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Carol Brodie on HSN Now

Started 1379279736.45 in Jewelry Talk | Last reply 1379624283.873 by depglass

I like to watch jewelry designer Carol Brodie over on HSN. She has some clever ideas.

Her voice is so raspy sometimes it is difficult to watch for long periods of time.

Here's my observation. It amazes me that her prices are so much when she seems to have most often what has been referred to here as 'mystery metal'.

What's your take on this?

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MarieIG1379280362.9933747 PostsRegistered 7/15/2007

I do watch her sometimes: the prices IMO, are high for the materials. If you like it, you are paying for the design.


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njoylife1379280419.217112 PostsRegistered 3/17/2007

I really like her designs but it has been my experience that the markup is incredibly high for her new pieces when they first become available. You are better off waiting to purchase her designs after a few months as the prices come down considerably to where they are much more reasonable. I still enjoy her jewelry but have kind of learned the hard way not to purchase the new stuff when first released.

HODIEAIRYA­SS1379282921.6722 PostsRegistered 9/12/2013

Her voice is horrible!! Can't stand that woman, she sounds like she's talking under water or needs to clear her throat.

kittykatkay1379283211.49723127 PostsRegistered 2/24/2011

Carol just stated that she was the jewerly designer that sold B. Affleck the famous "pink diamond"! I don't have any of her jewerly, she is a little over priced! My favorite designer on HSN is Victoria Wieck - and only when they are on clearance. Oh yeah, when I see something I like - I agree with njoylife's statement above - wait till they go on sale, because they always do!

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imarobot1379287787.4213 PostsRegistered 9/8/2013

I would rather listen to Carol's voice and her enthusiasm than listen to Lisa Robertson's "golf" voice or otherwise characteristic nasal drone and constant Chatty Cathy repetition of lunching-ladies and HE-neighborhood sales lines and amazing-amazing and beautiful-beautiful.

I'd like to know when "mystery metals" have ever been a part of Rarities. As far as I've heard it's stated that the Rarities line is made of sterling silver, and is stamped as such, and is clad with rhodium or gold, what is also known as vermeil, specifying the thickness of the gold. No copper, brass, or bronze in her collection to date. If you can specifically state a case of "mystery metal," please do so, it would be interesting to note.

tufgirl1379296099.297405 PostsRegistered 12/30/2010
I like Carol Brodie voice and all, lol. She used to work for Harry Winston and yeah that is the infamous pink diamond ring that became all the rage about 10-12 years ago! Her price points are expensive when newly presented but I'd wait until they go on sale before purchasing some of her pieces. I don't own any of her pieces but a good friend of mine does and they are really well made; lots of attention to detail and remind me a lot of that "look" you see when you do wander into a Harry Winston store, a Cartier, Bulgari, along those lines, etc..the difference of course being in the metals used and the type of gemstones she's using in her settings. She's used a fair amount of black spinel in the last 3-4 years before everybody else jumped on that bandwagon...

Brooke691379296241.623239 PostsRegistered 8/20/2013

her ideas are excellent, design is good, but prices can get steep IMO

Selda1379296266.3337 PostsRegistered 9/9/2013

I love Carol Brodie! Doesn't matter to me what she sounds like and I never really noticed. I don't buy because I can't afford. I do have a sapphire cross of hers given to me as a gift and it's beautiful and unusual.

brewhaha1379296289.48754520 PostsRegistered 1/14/2007Sitting in front of my computer

I like Carol.

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skylark1379300843.5731771 PostsRegistered 10/1/2010

It's funny, this post. I was clicking through the channels this evening and stopped on that show and DH said"how can you stand to listen to that voice, it's awful." Of course, I couldn't stand it and it went off. Her things are pretty but way overpriced for what they are-"designer" or not.

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pistolino1379327178.7372127 PostsRegistered 7/4/2011
I can only afford her things when on clearance, but I love the evil eye stuff.

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Elite1379327798.287217 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I also like her designs, but I wait till they go on clearance. I believe one time she did one of her shows by phone because she had an asthma attack. Could that be the reason her voice sounds raspy??

depglass1379624283.87325005 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006

I think she's overpriced. I did order the black spinel and ruby enhancer awhile back. Beautiful but it had two defects, I gave up on that line.

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