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Gold earrings

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I want a pair of gold earrings for Christmas. Gold is the only metal that does not bother my ears. Anything else makes them burn.

I can't afford too much so I am asking for suggestions! Thank you!!!!

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CalmInTheH­eart1355435525.1538327 PostsRegistered 7/14/2007

Check out sarraf.com. Their gold and service is outstanding! Their gold prices are a lot less than any shopping channel unless you can find an outstanding sale.


ennui1355545656.93719957 PostsRegistered 4/17/2007

You could try working through the QVC search menus ... Jewelry, Earrings, Gold, and then sort by price.

There are often gold earrings in As Is. How about some 1" wedding band hoops, J271034 (white only).

Jewelry made in Italy is nickel-free (by law), and Eternagold jewelry is also nickel-free.

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customer 51355573483.91783 PostsRegistered 5/22/2008

You should look at Ross Simons.com. They also have a clearance section.

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