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Recipes for the Sistema Cookware

Started 1360553077.537 in Kitchen & Food Talk | Last reply 1362194219.967 by Nuisie1

I have the Sistema Steamers and heard Chef Tony say the recipes were on QVC .com-

I looked quite a while, and finally found the recipes--Where the Sistema is advertised

scroll down and it says recipes--the only problem is the first recipe is printable, but when I click on any of the other recipes the page immediately goes away and says page not found.So if anyone can figure out how to read the recipes it would be greatly appreciated-

Looks like there are some really good recipes--Glad I found them-just would like to be able to use them. Thanks. Rosemary

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Nuisie11360591860.19798 PostsRegistered 2/8/2006

Gracelea, I did what you said but I didn't see any recipes. Can you send a link?


Gracelea1360912294.9939 PostsRegistered 10/8/2012

Hi Nusie 1, I got the Sistema advertisement on the screen at QVC, and then I

scrolled down alittle below the pictures of the left side of the Sistema, and there are 3 tabs-one is Description, then Recipes and Delivery Date Estimate--Click on the recipes and the first recipe will come up, then there are at least 11 recipes--They are working now--someone must have read there was trouble copying them and somehow fixed it--I was able to copy all the recipes tonight. Hope you can find them--I dont how to send a link-Have fun with the recipes. Gracelea

Nuisie11362194219.91798 PostsRegistered 2/8/2006

Thanks Gracelea.

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