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I purchased the solar dragon from QVC (Plow and Hearth.) It's a great sculpture in my opinion. The pearl never lit once but I didn't much care so I kept it. Everyone that sees it thinks it cool/great/nice/... I got to thinking as much as we enjoy seeing her the color change pearl would just be nice to have. This is back story.

Today I called Hearth and Plow. Was honest and told them I bought it here. Asked if I could buy an extra pearl since mine never worked. Not only did I speak with a lady I could understand who was very polite and professional. She took my information and is shipping me a new one.

Great items from them and great C/S. Even for non customers.

Forever in our hearts.

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Kachina6241380230962.08319384 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004New Mexico
Nice to hear a good customer service story.

Oops! Did I roll my eyes out loud?

mousiegirl1380301688.51719528 PostsRegistered 10/20/2007

I have been shopping with Plow & Hearth for years, and the customer service is wonderful. I recently bought the owl planters here, and are they every cute!

GCR181380327107.6877484 PostsRegistered 7/3/2013
On 9/26/2013 kachina624 said: Nice to hear a good customer service story.


happygal1380377730.1173338 PostsRegistered 10/22/2005


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