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Vitamix vs Juicer

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I have a vitamix but I really want a juicer. Can a vitamix juice the same as a juicer?

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Nightowlz1372824929.37310566 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

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Nightowlz1372825163.35310566 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

There are juice recipes on the Vitamix site. Click on beverages & click search. http://vitamix.ahoy.com/recipe/recipe_search.cgi

Blender Lady has a Whole Fruit Juice recipe with some other info. here. http://blenderlady.com/recipes/#FruitJuice

Whole Fruit Juice

Five Fruit, Two Veggies – Show Recipe:

Put Ingredients into your Vitamix in the following order:

Coconut Water 1/2 cup (at a show I use 3 oz.)
One Orange Peeled (leave the white pith)
1/2 of a Banana
5-6 Strawberries – leave the green tops on! ;-) (at a show I use 4 to save $)
Pineapple wedge (one to two cups)
1/4 of an Apple – I include the seeds, core, and skin
3-4 small Baby Carrots, or a small chunk of Carrot
a leaf of Red Cabbage (stem removed) half of a leaf if it is a very large leaf (this adds a beautiful color to the Juice)
One cup of Ice (or try freezing almond milk or coconut water into ice cubes!)
Sweetener of your Choice (or none) at home I use Stevia.

Blend on high until the ice melts. This can take longer than you think!

A lot of people say that they can’t make their fruit juices come out the same way taste and texture as mine at a show. The key to getting your Whole Fruit Juice the texture and temperature that you desire, is the proportion of frozen to non-frozen ingredients that you use. If you are using all room temperature fruits (and veggies if you are including them) you will need to add something frozen (either ice, frozen fruit, or “smoothie cubes”). If you are using frozen fruits, you may need to add water. If you use ice, it will melt and become the liquid in your smoothie. The amount of frozen ingredients should be enough that when you first start blending the drink it is very thick because of the frozen stuff (like a very thick “slushy”). In fact, many times my juices start out so thick and frozen that they are like ice creams. This allows you to blend the drink long enough (one to two minutes) without heating up the ingredients. As the friction of the blades spinning at 249 miles per hour begins to heat up the ingredients, the drink will turn from a very thick, frozen “slushy” to a liquid. If you want a smoothie and not a “chunky” you want your drink to be liquid (all texture gone) but very, very cold (preserves enzymes).

Making juice is not an exact science. You should strive for a very cold, and very well blended (one to two minutes on high) drink. If the drink gets warm, some of the enzymes will have been de-activated.

If you taste your juice and it is not as sweet as you would like, consider adding one of the sweeteners from the Sweeteners & Smoothie Additives page of my website. http://blenderlady.com/sweeteners-smoothie-additives/

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lacey11372853658.223018 PostsRegistered 6/5/2009

Actually, you can use the VM for 'total' juicing. It will encorporate the peels, pulp, seeds, etc. into the drink. A juicer typically extracts all that. The VM is better for you as you get more fiber, and nutrients.

debc1372857774.83669 PostsRegistered 10/27/2009

I'll never go back to a regular juicer. Apples make a good sweetener if you don't want to add sugar.

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wagirl1372947225.745270 PostsRegistered 10/20/2004

I have both machines. I was using my juicer for a long time. BUT----it has 5 or 6 pieces you have to clean and there was a ton of the veggie/fruit pulp leftover that I never did anything with except throw out. So I put it away and when I got my moms 33 year old Vitamix, I tried it out and the thing still works great!! Anyway I make my morning green smoothie every day and have 2 pieces to clean. It pulverizes everything up so I get the good stuff that the skin of the veg/fruit has too. I'd save my money and buy a new Vitamix--in a NY minute. I will continue to use my "old" girl until she gives up the ghost. Try adding fruit juice as a base; that will add the sweetness you want. I use a 100% apple juice and then add in sparkling water too. I try to add only 1 or 2 fruits and the apple juice and put in more greens. Fruit and juice is sugar so I try not to add much.

AnikaBrodie1372952013.91716124 PostsRegistered 1/29/2008The NE state of mountains and valleys

Vitamix ... no juicer needed.

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HGinLA1372958033.983316 PostsRegistered 12/7/2011

As others have said...

Vitamix, you get ALL the pulp, fiber, peel, etc. (depending on how you prep fruits / veggies before going in).

Juicer, you get only the liquid...it spits out all the pulp, fiber, peel, etc.

I really like the "whole juice" philosophy...I got the recent Blendtec offer and use it all the time for "whole juice" drinks (I have a 1 touch button, runs on auto-pilot and I'm done). No one will ever convince me that having the fiber, etc. is anything but good! :)

Ann M M1372965016.813116 PostsRegistered 2/21/2012
Thanks everyone! Vitamix it is!

chickenbutt1372966747.927129 PostsRegistered 1/16/2006chickentown

Good choice! :)

I don't even get the 'juicer' thing at all. You are just drinking the sugar and throwing away ALL of the nutritional value. But, hey, most of us probably didn't know that stuff back in the day.

My husband just HAD to have a juicer quite a few years ago. I think he used it all of twice. Too much hassle, too much cleaning, and he was just tossing out the good part of the fruit and he didn't need to be drinking just the sugar part with diabetes.

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morganjen1372968188.242802 PostsRegistered 11/25/2004

Some people to NOT like any texture or pulp in their drinks. My coworker went with a juicer for this reason.

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