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QVC Christmas Trees

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I've been wanting to get a new Christmas tree for a while. Looked at lots of options & lots of stores. I like the new ones with the color changing lights, however a closer look at the Santa's Best brand on the Q seems to show lots of wires strung around the branches. For $400, you would expect better workmanship. Does anyone know which brand of tree runs the wire for the lights underneath the greenery? When on the air, they usually mention they're wires are not visible. It makes a much more impressive tree if you don't see all those wires. You would certainly think that for that much money, you would need to worry about it!

Do you have a tree that you recommend?


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Ane1There1382465302.653249 PostsRegistered 5/16/2010SC

The ones I've had in the past, if a wire was hanging down, I'd tuck it in the needles and once the tree was decorated they would just disappear. You could always use thin black or green zip ties, which is what I use to attach the bow topper on my tree.

I think all brands have wires that are some what visible if you look closely. Simply because of the way they wrap the branches to have multiply lights on one branch. Then spider webbing to the next branches.

Sorry I can be of more help.

Just call me Ane =~D

AuntG1382478216.8077399 PostsRegistered 1/31/2009Wisconsin

Their Vickerman brand is quite expensive but I don't know if that means they are of higher quality.

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