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Why aren't most Honora strands knotted?

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They just showed the baroque strand, around $250.00. No mention of individual knotting. Yet the TSV is knotted. What gives? I won't buy more expensive strands unknotted after having one break on the first wearing.

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Buck-i-Nana1354244227.8138958 PostsRegistered 9/26/2007South West Ohio

This is from the description of the 20"

"this single strand necklace showcases individually knotted, baroque-shaped cultured freshwater pearls"

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circles1354244618.8819170 PostsRegistered 5/11/2005N.J.

I really think all Honora Pearl necklaces are knotted....

ennui1354258923.4919957 PostsRegistered 4/17/2007

I think the vast majority of Honora strands are knotted. The rondel strands usually are not knotted, because rondels look odd when knotted -- they look better strung close together.

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bonnielu1354273784.266474 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Western Maryland

Most of mine are knotted. I have stopped watching since I am an impulsive pearl addict. I buy them this time of year for gifts for my 4 daughters (So I say). I don't think they want them. ... something about LENGTH and being in style. Who knows, never can figure out what they are talking about. Anyway THEY ARE ALL MINE, knotted and MINE.

MrsLorraine1354290621.993995 PostsRegistered 7/5/2012

No matter how much I might love a piece--or especially if I really love it--I wouldn't buy it if it isn't knotted. I had a very nice necklace my husband gave me which broke--and the knotting kept the pearls from flying all over the place.

depglass1354320528.1124997 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006

Well, I'll be. I'm just plain blind, I missed it in the description. So this got me checking out my necklaces, I have six. And guess what, all of them are knotted, even the one that Honora repaired because the strand broke and I lost two inches of pearls down the drain because it wasn't knotted. I've never worn it because I don't care for 16" and I just didn't look closely. That's where I got the idea their strands weren't knotted, because that one wasn't. Now I have the confidence to order and actually start wearing what I already own. I should have gotten out the magnifying glass years ago.

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misschristy1355361875.0172155 PostsRegistered 10/13/2007

Most are knotted. However, several years ago the TSV necklace (36 inch ring pearls) was not knotted. Everyone assumed they were since most are. Reviewers were not happy. I had ordered two and kept them cause I loved them, but I'm fearful of an embarrassing break. If they read those reviews, I don't think they will do that again.

desertDi1355375986.50717449 PostsRegistered 7/14/2007Surface of the Sun

Used to be that only salt-water pearls were knotted.......but I haven't paid attention lately. (Have enough to last forever.)

mizmolly1355520792.45888 PostsRegistered 8/25/2012

I think someone already mentioned this above, but it bears repeating : yes even knotted pearl strands can & do break. The wonderful longterm-locally-owned jewelry store folks I've spoken with in many places over the years -- the kind of stores that always offered onsite pearl strand inspection plus superb professional onsite re-stringing -- have all said breakage can have a lot to do with storage & with how the piece is most often worn.

The silk can simply dry out over time, particularly at the exposed knots, because very few of us would purposely store 'any' jewelry in any sort of humidity ... but a couple of jewelers mentioned that their wives' best pearls were kept very-lightly humidified, for example in an unlined wooden container like a cigar box with that special 'spongey-humidifier' thing. ---- Always storing pearls coiled-up or curled-up (especially too tightly) can also stress the silk. ---- Knotting, or 'torsading,' or otherwise twisting pearl strands when wearing can be another source of stress. And so on. Over time, it may add up to disaster

Having once had a long old strand of family pearls come apart at several points during a college formal, I can attest that it isn't a thing anyone would want to see twice! I vowed that in future, any/all knotted pearls that happened to come into my possession *would* get inspected every few years and re-strung if needed. Not hideously expensive, and so worth it to avoid an awful experience.

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