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longterm JR lovers- a question...

Started 1355516323.207 in Judith Ripka | Last reply 1355521668.93 by mizmolly

Is it my imagination, or at one time was the JR line here *not* so heavy on the Diamonique...?

Lately I'd been wanting something new in ss so of course thought to peruse the JR section here. Found 1 or 2 doorknocker type earrings not loaded with DMQ (alas, not quite as large as I'd prefer, being a 'big' doorknocker lover... if it's big enough to go ON the DOOR it's big enough...lol).

But anyway... in looking over the collection here I noticed in some cases the dmq seems to overwhelm the silver... ?? maybe it's just me.

Does anyone else prefer more silver/less Diamonique? also in 'some' cases I'd prefer more silver/fewer colored stones... Was her jewelry here always like that?

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PatPrende1355519224.1933687 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Out West

In the first several years, JRQ had no DMQ. I think the DMQ started to be used about ten years ago, more or less. If you check e-b-a-y, you will see some of those pieces from the years prior to that.

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sunshine451355520025.1845591 PostsRegistered 1/13/2007east coast and west coast

mizmolly, yes.... there was a time when you saw more silver work, less or no diamonique, real stones, and substantial weights. i am so glad that the majority of my pieces came from that period of time.

one time i began a thread that featured items that had no diamonique at all and it was not that easy to find those items..... there were really not that many.

i miss her beautiful silver work and the real stones...... i rarely buy from her line at qvc anymore because it has too much diamonique. i even prefer the pieces from sams club to what has been featured here at qvc.

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newjerseyg­irl1355521125.043750 PostsRegistered 11/20/2007Central New Jersey

You probably would like these older earrings. Sometimes they are on E*B*A*Y.

Judith Ripka Sterling Diamonique Doorknocker Earringsj30945

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mizmolly1355521668.93888 PostsRegistered 8/25/2012

PRETTY! but er is it big enough to use on the door? ...

Okay I'm glad it isn't just me thinking they were different backwhen . Now I wish I 'had' been a big JR fan 10+ years ago. As with sooo many other things, I suppose I just thought 'well it'll always be the same if I ever want it." Oops.

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