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Is this how the Keurig problems start???

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I purchased our Keurig when it was a TSV last Nov. It was a Christmas gift so we started using it right after the Christmas holiday - so it's now about 6 months old. We love it and it was working great until a month ago. Suddenly, we would try to brew and nothing would happen. We shut the machine off, turned it back on and it brewed too much coffee - overfilling the cup.

That problem happened one month ago. Once in a while since then, the machine will freeze on us. If we turn it off and turn it back on, it seems to be ok.

This weekend, it seems to be giving us more problems. It seems to lock up refusing to brew. I descaled it and cleaned out the cup holder (have descaled twice now in 6 months). This morning it did lock up on us again so we turned it off, turned it back on and it's now brewed 4 cups of coffee perfectly.

Just wondering if this is how the problems others have with their Keurig starts. I don't know if I should call Keurig tomorrow, or wait to see what happens. I don't want to be without a working Keurig - we love this thing!!!

Thanks so much for your help.


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cam31501309798060113 PostsRegistered 12/23/2010

I hate to say it but, yes, I believe this is how they start.I also got mine last November TSV. I admit I thought all the people claiming to have issues with their machine must have been doing something wrong because mine was working perfectly....until about a month ago. It has been doing almost exactly what you are describing. It just freezes up and, until I unplug/plug in, it won't work. Once I do that, it will work fine for a week or two, the do it again. I don''t have issues with it over filling but it does short cups or take forever to start brewing once the button is pressed. Right now it's nothing more than aggrivating but I hope this is not a sign of things to come. I do hear that Keurig is very good about replacing machines.

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LisaG4281309798134.2295 PostsRegistered 12/31/2005

I have also experienced the Keurig refusing to brew. When it does that, I give it a firm tap on the top and it brews. You might want to try that - I wouldn't want to be without mine either!

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jc14571309799890.93155 PostsRegistered 3/24/2007

Thanks ladies - I appreciate your help.

I forgot but ours did brew a short cup. I guess I am in denial! I will call Keurig tomorrow.

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Lindaj461309807898.503206 PostsRegistered 5/15/2011

Iam sorry you are having problems with your keurig. I have had the same problem twice. Both machines lasted exactly 10 months. But keurig was great about replacing them. You have to mail off the little plastic k cup holder. Not sure why. But then keurig will send you a coupon for 24 free k-cup coffee. To off set the cost of mailing the black k cup holder. I really love my keurig coffee maker, even though we have had problems. It is so handy and makes great coffee, and quickly too. Keurig really needs to figure out these problems though. I think that if you spend $150.00 or so on a machine like that, it should last at least a few years. Hope this helps, and good luck.

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RASHIKE1309837252.12392 PostsRegistered 10/13/2006N. Illinois
Change or remove the water filter cartridge. It is probably clogged. Happened to me about a month ago

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nvLinda1309876511.12725 PostsRegistered 3/12/2010Nevada

Just 2 weeks ago I turned on my Keurig and when it said it was ready to brew I tried to brew but nothing happened. Not a drop came through. I tried unplugging and plugging it back in with no change. I immediately went to their website and put in a trouble ticket. It wasn't long before one of their representatives called me on the phone and walked me through some troubleshooting steps. Long story short, there was really nothing she had me do that I hadn't already tried except for one thing --> get that paper clip into all three of the holes in the upper needle and make sure it goes in half an inch and wiggle it around vigorously. That did the trick! I'd used the paper clip prior to contacting them but had not gotten it that far in nor had I wiggled it vigorously. Anyway, mine has been brewing perfectly ever since. Contact them, they are very nice and very helpful.

BTW, I now brew directly into a 2 cup glass measuring cup then pour the coffee into my coffee cup. This helps me know that it is brewing the right amount consistently.

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Brabls1309887349.45714740 PostsRegistered 4/27/2007

Proper cleaning always solved those problems for me. I l;ive in an area with very hard water, so cleaning monthly is essential.

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oceanjade1309888177.56730702 PostsRegistered 11/15/2004

I've had no problems with my Keurig but I do use bottled water to brew

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Sweet Morm­or1309922045.9879 PostsRegistered 7/25/2010

No problems with my 3 year old Keurig - I always have used bottled filtered water. I also have one of the original "louder" ones - I think they performed better before they made them quieter! lol!{#emotions_dlg.blink} My daughter's Keurig started making "short" cups and hers was just over a year old - they called Keurig CS and they were happy to replace it promptly! I too hope they work out these problems because when my wears out eventually I want another one that lasts a long time!!!

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millieshops1309922484.20716670 PostsRegistered 3/15/2007

My Keurig is working great, so right now I'm a happy camper, but the day the machine wouldn't work a Keurig rep was beyond outstanding with her patience and knowledge. Call Keurig- and I hope you get a rep who can help like mine did.

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WSfan1309922906.832224 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Yes, this is the way the trouble starts. We had one for 13 months, just one month past the warranty. Then it started to give us problems. We descaled with at least a gallon and a half of vinegar, after calling Keurig and following their directions, with no success. They were generous enough to send us a new model even though it was out of warranty. We had to mail them the K cup holder from our machine. I did mention to them that when spending $150 on a coffee maker, I expect it to last longer than 13 months. We also used the water filters in our machine and it still gave us problems. Just my opinion but I don't feel that I need to buy 'special' water for the Keurig, when I have used our tap water in other coffee makers with no problems. If that is the case with Keurig, then a re-design is in order.

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chianti1309924966.313630 PostsRegistered 3/23/2006

When mine freezes up it's always because the needle that punctures the top of the K-cup is clogged. I use a toothpick to clean the grounds out of the needle and then it works just fine. I also run a water-only cycle through the machine every once in awhile and that helps to keep the needle from clogging and backing up the machine.

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bobhurley1309960140.9784 PostsRegistered 7/24/2005

Yes, this is how it starts. Yes, Keurig CS will walk you through repairing the machine; essentially you have to disassemble the K-cup holder and run a paperclip through the bottom hole. Sediment clogs it very easily. If all fails they will replace the entire machine if its in warranty. And you have to send back the K-cup holder because this disables the old machine (which they will let you keep), so you won't have two for the price of one (PS You can't order the K-cup holder from Keurig - they're not that naive - but you can get one on E-bay for about $20).

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rjean1309960506.0731474 PostsRegistered 10/22/2007

ok ladies...here is what you do........fill the dispenser full of vinegar....run it through......then water....let it set for at least 4 hours.....this is the cleaning process..........minerals build up.....now the directions are online if you type in keurig............i just did this but i did it two days in a row...same process.....our pot was slow and then just stopped...now it is working LIKE NEW...you have to do this....also i have unplugged the pot and turned it back on to get it going....temp fix....but it works......

it is like anything else....you have to perform maintanence.................

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newlawgirl1309961126.8633000 PostsRegistered 2/4/2010

I agree with rjean. My mini Keurig stopped working after I'd owned it about a year (I don't make coffee every day) and I descaled it according to the instructions in the booklet that came with the coffee maker and now it works like new again! It's amazing how a little bit of vinegar can make such a big difference!

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battyoldbr­oad1309961528.791206 PostsRegistered 6/19/2010

Your story is similar to mine - except that I was perking along nicely until 6 weeks ago (got it in late December). Left town for a few days and had unplugged and drained the machine (as I do most appliances when I'm going to be gone). Came home - nothing! Gurgled and growled - shut off/turn on. Got the instruction book out - descaled, paperclip and had to do it two days in a row. Called Keurig and they said I'd done everything right and after another descaling FINALLY got to working again. A month later I left town again, this time for a week. Again had drained the water out, unplugged it. Came back - NADA! Went through the descaling/paperclip - TWICE - I'd get a few drips and then nothing. Called Keurig again. Had me mail them the K-cup holder and they're sending me a new one. Did some online research and it seems to be the Platinum that is having the most problem.

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Ruthieswor­ds1311216217.5172 PostsRegistered 7/20/2011

Yup,, did the cleaning bit too.. after we got it working again,we now unplug it every night,takes no time to start it in morning...we have hard water but use filtered water and it works best when we unplug it..also the first cup we do as just water to clear out any setting hard water stuff..then we use coffee and make 2 x in a 2 cup measureing cup,, makes good coffee,, also with the kcup cups.. but had no troubles since then..good luck we do enjoy our coffee..!!

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AnikaBrodie1311271563.816122 PostsRegistered 1/29/2008The NE state of mountains and valleys

I've had similar problems. Usually mine will not brew; it starts and immediately stops. I turn it off and then back on and it will brew less than a cup. I turn it off the second time and turn back on and brew until I get enough to fill a mug. Oh, and this never happens when I just heat plain water; it's only when I use either My-K cups or the brand K-cups. And I do clean the "needle."

I descale my coffee maker a minimum of every four weeks (based on previous problems) and follow the instructions to the letter. Thedescale light never goes off even with repeated descalings. It's so frustrating ... but it does make a good cup of coffee.

Mine is the Platinum model and is about 1 1/2 years old. Of course my problems started at 13 months, just after the guarantee expired.

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