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Spin Mop handle replacement, Deluxe or DynaMop?

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Hi! Sorry this is a new thread, but I attempted to post on many existing threads and received a prompt telling me the comment period had closed.

Like many others, my Spin Mop handle snapped and broke. (It did last a bit at least.) Also, like some others had mentioned in threads, I am surprised that I can't seem to locate a source for replacement handles as there are so many replacement/accessory items available (heads, wheels, etc.) but not for one of the items that seems to be in fairly large demand. So I am wondering if anyone has ever located a spot to purchase just the handles? Am debating just purchasing one more to try and see -can't tell for sure- but the Deluxe model seems to have a different looking handle (and, of course, the double spinning bucket). Have also read about the DynaMop here. (Wondering if I even do locate a repalcement mop if the heads I have will fit or if I'd need to purchase diff. heads and then, perhaps, I might just want to get a whole new system.) Any ideas and/or thoughts greatly appreciated! Thank you very much Smile

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Hilo1362552246.0777099 PostsRegistered 8/28/2007

Hello Chris:

I suppose you are talking about the excellent spin set made in Taiwan and found on the web?

If so, I have this mop set and have replaced the mop and handle so they are available. It was my fault the handle broke because I apparently forced it off. Since then, I am in touch with Lee from that company for any inquiries I have. They are the best people to deal with, and even sent me the replacement part free!!! However, my sons both want the mop and handle only and it is out of stock at this time. Lee told me they would be getting more in in about a month and to keep in touch.

I don't think you will have any trouble; just e-mail Lee whose e-mail is available on the site. Meanwhile I will check to see just what site you need to look at as they seem to have several sites now. I believe there is also a phone number.

Good luck; it is a wonderful mop; mine is about 2 years old.

HiLo (Lois)

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ChrisO1362554560.147332 PostsRegistered 9/10/2007
Thank you so much Lois (HiLo)! I have the "Hurricane 360 Spin Mop". The site address for the company won't come up for me...not sure if it is just a temporary glitch or if they are down/gone. I can't get the phone number listed to work either. (I still have my original paperwork at least Smile ) Been trying throughout the day. Doesn't sound good. The company is "fitness quest".

My mop broke at the handle. Almost snapped inside, so now I use it very bent over! {#emotions_dlg.sad}

Wasn't sure if it would be best to get an entirely new system...but I can't really tell which company makes which one and if the handles are better on some than others. (Was thinking about the deluxe model today, but not sure...)

Oh, and yes, mine does say it is made in Taiwan. Could you let me know which company produced your model?

I really, really, really liked this concept and hate to give up on it, but don't want to keep spending $ either.

Thank you so much again! I really appreciate your time and assistance.

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ChrisO1362554850.65332 PostsRegistered 9/10/2007

P.S. I apologize for the odd mix/look of the above post, can't figure out what is going on between my computer and the thread{#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}

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Hilo1362607302.127099 PostsRegistered 8/28/2007

Your spinner bucket is ok, Chris? I had ordered a completely new mop and handle and they also sent me a complete new part for the one I had broken at no cost. I think you can use the spinner bucket with the spare mop and handle they sell. Mine has a very strong aluminum pole, not a plastic or wood one.

Mine was definitely a true DynaMop and came directly from a company by that name, either in California or Nevada I'm not sure which. I don't recognize the name "Fitness Quest" at all.

When I get on line to find the site I have found several using the name Dyna Mop but here the two words run together. ie, DynaMop but that's the way you presented yours.. One of the owners, Lee, told me they would have more of my mop and pole in about a month as they are developing a new site so I am waiting.

It's possible this is not the same company as the one you ordered from but I would never buy the one offered by the shopping channels.. This company is the original spin mop inventors. and developers.

Anyway, I'm sure you could use this mop and handle with any make bucket you have now. My old handle is a industrial gray color and my new one is purple.

I am still going to try to find you the site I ordered from. I have enjoyed the conversation so you are not inconviencing me at all. Wait a minute: I just found a card with the e-mail address on it. It says Email.Sales@DynaMop.net. and www.DynaMop.com. Let me know what happens. I know you miss not using it properly.

Talk to you later,


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ChrisO1362635929.157332 PostsRegistered 9/10/2007

Thank you SO MUCH again Lois! So much incredibly helpful information!

Yes, the bucket I have is fine. (Mine is not the new one with the two spinners, just the top spinner.) Sounds like the handle may just work! (And as sad as it is, I still use it with half a handle...{#emotions_dlg.blush})

Great to learn that you have the Dynamop and that your experiences have been so wonderful! I learned about that brand from another thread/post here while researching - the owner raved about it so I thought I would mention it as a part of my question. (The thread was one on which the commenting period had ended.) Maybe the post was yours? I did check out their site but it's all so confusing trying to decide without feedback from actual users. And there seem to be so many brands/varieties out there! (I attempted to locate reviews of the Dynamop on line, but without much luck.) Looks like they have a couple of models. Someone here mentioned purchasing one from ebay, too.

Mine is indeed from a shopping channel.

I SO appreciate all of your time and information! I just thought if others felt strongly about a different brand (such as Dynamop) it would make more sense to invest in that system rather than continually replacing handles (if I could find them!) by other companies. I just can't convince myself to give up on this concept yet...I LOVE it! Actually don't mind mopping now...and it is so fast!

If (only if ~ you've been so generous already!) you have the chance, could you let me know what type of cleaner you like to use with yours? I have heard everything from just hot water to vinegar.

I hope your kindness and helpfulness comes back to you in a BIG way!!!

{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}THANK YOU{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}THANK YOU{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

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Citychic1362639539.077610 PostsRegistered 9/20/2010


I was curious if the dynamop spins out fairly dry, just damp? I am looking for a microfiber mop, and don't want the "bona type" mop. But I need something that spins out well. The ones I have found in stores have such short handles too and not very well made. We have hardwood floors and lots of square footage and now a rescue yellow lab, Boris!! he has very large paws- that's the rest of the story... Your post was most informative and a topic I have been looking for.



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Hilo1362678628.5877099 PostsRegistered 8/28/2007

Hi Chris: I am indeed happy to help you with anything here if I can; people have been so gracious to me when I have questions and I hope in some way I can pass along something of value to others.

You obviously don't have the same mop as I do; this particular brand is sold only on line and from the company that originally designed the spin mop concept (I'm not sure about those on Amazon). I was happy that at least yours was made in Taiwan and not China. Lee said he would contact me when the new supply comes in in about a month; right now we can't order the mop set because it's out of stock. So I will keep you in mind, Chris, and contact you when I hear from Lee. I do think any brand mop should work with the buckets but we will find out later. I really am anxious to get mine as well.

Good morning to you Citychic: Oh, my yes, this set is so good at spinning the water out of the mop; I think you would be very happy and so will Boris! I use it on all floors and so will you. I will also contact you when the new supply comes in and then I will see what I can find out about you possibly getting last years model for a better price if that would help.

PS The handle is very long.

Have a lovely day, ladies!

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Citychic1362711432.12610 PostsRegistered 9/20/2010
HiLo, Thank you so much for the reply. It sure sounds like what I am looking for, and Boris too -- to keep Mom happy!! it would be most kind of you to let me know when they are available. I don't mind if it is last years model, I need the bucket too. I have struggled with the bona micro fiber pads, and was forever changing them out when mopping. In fact, it was almost easier to do it by hand but takes forever since we have so much wood floor. The floors are sealed, but I don't think they will endure too much water. Thanks again, and hope you had a good day as well. I will wait to hear from you about availability. City Last edited on 3/7/2013

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Hilo1362735149.587099 PostsRegistered 8/28/2007

Certainly will be in touch with both you ladies as soon as the new supply comes in. There is a site available now that shows you exactly how the mop and bucket work. I will look it up again and give you the exact site. Sorry I'm not too savy with all the ends and outs of using the computer; I use it mostly for looking up people and places.

In the meantime, best regards to both Citychic and Chris.


PS I'm originally a citychic as well, grew up in Washington, D.C.

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Hilo1369591022.237099 PostsRegistered 8/28/2007

Hi Ladies:

I did post on the availability of this product a short time ago but don't know where. In case you didn't see the newer posts by me I will fill you all in again.

I still haven't seen the new site for DynaMop; certainly a "month or so" has turned into much more time.

I did want to say that I wouldn't wait for a new site if I were you but get on line and maybe order one of the discontinued models; there are always new ones coming out so I think you can get a good deal on a discontinued one and it will work just fine.and also come with a guarantee.

Maybe you would want to send an e-mail to either Lee or Victor; you can find their addresses on their page or if the phone number is listed( I think it is) I would recommend that.at this time.

Good luck; I know you will love this original spin mop no matter what model you get. Remember, the shipping is free (at least it always has been).

Have a happy holiday weekend, friends.


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