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Laura Geller

Balance n Bronze Question ASAP!

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I have a compact of Balance and Bronze Fair - it is swirled together not half and half like they're showing on Laura's website. Since I use it as a foundation all year round and am fair skinned but with different colorations- the swirled does a good job of evening out -- But now her sale is on and she's showing it as half and half? Should I switch to bronze n brighten instead ? I don't want half and half- but I don't want to look tanned either. HELP PLEASE! Why do they mess with stuff that doesn't need fixing?

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Westie4me1363772418.385 PostsRegistered 7/23/2010
The half and half is for on the go convenience. The bronzer is not meant to be a foundation. You can apply the fair as the foundation and then accent with the bronzer from one compact instead of two..

Cardamom1363773160.3677096 PostsRegistered 6/24/2006
Exactly! It's not broke so don't fix it. I wear Balance and Bronze as my foundation also. I like it better than Balance and Brighten. It gives me coverage and color. I am fair also and use the B&Bronze in fair. I would pass up that sale but if you are interested in trying the B&Balance that might be a good way to try it.

bklyngrl1363788716.217611 PostsRegistered 4/27/2011New York

My balance n bronze's are all half and half. My bronze n brighten is all bronzer. I wonder when the change happened?


MissKlynn1363790633.0472605 PostsRegistered 6/22/2012

They have both on her website.

The Balance-n-Bronze is half of the balance-n-brighten foundation and half bronze-n-brighten.

The bronze-n-brighten is all bronzer. She has said many times when she demonstrated this that it started as a foundation so it's no surprise you use it that way.

dgluvr1363807210.885296 PostsRegistered 5/12/2008

It's very confusing- my balancenbronze is swirled -not half and half and I would think that's more difficult to get an even mix especially since I don't use it as a bronzer. Mine looks like the bronze n brighton- I don't want to look like I have a tan and that's where the problem is. Even in "fair" am I going to get the same effect as the "OLD" balance n bronze? Also she doesn't have the finishing spray on her website- which I would have expected - bummer- and no refund no exchange. Sometimes I think she doesn't care :( ( but I love most of her products anyhow and like to watch her shows)

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