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businesses that don't return calls, very frustrating

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Now that the downstairs has been painted we need to do some other things around the house. It took several calls to the blind company to make an appointment, I needed him as we wanted the same blinds that were in an another room.

The reclining sofa needs to be restuffed and several upholsterers do not pick up! How are we supposed to get a reclining sofa to their store? That is not something that my husband and I can pick up, let alone fit in the car. So I have called 3 other companies and am waiting for call backs. Ditto with the window washers 3 companies, no call backs. Part of the problem is that these places do not employ receptionists anymore, the owner/manager does everything via cell phone. Several years ago we had the same problem with finding someone to come out to discuss xeriscaping the front yard. Finally found someone this past Spring.

I am baffled by this behavior, I would think that businesses would be eager for work. Anyone else run into this issue?

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Kachina6241351491892.47319279 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004New Mexico
I think this an usually busy time for home servicing business. I'm trying to get estimates for a new roof and am having the same problem. They all also want an email address to which the estimate can be sent. You actually have little contact with the salesperson.

Oops! Did I roll my eyes out loud?

Troop_Angel1351493065.8975488 PostsRegistered 4/22/2006

It seems I'm always waiting for people to call me back. Right now, I'm waiting for a ceiling contractor and a cement contractor to call me back. If they're that busy with work, well, I'm glad for them, but the crack in my sidewalk is getting worse and my ceiling is really peeling! I think a lot of these businesses have an answering service who is answering their calls. Good luck to you!

Azcowgirl1351498777.997365 PostsRegistered 4/10/2012
Yep....can't get a roofing company to call me about roof damage, half of them have gone out of business it seems, same with iron gate people, two companies have stood us up, no return calls, finally found someone but they are not licensed or bonded, so insurance company probably WON'T reimburse us if we use the only repair person we can find to do the job !!! Amazing, in this economy, isn't it ?

Allegedly1351506198.6272299 PostsRegistered 5/27/2007Under the Moonlight

I have commented (to friends) on this very thing! I cannot get plumbers or tree services to call me back. Are they so busy they do not need the business?

I cannot tell if it is that these are just small businesses with no sense of how to "run a business" (that is actually call people back in a timely manner) or they just do not care!

luckymom1351509131.47179 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004SW FL

We had a water leak in the kitchen, minor, but needed things like flooring, carpet in 1 bedroom (water went under wall, under bathtub into spare room- concrete foundation) & the main thing- a sink cabinet. I went so many places trying to find a cabinet maker-finally got a name from the granite company we were using to get a new counter (not water related). THAT was luck, since the guy was great and understood the urgency of needing running water. Even the company I'd used 2-3 years ago was gone.

For other things, I actually signed up to Angies List. Yelp was useless- nothing nearby. I found a drywall guy who actually lives 2 blocks from us. I've used him 4 times now- prior to the leak we had to replace the ceiling on the back porch- then the drywall from the leak, after that we found the wall behind the over the range microwave was damaged (he did that on a Sunday morning) and he fixed the stucco on the front of the house. Everyone always says to get referrals from friends- how often do YOU use a drywall person? Nobody we knew has had any work done in years. With the discounts I found on Ebates, Angies List has been totally worth it.

As for plumbers? I've got a guy who has no concept of how to run his business, but when you can get him, he's excellent- he was trained by one of the best around and is really reasonable (spent 4 hours replumbing for my new sink plus had to go 2x's for extra odd parts plus fixed the bathtub faucet) for $150. It even LOOKS nice under my sink. How many people can say that?

Macamania1351513085.7632801 PostsRegistered 9/22/2008
Sirius radio is the worse...don't know how many people promised they would call back and never heard from any of them....worse company to deal with and only have foreigners for their customer service.

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