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Sizing on the Grand Statement Bracelet

Started 1355406148.637 in Judith Ripka | Last reply 1355540355.277 by Starcross

Good morning, everyone! I just wanted to know what your thoughts were relative to the sizing on the Grand Statement Bracelet J277500 or J269525. If you have a 6 1/2" wrist, do you order an average or do you go up to a large? Thanks in advance.

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ilovekailua1355430314.187129 PostsRegistered 6/14/2011

JerseyBorn - I would not size up in this bracelet. I don't have a 6 1/2" wrist - I usually wear a large bracelet and this one in large has drape on me.

Jersey Born1355439097.5734861 PostsRegistered 3/7/2008

Thank you so much for your response, Ilovekailua. Happy holidays to you!

Starcross1355540355.2635227 PostsRegistered 2/15/2009Central Florida


I've been out of town and missed the shows. I love this bracelet. Did you get the medium or the large? Is this the style necklace you were referring to elsewhere and you were saying it's a heavy weight? I'm behind on everything....

Hope everything is good with you.


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