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nutri bullet or ninja

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I have been watching the info commercial for the nutri bullet. I don't eat alot of vegetables and I thought this would be good to get healthier. but I then saw something for the ninja.

Does anybody have either one and do you like it?

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Blondelle1343141345.334338 PostsRegistered 8/4/2007

You can check the reviews on Amazon. Those who have used both prefer the Ninja. They said the NutriBullet didn't do a good job of blending many greens. The Master Prep Ninja is 1/2 the price, but the Ninja Pulse which you can get at Bed Bath & Beyond for $64 with a 20% off coupon is much better.

Gracelea1349819220.269 PostsRegistered 10/8/2012

Hi, I saw the Nutri Bullet also, and thought it looked really good-I had the regular Magic Bullet for yrs. and I did alot of things with it, until it finally broke apart-Have the Ninja 3 piece-but dont know if it would do what the Nutri Bullet does-I wish that qvc would get the Nutri Bullet--I understand that Bed,Bath and Beyond probably has it-Havent looked yet-Looks like an interesting machine--

4uthebest1349824508.33849 PostsRegistered 1/21/2009

I would be absolutely astounded if the ninja was able to make a smoothie as good as the nutribullet. Additionally there are about 900% more 5 star reviews than 1 star on Amazon for the nutribullet. Although I do not own the nutribullet, I spent a while examining it in our BB&B and the combination of the blade design, container form, and wattage would in my opinion favor the nutribullet.

If you have a BB&B near you you can purchase them and see for yourself how they compare. Certainly the ability of the ninja to accomplish more task types than simple smoothies would be in its favor. If all you want to do is break the cell walls of the produce, than know that the ninja is incapable of this task.

I currently own 3 ninja systems and therefore I am quite familiar with its abilities. Before the ninja I had the 350 watt magic bullet for 5 years and even the basic ninja outperforms the magic bullet.

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