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Wolfgang Puck bread mixes

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I bought his bread mixes to use in my Zojirushi bread machine. On the boxes it says to use the SWEET setting. Would that be the same as the basic setting on my machine? Thank you .

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flycatcher­91012658687321575 PostsRegistered 10/5/2008
Hi Tutti,
I just saw your post.
I have a T-Fal breadmaker, which might be quite similar to Wolfgang's breadmaker. There are fourteen settings on both breadmakers, from what I understand.
On the T-Fal, there is also a "sweet" setting that you can choose separately. It is not the same as your basic bread setting.
The basic setting on the T-Fal would be for your "classic" sandwich breads, for example.
The "sweet" setting on the T-Fal is for recipes that include the use of more sugar (for example, 1/3 cup) in the recipes, like a raisin bread with sugar included in the recipe, for example, or a cinnamon bread with a sugary glaze on it when it's done, as another example.
Hope this helps you out. :)
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elemmon1299254539.6631 PostsRegistered 3/4/2011

I have the same machine--Zoji and have used theWolfgang mixes. The mixes for raisin breads will work on either settings--the whole wheat or basic. Think about the grains and textures of the flour. The whole wheat is heavier and you should use that setting and it is a more vigourous kneading. The buttermilk should be the basic setting and the raisin works just fine on the basic as well. I have found that adding the ingredients in the beginning in the correct order--water, eggs, butter, fruit, nuts, flour and then yeast in a line that you draw in the flour so that it doesn't touch the liquid and set it. If you wait and add fruit and nuts later at the beep it doesn't mix as well. Also, don't be afraid to open up the lit and help the mix along. I have even had to help knead bread that I changed. Adding more flour if it looks to "wet" is a good thing. Keep some bread flour on hand for this.

Hope this helps.

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