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Ninja, Magic Bullet, juicer--which should I get?

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I need a suggestion for making "green" drinks with veggies, fruits, etc. and also juice drinks and smoothies. I don't have a good blender and don't know whether I need a good blender, Ninja, Magic Bullet, juicer or all of the above. Can someone help me out and tell me what they use from their own experience?

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cookin_guy1294093523.48178 PostsRegistered 4/2/2008

No matter how good your blender is, it can't create liquids where there aren't any, so a good juice extractor for when you don't really want all the pulp (or additional liquids) in your drinks. I like the remanufactured breville ikon I got through amazon (not an amazon merchant). It has a wide mouth so I don't have to chop anything much before putting it into the juicer. Its about as fast and powerful as this type of juicer comes. Its relatively quick and easy to clean, but yes you do need a minute to scrub the "mesh basket" with the included cleaning brush, and you should clean it immediately after juicing. I don't know how hard it would be to clean if left to sit out all day and dry.

Choose what you want or need for your blender. I like my old 4 blade Ninja for icy/slushy drinks in the pitcher and making fruity not quite ice cream for one or other small jobs that fit small bowl better than a large pitcher, but to chop up berry seeds from a mixed frozen fruit and other things to a finer consistancy, I go with my "torpedo all in one" blender from shopnbc. It was less than Montels emulsifier and had a longer warranty. It has two flaws, no slow speed mode (yes a blender can be too fast for some things when it only has one speed -- high) and no long length (>1minute) continuous mode (it turns itself off automatically at one minute which is ok for a smoothy but too short to heat up soup which takes 6-8 minutes)

patticakes1294101070.11887 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

What's the difference in the different model Ninja's? I don't know one from the other.

AnikaBrodie1294110498.7916110 PostsRegistered 1/29/2008The NE state of mountains and valleys

I have the Magic Bullet and use it frequently ... several times a week. I also have a juicer and rarely use it.

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Jeanne R1294112252.6534788 PostsRegistered 7/5/2010

every item works well

madzonie1294126089.7635500 PostsRegistered 8/8/2007

I have an older generation Ninja, and love it. But I've never used it for making (extracting?) juices. The Ninja is great for iced drinks, chopping and blending.

4uthebest1294139748.9773847 PostsRegistered 1/21/2009

In order to make what you are talking about.. green drinks/smoothies, I would not choose any of your list but I would go for a Blendtec/Vitamix type machine that spins at a very high RPM and not just have six blades spinning much slower.

As far as a straight juicer, there are several kinds to consider but I gave up on them a long time ago after owning most all except the champion type and instead use my Vitamix for just about everything else. If you want to get a juicer, I have always suggested people to get the most inexpensive one they can find and use it to see if you even like the juicing process and then you can upgrade if you do.

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