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LightStim vs. Revive?

Started 1383171005.937 in Health & Fitness | Last reply 1383317300.913 by teathyme

Does anyone know the differenced between the LightStim light therapy for wrinkles vs. the Revive light therapy for pain that I saw presented today? The product description on the LightStim isn't very specific re the LEDs used. I'm thinking they're probably the same or close enough, simply because of the heat, but I really don't know.

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okBlonde1383237499.777776 PostsRegistered 9/23/2013Indy

No there are different types of LED's. It's not just heat.

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teathyme1383317300.9131115 PostsRegistered 2/28/2009

Thanks, Indy! Just wish they'd be a little more specific about the types of LEDs in the product descriptions.

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