium Lauryl Sufate. I am referring to Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Frankly, I can't use either ingredient because they both cause a reaction. I believe Tea-lauryl sulfate is less irritating than either Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate but I won't swear to it. I do know that all the drugstore shower gels I have tried contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate and I can't use them. When I feel a little better, I'm going to do some research and see what I can find out about these ingredients.

I can use Tea-lauryl sulfate and have been able to for years. So if it is more irritating than Sodium Laureth Sulfate, then maybe it's just me and my skin that can't tolerate it.

I believe this change must have occurred since Nov 2009.

I'm not happy at this change. Of course I may be able to tolerate their new formulation because I haven't tried it.

I know a lot of people come on here and bash Philosophy and that is not my intention at all. I really love their products, especially their 3-in-1's and lotions. It's just that they've made so many changes to their formulas lately and now I can't use many of their products any more and it's a bit disappointing to me.

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Kitty9871292865378.5972152 PostsRegistered 5/26/2008

Thats very interesting. It's probably a cheaper ingrediant or something. I know sodium laureth sulphate is a synthetic soap ( invented in world war one I believe, because it works well in cold water). But what's the other one?

I'm making my own facial soap these days in bars. It doesn't dry my skin and I can chose my own contents.

bikerbabe1292902360.6539789 PostsRegistered 4/10/2007

my most recent purchases, all manufactured in 2010 are a mix. some bottles have tea-lauryl and some have sodium laureth sulfate. you'll need to look at the ingredient deck for each bottle first before buying.

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