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Small Programmable Crock Pot

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Ever since I saw the Deni small skillet, I have wished for a one or two person programmable crock pot. I work two jobs and it would be great to come home to a ready made meal. I also am not interested in the weeks worth of leftovers that you get with the larger crock pots. The reviews on the small Cuisinart version state that it doesn't have a warm setting. Maybe some day...

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pickysue1373152968.667860 PostsRegistered 1/2/2010

What I purchased recently instead of using a crock pot since it is only one person I purchased the Breville counter oven OMG it is wonderful and love the settings can't be beat for cooking dinners or whatever you want to do without the muss and fuss and heat from an oven - think about it it has a 5 star rating and got mine at Bath and Beyond with 20% off-worth every penny......

betteb1373153297.3616766 PostsRegistered 1/1/2008The Land of Oz

I'm glad you posted. I need somethng like this too.

I found this one HERE at Walmart

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