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Gossip Watch repair

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Hello everyone,

I need some help.

In January, I purchased two Gossip watches (J142016), one in the gold tone and one in the silver tone. The silver tone watch stopped working last month. I replaced the batteries twice, but the watch does not work. I have the receipt from QVC, but I misplaced the warranty papers that were in the watch box. I'm sure that all Gossip watches are repaired by the same company. I'd really appreciate it if anyone who has a Gossip watch and still has their warranty papers, to please post the information so I can send it back for repair.

I did contact customer service and they were NOT helpful at all.

Thanks !!

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suzan1281827023.877170 PostsRegistered 7/27/2006Minnesota

QVC uses several vendors to manufacture their gossip watches, so you will have a hard time tracking down the vendor without customer service help. It seems to make a BIG difference who you talk to at CS- some are great help and one was able to help me track down the vendor of the "ceramic" watch to get additional links.

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