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WATCH COLLECTORS - December 2012

Started 1354376215.107 in Jewelry Talk | Last reply 1357052037.527 by jenagal
With all the watch sites pushing Christmas sales, it should not be hard to find some new treasurers. If we find something of interest we will post it. Let us know what you find as well. Happy shopping.

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Lavenderju­nkie1356920196.72313536 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Jazzy: I don't see any difference between the 2 watches...either in the pictures or the specs. My guess is that one of them is the 36mm and one is the 40mm and they used the same specs and picture for both. One of the LPs I got was listed at 40mm, but they sent me a 36mm watch instead. I returned it, but not for that reason. The LP Celanos that are 40mm have a triangle on the bezel at the 12 oclock position. The 36mm ones have a heart on the bezel at the 12 oclock position.... at least that is what I have observed.

jenagal1356923084.8036502 PostsRegistered 10/21/2004Midwest: God's Country

Even the Watchery has both numbers listed as 40mm. It goes to show you, all Liors sites will say the same thing even when in error. I noticed Friday that there were 159 different LP's available and now it shows 116. They sure are selling the heck out of that brand. It will get down below 100 and then get restocked. I can see why they are a great seller, I think they are #1 in my book. {#emotions_dlg.wub}

JazzyVR1356928528.4171155 PostsRegistered 4/23/2006Western PA

LJ: I want the 40mm and I hope that's what I get. I did notice that although the list prices were the same, the regular price on 27109 is $190 less than the 27116, altho the sale prices are the same. Hopefully that means the 27116 is the larger one.

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jenagal1356931443.7676502 PostsRegistered 10/21/2004Midwest: God's Country
Jazzy, I see that 116 watch is on sale NOW for. $499. Can you get a rice adjustment now?

JazzyVR1356961259.221155 PostsRegistered 4/23/2006Western PA

Thanks Jena, I just sent an email asking about a price adjustment!

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Lavenderju­nkie1356967189.79313536 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

jazzy: I hope you get the watch you want. Usually the higher price is for the larger watch. I like both the 36 and the 40mm sizes, but if I have my choice in a design, I'll pick the 36mm.

winan1356971143.56925 PostsRegistered 10/15/2006WI

Odd my post from last night is gone.

Does any have ceramic links for the R watch with the Topaz stones in the dial?

Will pay

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Lavenderju­nkie1356972220.66313536 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

winan: sorry I don't have any extra links. Did you break a link or buy a short bracelet from someone?

winan1356972751.947925 PostsRegistered 10/15/2006WI

LJ I am practically giving mine away on the bay. When I lost weight, I had links removed, and now at 6" it's still an inch too big. When I moved the links and box didn't. Hard to sell without them.

wrapped around my lil doxies paw

jenagal1356978619.3736502 PostsRegistered 10/21/2004Midwest: God's Country
There is a great deal on a real looker @ WOW. Under the LP's, look up 27116BKPAS. 82% off. A few of us own this watch and love it. Me an enabler???? Never!!! Jazzy already jumped on board. :))

jenagal1357014877.8836502 PostsRegistered 10/21/2004Midwest: God's Country
On 12/29/2012 jenagal said: Terry, I didn't opt for faster shipping, it's still sitting in the warehouse. At least it has my name on it.
Well it turned out that when they got around to shipping my watch out, they found they were over sold. So I don't have a white ceramic coming after all. I am disappointed. Terry I hope you love yours. Boo hoo. My C/C is thrilled.

jenagal1357052037.4936502 PostsRegistered 10/21/2004Midwest: God's Country
Lets move on to a new thread. See you there. JANUARY 2013!!!!!!!

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