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Leah's Nails

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I wish they'd have Leah do the jewelry shows. Her nails are always perfectly manicured. Why can her nails always look so perfect, while some of the other hosts are so often in need of fill-ins, etc. Perfectly manicured nails certainly enhance the presentation of jewelry items. Hosts should take note.

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Kitty Galo­re1355887815.2331937 PostsRegistered 4/28/2009

twopeas, I am with you there. I also have long natural nails and have had for years and years. And No matter how careful you are which most of the time I am not, you enivetably break one, especially this time of year it seems with the dryer air inside and all the decorating , cooking, baking etc.it is bound to happen. However natural or acrylic Leah's nails always look lovely and she does have beautiful hands also.

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