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What meat are you serving for Christmas dinner?

Started 1354577927.05 in Kitchen & Food Talk | Last reply 1356214089.64 by JYWilliams

I usually do a turkey and a ham for Thanksgiving. This year did a turkey BREAST and a ham. The ham was overdone, but the turkey breast was moist and delicious! Go figure.

For Christmas I'm generally at a loss for what to prepare.....kinda don't want a repeat of Thanksgiving. Last year I did a crown roast of pork, and although I've done that before with great success, it did not work out so well last Christmas.

Please tell me what meat you are doing for Christmas this year. Where do you purchase? Do you buy from a grocery store, local butcher, QVC or other online seller? If you have a fab recipe or tip, would love to know that, too.

Thanks very much for any ideas or thoughts.

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JeanLouise­Finch1356142150.3812970 PostsRegistered 10/3/2011

springers - sorry everything got bunched together. I wish the webbie would fix the formatting and editing issues....very frustrating.

JeanLouise­Finch1356142768.39312970 PostsRegistered 10/3/2011

Geez, I'm sucha moron....I forgot to include the directions. Whip the cream until stiff peaks form, then fold in the other ingredients until everything is well mixed. Keep refrigerated.

boby1356206350.723110 PostsRegistered 2/10/2006Town of Ulster-suburb of Kingston, NY

Bone-in rib eye roast.

Lynneuk1356207851.748614 PostsRegistered 11/3/2006

Finally decided on a standing rib roast which is new for us. For about the last ten years we have done tenderloin so I'm not sure how this will go over.

Been looking at various ways of roasting it. The Paula Deen method is very popular but then how do you get the rest of the sides cooked if the meat is in the oven for hours and hours?

Anyone have a foolproof method. My inlaws like meat well done but I'm definitely not going past medium with this expensive roast,lol!

MIMA1356208392.6315267 PostsRegistered 10/19/2004KS

My daughter is cooking 2 small turkeys and a spiral ham.

Her DH got a turkey from work, but it was too small so she bought another one to cook also.

We got a beautiful spiral ham for Christmas from someone Dh does work for, so we are providing that.

She will have a lot of people, but most everyone brings something to "help".


springers1356213977.326915 PostsRegistered 8/27/2008so cal
On 12/21/2012 JeanLouiseFinch said:
On 12/21/2012 springers said:

Jean Louis, how do you make horseradish? grate fresh hr into sour cream?

Hi springers - it's actually prepared horseradish or grated fresh, into whipping cream. I'll post the recipe below. The Lawry's restaurant serves it as an accompaniment to their prime rib. Lawry's super expensive place to dine, IMO, but a super treat when you're able to indulge. I'll never forget, my DH was told by his boss one time to go anywhere he wanted to go and take me. Well, we took our daughter, too, and made a day of it in Chicago. We had soft drinks, salad, dinner (no alcohol, mind you) and dessert and our bill, including tip, was $269!!! The company covered DH's and my portion, but we had to pay for DD...small price to pay considering all we enjoyed.<br /> <br /> 1 cup whipping cream<br /> ¼ teaspoon Lawry's Seasoned Salt<br /> 2 tablespoons prepared horseradish, well drained, or 4 tablespoons finely grated fresh horseradish root<br /> Dash Tabasco sauce

Thanks, I cant believe whipped cream (your speaking of whipped heavy cream?) I was guessing sour cream, glad I asked. I have heard of Lawry's restraunts, didnt know they were that expensive. Glad you were able to experience it.

Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy-think on these things.

JYWilliams1356214089.643178 PostsRegistered 10/7/2009Kentucky "The Blue Grass State"

A turkey breast, two whole chickens, & mutton all smoked.

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