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Philosophy for Acne-Prone, Oily 40 year old skin????

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I am 40 years old with very oily, acnegenic skin. I have tried alot of products including Clinique Acne, Proactiv, SSC Continuously Clear, Paula's Choice, drug store products, EL and numerous others. While in Ulta today, the SA suggested i try Philosophy's line (again). i tried it several years ago but didn't care for it then. Today i purchased Purity, Microdelivery wash, help me and Hope in a bottle. I am trying this for the first time tonight with my clarisonic. She also told me I needed the microdelivery peel and when hope is not enough serum. I did not purchased the later two products yet. Has anyone experienced great results with these combined products for oily/acne?? is the microdelivery peel & WHINE serum???? Any feedback would be appreciated! i will post my progress. Thanks!

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shiloh 811290908552.787823 PostsRegistered 9/3/2010
I would recomend the philosophy on a clear day kit on philosophy.com or you can get it at sephora for $65. My causin started this kit about a month ago I just seen her on thanksgiving and OMG I couldn't beleave how much her skin improved. She said it is the best acne kit she's ever used and she had tried tons I promise.

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Marguerite1290908838.3523 PostsRegistered 8/13/2007

I also have acne prone skin in my late 40's--although as I age my skin is less oily and becoming more dry. I use Purity everyday to remove makeup and have had no problems with it. And I use the Microdelivery Scrub in the shower on my face every other day. I don't use the other Philosophy face products though, they did not agree with my skin. I do use the Peter Thomas Roth pads daily and my skin LOVES those. I hope you have success with your new finds!

One other note re: the Clarisonic. I find that I have to be very careful with mine or it actually makes my skin break out. I use it for just 1/2 the recommended time and I clean it well after every use. Just thought I'd pass that along to a fellow acne-prone gal!

catstamper1290919010.8776078 PostsRegistered 1/28/2009Baltimore area

On one of her appearances this year Cristina suggested the Microdelivery Enzyme Peel rather than the 2 part Microdelivery Peel for acne and breakout-prone skin. I use that and the Great Mystery, and think they've helped with my skin. I do love the miracle worker pads. I had gotten them, finished them and decided it wasn't doing anything, so I didn't replace them. A couple weeks later I was looking at myself and thinking my skin looked muddy and bumpy, so I got the pads asap. It's looking better. Nothing I try reduces the oil output, so if anyone has any suggestions for that, I'm all ears!

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Allegedly1290922034.282300 PostsRegistered 5/27/2007Under the Moonlight

I have very similar skin, it seems, from reading your post (I am 41). I used to use very harsh ingredients such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid when washing my face.

For the past 6 months or so, I started the Purity Made Simple/Microdelivery Wash instead. I find that this is more gentle, so my skin does not need to produce MORE oil b/c I am stripping the surface oil every time I wash my face.

In the AM, I use argan oil as my "treatment." Amazingly, this has actually helped my skin. It soaks into my skin immediately and just leaves a beautiful glow.

I use my Clarisonic both AM and PM (even with the Microdelivery Wash). FYI...I have been using the Clarisonic for over 3.5 years so my skin is quite used to it!!

I alternate between the Oxygen Peel and the Microdelivery Enzyme Peel. From what I have read, the Oxygen Peel is indicated for congested skin (I have skin that tends toward congested...blackheads. Ugh!).

JaredsMom1290947186.27758 PostsRegistered 2/16/2006

Thanks ladies for your input. U guys rock! Smurfette, which do u like better, the oxygen peel or the microdelivery peel? The SA at Ulta recommended the microdelivery. Her skin was like mine and she said it worked great for her. I only wanted to try one right now.

stephtx1290961869.9919 PostsRegistered 12/7/2007

one thing u can try is witchazel! my girls and i have tried a ton of acne products including philosophy! i love philosophy but for acne the witchazel works best! 3 dollars at the store!

joyceb1290962620.841245 PostsRegistered 11/4/2007Clinton Twp. MI

When my skin was breaking out more several years ago, I found that the hope in a bottle was the best moisturizer for me to use and help me was the best nighttime retinol or treatment for me. They both helped my skin a lot. Still use hope in a bottle frequently, I alternate it with the MW products, especially in colder weather. I think the products you have are good to start. The acne line (on a clear day) is very effective, too, I just didn't care for the smell of some of the products. The microdelivery peel is good, but I found that if my skin was in the midst of a breakout, it irritated it more because of the granules in it. The oxygen peel is supposed to be better for acne. My favorite now is the enzyme peel in the tube. HTH - good luck! Joyce

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