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Really Wanted J-277396 !

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Was gone all day till the show started tonight, so didnt have the chance to get online to see new pieces throughout the day. Well then I saw the cuff on Lisa and no item # mentioned unless I missed it , then all of a sudden she mentions it and says Oh! I think the small has sold out, but we'll let you know soon, then more time goes by then they finally show a still of it and she says "the small has sold out " !! If I had been able to access my computer I could have seen it, but wasn't able to at the time.... {#emotions_dlg.angry}Lisa is notorious for doing this., mentioning an item and eluding to it over and over again, only to then say Sorry Sold Out ! I needed the small of course....I really do wish that if an item is getting limited they would then do a presentation on it and not wait. I know this topic has been discussed many times before, but it still happens all the time.....not happy as even on waitlist if I was lucky enough to get the small it would not be before Christmas...and I am sure , Lisa ordered it before the show if she wanted it as she made such a fuss about it.

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PatPrende1355463313.7133687 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Out West

This item appeared in inventory, available for order, late on Wednesday, a full 24 hours prior to the show with Lisa.

ETA: Just checked the tracking info on the cuff I ordered on 12/12. It was scanned in at the USPS Sort Facilty in Florence, SC @ 17:01 ET, 12/13. This a full four hours prior to the beginning of the show hosted by Lisa.

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Kitty Galo­re1355496092.471937 PostsRegistered 4/28/2009
I dont know what your point is ?

PatPrende1355505292.463687 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Out West
On 12/14/2012 Kitty Galore said: I dont know what your point is ?

The item was available to order well before the presentation on the show hosted by Lisa. It pays to check online inventory in the days leading up to a series of JR shows. Had you done so, perhaps you would not have to be on Wait List.

Happy Holidays!

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Kitty Galo­re1355518554.131937 PostsRegistered 4/28/2009
Some of us at this time of year do not have the luxury of checking and rechecking online to see what is new and coming up....the show may be the only time we will see an item. This is the holiday time and I for one am very busy...nice to see that both of you have the Christmas spirit....NOT !!!! And for your information I have not waitlisted for this cuff, will find something else I love instead...actually saves me $$$ !.

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