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What do I feed my dachshunds for weight control?

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We have two dachshunds and recently rescued another. Would like to find a good "lite" dog food but I've no idea which one to get. They are not necessarily picky eaters and they act like they are always hungry. The vet said they need to lose some weight because their breed can have back problems if they are overweight. I looked at Petsmart yesterday and came home without anything as the selection was overwhelming. Our vet sells Science Diet products so I'm sure she'll tell me to get it. However, I haven't seen great reviews for it.

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JLLH3581367174944.835037 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Please check out the thread further down this board entitled "What do I feed my 3 month old puppy" or something to that effect. It is full of links regarding giving the "low down" on SD and the problems with it.

The BEST thing you can do for your dog is to stay away from kibble. It is full of carbs animals don't need and lacking in things they do need (including the necessary moisture in their food). Holistic DVM Karen Becker has written numerous articles on how to feed a "species-appropriate diet". We are raw feeders, but there are numerous ways to feed raw: from making one's own to using a pre-made commercial blend (such as Bravo! and many other companies make). I cited a number of links from Becker's site on the other thread regarding what to look for in a commercial food, but here are some dealing specifically with the weight loss issue and why it's NOT a good idea to use a commercial kibble for that purpose:




Hope this helps!

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Doxie1367175280.019348 PostsRegistered 7/1/2007

Yiiipppeeeee Skkiippeeee to another dachshund person. Yes you do need to get weight to ideal range as well as discourage jumping. ( easier said than done). Get a good food by reviewing websites like dogfoodanalysis dot com. There are many good foods but they do not come from the grocery usually. I think it has helped mine that the food does not have any fillers. Dachshunds normally are one cookie away from passing away in their minds. When a dachshund is not hungry something is wrong. Train them to eat treats such as raw carrots or raw green beans. Mine even like ice cubes. Another thing that helps is to feed them two small meals a day. It psyches them out.

Now understand that dachshunds are prone to the back issues due to their body archtecture so you can do everything right and still have issues. Extra weight puts a burden on their backs as well as things like jumping on the sofa.

You are doing the right thing to research dog foods on the Internet. You can then make a decision of what would fit your situation the best. I am sure you know that you need to change food slowly to avoid stomach upset.

Tell me more about all of your babies.


Nadjalu1367176758.032037 PostsRegistered 9/7/2007
Congrats on your rescue. :-). Doxie has the best idea with using raw carrots and canned green beans as treats instead of commercial dog treats. I have been a vet tech for over 20 yrs and weight control in dogs can be challenging, especially with rescue dogs. We tend to use food treats as "love". Science diet weight control is a good food. But depending on what you are feeding, you can simply cut it by a 1/4 and add the canned green beans as filler/fiber to help keep them full. Another tip, scheduled feedings. Don't leave food down for them to eat whenever, that always adds weight to the pooches. Dog treats, those small bone cookies are the equivalent in calories as a snickers bar to us. So if you are giving those add them up and that is how many snickers you ate in one day. Good luck and remember their weight loss will be only a couple pounds. A pound a month is a good goal.

Doxie1367183805.1879348 PostsRegistered 7/1/2007

I use the green beans fresh or frozen instead of canned to avoid the sodium. My last dachshund had heart problems. I would never leave food out for a food hound like a dachshund. I think they would eat way too much. Now if any one gets ice they have to beat the dachshund to the freezer. They go nuts for ice cubes. I also measure their food exactly instead of eyeballing it. The girls do get treats but they are treats that are about 1/4 inch long and they get them for special events like tending to their business outside in the rain.{#emotions_dlg.w00t}{#emotions_dlg.thumbup}. They hate getting their underside wet!


Doxie1367252047.3279348 PostsRegistered 7/1/2007

Tell me about your babies.


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