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Limited Quantity Price - Clip-On Pia Earrings!

Started 1355589006.15 in Judith Ripka | Last reply 1355608278.833 by annika

After I bought the OTO cuff, I just put these in my wish list - now LQ Price of $114.60 (reduced from $247.50) - J266672 - Clip on only.

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gojo1355594456.753318 PostsRegistered 4/25/2006

Wow - when I saw there were no responses, didn't think anyone was interested - but they are sold out already!

annika1355602285.373963 PostsRegistered 3/30/2011

Wow! To those who may have picked up the TSV/OTO cuff and these LQ earrings in the PIA collection, you have really done well on the price. I see the TSV/OTO cuff is still available at a slightly higher price. That is still a great price. But I truly wonder why the cuff is not sold out as well. It was sold out then very limited in quantity until September. This suggests the manufacturing of extra cuffs. The appearance of extra cuffs suggests the Q violated its Limited Edition term of sale from the March TSV offering of the item. I get the hype ad nauseum of the Q, but Limited Edition designation on a piece is a non-negotiable. Interestingly, it is no longer part of the product description. This also reflects badly on Judith if this happened. A lot more truth needed here.

smarty1355603125.2033213 PostsRegistered 11/16/2005

Annika, I agree...as of last night, though the bracelet description did include the limited edition quantity. I have no problem that someone else got a "deal" and I didn't, that's life. I do have a problem with the marketing of TSVs and OTO as well as last clicks. It is very misleading to consumers. Don't get me wrong, I like QVC and will continue to purchase products, but I am not pleased with their written policies as they are inconsistent with on-air assurances. When you read the Qs pricing policy, it very clearly states that a OTO will be the lowest price an item will EVER be offered A One Time Only Value features the lowest price you will ever see this item offered on QVC

annika1355608278.833963 PostsRegistered 3/30/2011

I could not agree more, Smarty. There must be boundaries for this relentless hype with the use of false assurances.

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