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Beans & Pressure Cooking

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Do beans come out "better" when using a pressure cooker?

Does it get rid of the "gas".

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wagirl1355497222.995270 PostsRegistered 10/20/2004

I really don't know if cooking beans by that method gets rid of the gas. I have cooked beans a few times in the p/c and they come out great in such a little amount of time. I guess I don't have issues with beans and gas.

Kitlynn1355500732.62773 PostsRegistered 1/4/2008Colorado

If you throw a couple tablespoons of dry mustard into your beans it will cut gas regardless of what you are cooking them in and it also can't be tasted in the beans.

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boby1355588074.8973110 PostsRegistered 2/10/2006Town of Ulster-suburb of Kingston, NY

There is a Mexican herb called epazote which goes a long way to lessen the effects of a bean-laden diet. You can get it from Penzey's. Be careful though: it has a pretty strong taste itself, so use sparingly at first.

By the way, there isn't much you can do to reduce gas prior to cooking, becaue gas is caused when the sugars from beans, cabbage, etc pass from the small intestine into the large intestine, where all those microscopic creatures living in the latter go to dinner. As they eat, they release carbon dioxide, which causes gas. Its very similar to why naturally fermented beverages like beer have "fizz" - sugars being turned into gas.

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wagirl1355589474.175270 PostsRegistered 10/20/2004

OH and I just remembered that you can put a sea vegetable called kombu in with beans that will cut the gassiness. I bought some at my local natural foods store. You re-hydrate it and cut it very finely and add it to the dish as it cooks. There isn't much of a taste as you don't use very much but it is a dark green in color. works very well.

happy hous­ewife1355591350.04334389 PostsRegistered 1/4/2007

Or you can just take a Beano.

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SiameezeLo­ver!1355591844.331863 PostsRegistered 5/5/2006Green Mountains :)

I usually add a pinch of baking soda. Last time I forgot - didn't really notice a difference. Here is an article in the Washington Post


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Irshgrl312­011355594974.317227 PostsRegistered 3/14/2006

A good probiotic taken daily will not only help with gas but also help in aiding digestion and 70% of our immune system is in our GI system. This is the one I use if you are interested. It is the best on the market and much better than most out there because it contains the strongest strains of good bacteria and many strains that aren't added to others.


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Lynnygal1355636416.667170 PostsRegistered 5/31/2012

Crystallized Ginger works well in aiding digestion for beans. Beans in the pressure cooker are wonderful. I use 1 TSP per cup of dry beans.....Helps avoid the fluffy tummy!


CAshopper2­0111355675720.393745 PostsRegistered 12/20/2009
I do beans in my pressure cooker all of the time. I have heard that people who eat a lot of fiber and beans won't have gas from them, you body learns how to digest them when they are a regular part of your diet. So I say use your pressure cooker because it is so much faster and no soaking necessary, and make them more often. They are a healthy source of protein!

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