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Sterling silver or white gold

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Which one do u prefer? I don't have any silver tone earrings and was wondering if I should go for sterling silver or white gold. I am afraid that silver will be high maintenance as it needs polishing every now and then. What do u suggest?

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ennui11395727916.486531 PostsRegistered 6/22/2013

If you're looking for one pair to have forever, white gold, no question. The color is deeper, too.

If you're just looking for an inexpensive option to carry you through summer, sterling.

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Kachina6241395728174.56319363 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004New Mexico

I'm a big fan of sterling. I have a lot, I mean a lot, and I keep it in anti-tarnish boxes. I very rarely have to polish a piece usually only when I've inadvertently left a piece out.

I love the patina that silver gets caused by tiny scratches it gets with use. Silver that is often worn for, some reason, will not tarnish. I've worn a set of sterling bangles most of the time for years and not a one of them has ever been polished. The patina on them gives a soft, mellow glow. I don't like the shinny, sparkly silver...I prefer it with some oxidation as you can then see the detail in the design. Some people like it bright, it's just a matter of taste.

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Cardamom1395746419.5177096 PostsRegistered 6/24/2006
I wear both but I do prefer white gold. I don't find silver to be high maintenance. I have a silver safe keeper as well. Usually the designs are so different, white gold being more petite. Silver is usually bolder and maybe more artistic. I would just find a piece you like and choose based on that as well as price. If I wanted some big bold hoops or a 36" chain I would definitely be looking at silver even though I prefer white gold.

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faeriemoon1395747017.7838204 PostsRegistered 5/13/2005

If you're not a "silver lover" go for the white gold. Silver lovers wouldn't have to ask.{#emotions_dlg.blush}

(I'm a silver lover.)Smile

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LucyGoose1395749133.5233995 PostsRegistered 4/19/2012USA

I prefer white gold because it's gold, but I have much more silver. I really like the ultrafine silver line that QVC sells.

twopeas1395752527.7675543 PostsRegistered 6/5/2011PNW

I much prefer sterling to white gold. White gold is lack luster and I love the sheen that sterling gives off. Ultra fine silver from the Q is gorgeous. I've really never had to polish my sterling. I keep most of it in a tarnish free jewelry box.

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faeriemoon1395752642.9878204 PostsRegistered 5/13/2005
On 3/25/2014 twopeas said:

I much prefer sterling to white gold. White gold is lack luster and I love the sheen that sterling gives off. Ultra fine silver from the Q is gorgeous. I've really never had to polish my sterling. I keep most of it in a tarnish free jewelry box.

Love the UltraFine line too!!

A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it. ~Pinterest~

ilovedaisi­es1395752931.7533160 PostsRegistered 7/20/2010Turn left

I like gold gold normally, but recently I did want some white metal and I chose silver. I now have two silver rings and a pair of earrings. I was concerned that the earrings might bother my sensitive ears, but they haven't.

Lavenderju­nkie1395754106.413720 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I have both silver and white gold....lots more silver... because it's so much more affordable and also because there are lots more interesting designs. If you were only going to buy 1 pair of white metal earrings, and you can afford to spend around $200 or more... go for the white gold. And don't skimp on the weight of the gold to save money. Gold jewelry is expensive these days (another subject). But if you buy a quality piece it will last forever.

I also have lots of silver and it's lasted me for years. I rarely polish my earrings and they are fine.... again it depends on the quality of the silver and how you store it. Don't buy oxidized silver if you want it to look bright and shiny. Oxidized silver won't have an tarnish resistant coatings.

VegasBusin­essWoman1395760992.657472 PostsRegistered 5/27/2013

I vote for white gold. I have some silver, some of which I bought on a Mexican vacation and it tarnishes like crazy but the designs are lovely. Have to store them in those little anti-tarnish baggies, which often leads me to overlook them when I want a white metal for an outfit. The very few sterling pieces I bought in the US are rhodium plated and don't tarnish much. Those pieces mix nicely with white gold.

In the long run, you'll probably be happier with white gold, but I'm injecting my own preferences here. Whatever you decide to do, wear it with style!

Shogirl21395761346.522190 PostsRegistered 12/6/2010

I'm with those who said if you're looking for one good pair of white metal earrings, go with gold. As far as sterling goes, I have a ton of it and agree with another poster who said they love the Ultrafine Silver line here at the Q.

willdob31395761351.1311737 PostsRegistered 10/31/2010

I've got both & like both. For most pieces I prefer the look of sterling silver.I keep my silver in a silver safekeeper & it stays looking beautiful.

For an expensive ring I prefer white gold because it is easier to size & repair than sterling. I love my sterling rings, too, but some are too big now & I'm running out of fingers they fit on.

Tique1395761866.1071199 PostsRegistered 8/3/2013

For earrings my choice would be White Gold if I was going to wear them frequently because I have a reaction to SS after a while. I own more WG but do have some SS which is not worn often. I always prefer WG over SS.

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Tinkrbl441395762337.2279691 PostsRegistered 8/23/2010Los Angeles, CA

Since my skin has a pinkish undertone, I wear ONLY silver metals: sterling, white gold, stainless and platinum. Sterling is the most reflective of all the precious metals and the pricing allows for more imaginative designs.

Choosing between white gold and sterling, I would take sterling 9 times out of 10.

dmod1395762538.0324816 PostsRegistered 10/4/2011Jersey

I prefer white gold.

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Pagan1395766611.3971229 PostsRegistered 11/11/2008

No preference for me per se.

However, I prefer gold to be tiny, twinkly and delicate and silver to be substantial and vintage looking.

So whatever style fits the outfit is what I wear.

If I could only take one I guess it would be gold but it would have to be really tiny pieces. Having said that, my biggest purchases are in white gold or platinum - wedding ring, Rolex and Cartier love bracelet so maybe I'm kidding myself! No, I think I still prefer the gold but it really does have to be delicate; I really dislike bold gold on me.

MrsLorraine1395769977.463995 PostsRegistered 7/5/2012

I like a bright white color so I stick with silver.

Seattlegir­l980261395770457.9772002 PostsRegistered 12/9/2011
I like and own both. I do agree with willdob3, sterling rings can be difficult to resize, so for more expensive rings, I go with white gold.

weeness1395773423.737111 PostsRegistered 8/15/2005

I prefer white gold but I only have a sterling silver budget.

esmeraldag­ooch1395776322.72313298 PostsRegistered 1/7/2008Adopt a Rescue Pet, who rescues who?

Some styles look better in gold especially if you're buying diamonds.

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depglass1395777739.6325021 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006

I look at it this way. Most people probably think anything white is silver anyway, so I usually don't bother with the expense of white gold. But I do have one sturdy white gold chain for pendants that will never break on me. And I do have some white gold rings from years ago that I bought for the particular stones in them. Now days I go with silver or gold bought at a deal at auction. For one pair of earrings to wear every day, go with the white gold. Use silicone backs if these are a post style and you won't lose them.

wilma1395778382.29713395 PostsRegistered 7/10/2007

I don't own any white gold. I have some yellow gold and some sterling. I keep all my jewelry in an anti tarnish jewelry box, and I have never had to polish anything. I have had some silver pieces now for over 10 years, and they all look just as shiny as when the pieces were new.

customer 51395779225.403783 PostsRegistered 5/22/2008

I have both white gold and sterling. I have never had to polish my silver earrings, they have not been high maintenance for me. I think it's more a matter of the color of the metal. Sometimes you might want a deeper color and go for white gold. Or you only like bright white and tend towards sterling. Also consider if your piercing has allergy issues with sterling. If you do then you can only go with gold or stainless.

Silkeej1395787245.1653 PostsRegistered 11/11/2007

I think the new sterling silver pieces have plating like rhodium on them and so they don't tarnish like the silver of years ago, I prefer the sterling over the white gold because it is more shiny and not dull. I do have a Lori's jewelry saver but I find I can leave it out for awhile and don't notice it tarnishing. Also the sterling silver allows you to own more pieces of jewelry than white gold does.

catstamper1395790279.3676082 PostsRegistered 1/28/2009Baltimore area

I agree with depglass, it's hard to tell sterling from white gold. Side by side, yes, there is a difference, but without that reference, not so much. So, for the price, I generally go for silver. I keep it in safekeeper boxes, and if there is a little tarnish, a silver polishing cloth usually takes care of it. I do have a couple of pairs of white gold earrings, but due to the price of metal, if they aren't tiny and dainty, I find that they are a bit thin, and I fear that they won't hold up.

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