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Luminara candles

Started 1390958928.84 in For the Home Talk | Last reply 1390960173.177 by Marsha2003

I just saw on Wheel of Fortune Pat and Vanna holding some luminara candles at the end of the show and one was a tea light. Do any of you know if there are luminara tea lights available anywhere? I would like to get a few.

Thanks in advance.{#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}

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annabellet­hecat1390959972.15716566 PostsRegistered 9/23/2006

I saw that. I have a bunch of those candles and don't even use them. But let me tell you two strange things.

First I was watching a show I happened on a few minutes ago. I am terrible about flicking channels. So I came upon this Vampire TV show (regular show) and this Vampire is going through this ritual with a woman passed out in a circle in the floor.

Now follow this......I looked closely and totally surrounding the woman were supposed to be candles surrounding in the circle (the fat kind mostly like I have). But I looked at it and what do you think! They were those Luminara candles! I couldn't believe it! This isn't a five and dime TV show. They have a pretty big following! I pushed the backward key and low and behold it was those Luminara candles they were using! All around her.

If you weren't familiar with them (like we are on QVC) you wouldn't know the difference as they look so real! But once you see them, you know them immediately.

OK, now here's the second weird thing. Night before last I noticed Jack the cat had not come to bed with me. I turn off the radiant heater he worships at night and he comes to sleep with me (he gets cold, I guess). I must have fallen asleep and then awakened and went looking for him.

The house is very large (you've read my bla blas about this stupid house), but I'm never afraid here by myself (alarmed up the you know). I walked into the TV room, Jack was laying in front of the turned off heater, but I noticed the Luminara candle that has sat on the fireplace mantle (and never been lit but once) was just glowing like crazy! One time (maybe even 1 year ago) I put batteries in it and showed my friend how it worked. It had never been lit except for that 1 time for a few minutes!

I couldn't even remember how to turn it off so I took out the batteries! There have always been strange things that have happened here since my husband died suddenly here.

Many times the TV will just come on when I've turned it off for the night. The phone rings and there is a low man's voice that can't be made out. Things like that.

I used to see a psychic and she told me that that was how he was trying to communicate with me (I never said anything to her one way or the other).

I just thought that was strange. All of this time that thing has sat there, no one touched it.

So that's my story about the Luminaras.

Anyway, you ladies think I'm weird so I guess this seals the deal! :)

Marsha20031390960173.1774809 PostsRegistered 10/31/2007

QVC sold rechargeable Luminara votive candles H198363, but I've never seen Luminara tea lights.

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