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Do you want some expensive looking bling for dirt cheap?

Started 1315712840.95 in Jewelry Talk | Last reply 1315718677.287 by Spunkyspouts

I know a place where you can find it.I got my order today and the quality is fantastic and the prices were dirt cheap. This company does fake fur and jewelry on the side, they are called Fabulous Furs, check it out before it's all gone.

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Mysterri1315715216.78956 PostsRegistered 4/4/2009San Diego

Thanks, I'll check it out. Has to be better than the cheap looking bling for expensive prices I just saw.

Spunkyspou­ts1315718677.2877307 PostsRegistered 11/19/2008miami

I got the watch for $19.00 in Swarvoski crystals and it is gorgeous, looks very nice and feels nice, it's like they are giving it away. I didnt need it and would never buy a watch like that but for the price, just sayin.

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