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cairnlover1355441509.972913 PostsRegistered 7/29/2006

It is $100 less than the TSV price was! WOW!

Deb7771355441758.746929 PostsRegistered 6/25/2005




em14k1355441889.823421 PostsRegistered 8/29/2009WNY


Deb7771355442180.526929 PostsRegistered 6/25/2005

THANK YOU ! Very pretty .. wish it ws in pink instead of blue lol



Gsmom1355442250.987930 PostsRegistered 1/28/2008
It is my very favorite Ripka piece of all time- Happy Holidays to all who get it at that great price!

em14k1355442657.16421 PostsRegistered 8/29/2009WNY

So happy to hear that Gsmom, I have had major regrets over missing it before, just have to satisfy my curiosity... and the jumbo PIA can't happen for me. Thanks so much glad you love it!!

Deb777...it could happen!!! Keep watching!

maryooch1355442688.057150 PostsRegistered 8/10/2011

I am so bummed because my husband bought the Pia bracelet for me for my birthday in September and paid full price....it was not the TSV then. Now it is over $100 less! I hate when that happens!

barb401355442701.753810 PostsRegistered 11/7/2004

It is a much better price as a OTO than I paid as a TSV in March...$100 savings...good deal for those getting it!

I happen to be wearing it today!

Last edited on 12/13/2012

Last edited on 12/13/2012

maryooch1355442782.787150 PostsRegistered 8/10/2011

I should add though...it is a beautiful bracelet and looks like the real thing. I would highly recommend especially at $199!

Gsmom1355443026.283930 PostsRegistered 1/28/2008
Oh Im glad you got it em- and hope you love it! It is so very refined and truly looks like it came from her Couture line . If you have time post your review!

gojo1355443118.393318 PostsRegistered 4/25/2006

I'm glad I waited - just got it!

em14k1355443200.2421 PostsRegistered 8/29/2009WNY

Thanks ladies, post your reviews when this beauty comes home!!

gojo13554433953318 PostsRegistered 4/25/2006

They just advertised FREE s&H on this - just checked my order and was charged $8.72 - going to call.

Suzytoo1355443445.36495 PostsRegistered 8/7/2007

Love this cuff! I got it as the TSV, so this is a great price, but I want and really need the ruby version! Wahhhh! Where is it, Judy?{#emotions_dlg.confused1}

nellejewel1355443495.73369 PostsRegistered 8/12/2007

Hey.....it's being shown on TV as free shipping and handling, but not on line and not on my order! Grrrrrr...... can't call right now 'cause the mister is in the room and I'm trying to order without him knowing!{#emotions_dlg.scared}

NicksMom1355443615.633180 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Philadelphia Suburbs, PA

I have this (got it when it was a tsv) and I"m actually wearing it today. LOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE it!!!! Great price! Hope more of you can get it at that price.

~ the original NicksMom

winan1355443791.65925 PostsRegistered 10/15/2006WI

I posted about the same thing 8 mins sooner

wrapped around my lil doxies paw

gojo1355443910.2533318 PostsRegistered 4/25/2006
On 12/13/2012 nellejewel said:

Hey.....it's being shown on TV as free shipping and handling, but not on line and not on my order! Grrrrrr...... can't call right now 'cause the mister is in the room and I'm trying to order without him knowing!{#emotions_dlg.scared}

Glad I wasn't the only one that saw that - I'm on hold for CS now but not sure they're going to be able to see it. OMG - now they just took it off - it's back to $8.72 and he couldn't see Free shipping.

karmakat1355444034.581226 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I could not resist that. I ordered and then emailed them about the shipping, because I was charged too. (Just heard them say they made a mistake.)

I love watching and appreciate all the designs and workmanship, but they're just not usually "me"... But this one.... WOW. I wanted it before but wasn't willing to spend $300. But $200? MINE.

I'd been considering the TSV all day, but I guess now I'm not getting it today. Instead I got the one piece I've really wanted for a while :-)

cairnlover1355444089.9472913 PostsRegistered 7/29/2006

UGH! Also trying to order without DH knowing & woul dlike the fress shipping! Looks like I will have to call tomorrow :(

dperry1355444114.1971944 PostsRegistered 12/13/2008On the Chesapeake Bay, MD

I have not bought any JRQ in over a year, but I purchased this. This Pia cuff is a great price and I am really looking forwad to getting it. A special piece.

cairnlover1355445421.0072913 PostsRegistered 7/29/2006

I decided against it. A friend has a small (my JR size) & it is really small--pinched my wrist. It is an excellent price, but I can't justify it as I know I won't be happy with the fit. Everyone who gets it--it is beautiful!

MoGirl1355446634.833590 PostsRegistered 10/8/2010

Called CS and a very nice lady adjusted mine to remove the S&H. If you don't get it ladies keep trying.

smarty1355446915.733213 PostsRegistered 11/16/2005

This is an absolutely gorgeous bracelet...but I am upset for having paid the TSV price thinking I was getting 1) the best price ever to be offered (exclusive of "as is" which come w/a disclaimer); and 2) billed as a very limited edition when originally the TSV. What's up with that? I'm all in favor of QVC making a buck, putting stuff on sale, etc...but don't bill something that will never be offered at a lower price! Just my $100 worth of complaining. To those who have purchased, this is an absolutely gorgeous bracelet that looks stunning with the blue hemetite doublet pieces.

em14k1355447270.227421 PostsRegistered 8/29/2009WNY

Smarty, I agree with everything you said. Sadly I have missed out on more than a few peices due to my budget. I'm so excited to hear it works with the hematite pieces, that was exactly what I was thinking of when I ordered it!!! Thank you for that!!!!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

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