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My Poor Thomas Museum Series Jewelry Box and Jewelry

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My Thomas jewelry box with 4 drawers and a lifting top was purchased maybe 12 years ago from the Q. I love this jewelry box that was perfect for 2 gold drawers and 2 silver drawers. All of my miscellaneous and large pieces were kept under the lid.

Now fast forward to our move almost 4 weeks ago. I don't know what those movers did with our household goods, but in the end, 8 pieces of furniture were ruined and 7 more damaged. Additionally, I just found the box with my Thomas jewelry box in it and opened it up, because I've been without earrings for a month. Well, I opened up the top drawer and found nothing. Then figured I should open the drawer to its max. Boy oh boy! It's as though that jewelry box, which was packed in a medium moving box, was tumbled up and down and then swirled about, because all of my jewelry is jammed into the back of each drawer, with some pieces broken. I just tried to find my diamond earrings and couldn't find them (they were a gift). I know, stupid. I should have packed all of my precious stones and placed them in my purse.

Lesson learned: When you pay for cheap movers to move you from one state to another, you get what you pay for. (Can't say I did this, DH did.)

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sweetiekit­ty1376653583.2359 PostsRegistered 4/12/2012

I'm going through a corporate relocation right now and the moving contract is pretty explicit that they won't be responsible for jewelry (in other words, move that yourself) I've got mine out of the jewelry boxes and in some PreZerve bags for the move. Anything like jewelry, small electronics, and even my copper chargers are going with me and the movers won't even see them to pack.

I've had things stolen before in a corporate move. There was a small wooden cooking twine box from Williams Sonoma that the packer/driver admired and asked me about and then low and behold, it was gone. They also broke our family room TV.

I expect a certain amount of breakage and loss when I move, I minimize it by giving them a list of things (with their value) and moving things that I couldn't bear to lose myself (like scrapbooks, etc.,)

Margo Chan­ning1376666278.0213623 PostsRegistered 11/29/2007

Wow, if I were moving I would make sure my important jewelry was with me. I've heard many stories of things liike that going mising.

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depglass1376669999.42325017 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006

I've never had a job that allowed me a corporate move. I've done them myself, to the point of driving a huge van one time where you had to double clutch. Never did get the hang of it. But I never broke or scratched anything, so I guess it has been worth the effort.

sfnative1376714924.747242 PostsRegistered 4/23/2007Portland, OR

You know, I did pack all of my electronics and had them nicely stowed in my trunk. DH pack and stowed his in his van.

Whenever I travel, I always place my jewelry in a special jewelry pouch with the little pouches inside, then place it in my purse; but, I had so much jewelry that I taped the jewelry box shut and assorted other smaller jewelry boxes and packed them securely in a medium moving box, which is nicely sized. Never dreamed that that box would be so mishandled.

We were previously involved in 2 corporate moves, which were wonderful. Not one complaint.


Good luck on your move!

Don't sweat the small stuff!

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