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Have you moved to Florida from the North? Do you miss it or is Florida better?

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I need to know if you are happy there or do you regret your decision? After last winter, I can't stop thinking about Florida, and if we're going to have this kind of heat anyway, what's to stop us?

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star8261312051782.07312390 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Coastal Ripkaland bordering Bixbyville and Dawkinstown

good question... always hear both stories, happy from some, not happ from others...

I also would like to move away from the S*N*O*W...

I think you'll find a 50/50 split... Best bet, if you can spend some time there to try for yourself, go for it...

The ones who love, say, "What's the problem, if it's hot and humid, you go from an A/C home, to an A/C car to an A/C location", LOL

What part of FL are you interested in?

Palm trees are a necessity for me when I move from the North... whichever state calls my name...

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Silver Sus­ie1312051884.2174 PostsRegistered 8/6/2008

Good question!!! I don't live in Fla., but I moved from Texas to Kansas, and I miss Texas soooo much, especially in the winter. Now it's so darn hot here in KS, and last winter was terrible with tons of ice, snow and cold weather...... and I just took a vacation to Michigan. So I'm wondering how I could live in Michigan in the summer and Texas in the winter. (Rent places in each; store my stuff in each place??) How do snow birds do it?

homedecor11312051897.3373170 PostsRegistered 6/20/2005

REGRET every minute of the move!{#emotions_dlg.sad}

I have previously stated my own personal opinion:

1) Weather is NICE

2) Not much to do and be sure you choose an area w/YOUR age people who reside there!

3) If you love the seasons - this is not the place. Its sunny and hot all the time - no escaping this

And do your homework - because I didn't! This isn't paradise for me. As a matter of fact - I could have lived as well in NJ vs. here! (which I plan to do return home)

gojo1312052456.933318 PostsRegistered 4/25/2006

I moved from NY to Florida - I miss the smell of Spring!!! Yes, in NY you have to put up with winter - but in Florida it's hot from April-October...and all summer it rains alot - and I mean pours. Also, if you don't work, it's hard to meet people. We live in a gated community and people stick to themselves - they are not friendly at all. Eventually we we move back to NY.

arrianna1312052842.795072 PostsRegistered 10/20/2010

Thank you, I will continue to check posts here, I so much need the truth! star826, I was interested in Tampa, and yes, like you, I want palm trees and no snow! I have heard a lot about crime and skin cancer, and high insurance rates for condos and cars because of hurricaines. I did also hear about lonliness, gogo, and I was surprised because I thought the better weather would make people friendly, in most cases I think it's sadly not true, I have heard folks keep to themselves down there, and I would be intersted in a slower paced area, 50+. What is the medical care like, and dental care?

mountaincat1312052979.717210 PostsRegistered 5/19/2011

sky blue, could you say how old you are? Not the EXACT age, but a range? I have a lot of advice to give but need to know where your head is at first, and knowing your age, if you have kids, married, etc, would help. thanks

arrianna1312053225.0435072 PostsRegistered 10/20/2010

Sorry for the additional post, silversusie, I have heard of people living 6 mos. north, 6 mos. south, I think it would be very tough. homedecor, thank you for your honesty, it does influence me to proceed, if at all, with caution.I ahve heard stories about bugs, and not leaving food out, even cereal boxes need to be in ziplock bags, is this true?

arrianna1312053325.2135072 PostsRegistered 10/20/2010

mountaincat, I have grown children and I'm in my early 50's hubby travels, so he would go along with it, and yet he is unsure also.

patsyh1312053673.332184 PostsRegistered 10/29/2005Florida gulf coast

I moved to Florida last November and love it. It all depends on where you live, I think. I live on the gulf coast in a medium sized city. Still working on meeting people but everyone is super friendly. I am retired, which makes a difference--the job situation is as bad here as everywhere. And I rent--don't have to deal with property taxes and insurance rates going up. It really makes a difference in my checks not to have state tax taken out. I don't regret moving here at all.

mountaincat1312053747.35210 PostsRegistered 5/19/2011

Ok, do you NEED to live IN the Tampa/St Pete area for your husbands job? (or could you live furthur down the West Coast of Flordia, say, the Sarasota area?

gojo1312053755.273318 PostsRegistered 4/25/2006

House insurance is over $2,000 and depending on the area, there is flood insurance - another $500 a year. Also, I happen to be in a community that only allows St. Augustine sod - which if it dies, does not come back (behia grass comes back). It cost me $1600 to have it installed (just in my front yard - not the sides or back. It costs me about $250 a month to maintain it ($100 a month to cut - $35 for a chemical treatment once a month and, depending on the rain it's between $100 - $150 a month just for watering the lawn (that's only for the lawn). So these are things to keep in mind.

Will B1312054022.4072034 PostsRegistered 5/10/2006North FL

We moved to N. FL six years ago from DE because I needed warmer weather and away from the cold wind off the ocean. We didn't want to live where we didn't get some change of seasons and wanted to be near good medical facilities. We are in the Gainesville, FL (UF) area. We are in a gated community and we have a women's group where we have a monthly mtg. and weekly some type of activity, bookclub, bunco, cards, out-to-lunch, and movies. We have very nice neighbors who really look out for each other and very caring people. We love our home and like the weather. My arthritis is so much better and haven't had a sinus problem or cold since moving here. I'm 65+ and I do miss seeing my grandkids and daughters more often. We mostly travel to see them and that is a bit difficult for me but the kids are so active in sports that they are never home at the same time. No place is perfect and that is something that you have to consider. We have moved around the country with company moves and have never lived anywhere that we have felt that there was better doctors and medical care. When we talk about missing the kids and we discuss the pros and cons to living away from them, we always come back to the great medical care we have here. It sounds like you are really giving this a lot of thought and that is very smart. I did not want to live in a 50+ community, we like have young and old around, with seeing kids in the neighborhood.

arrianna1312054199.1175072 PostsRegistered 10/20/2010

mountaincat,I would like to avoid having to go across a lot of big bridges for health care, etc., so I wanted to live in Tampa vs. Sarasota, the job doesn't really figure in much.gojo, that is expensive, and they tell you what type of grass, that would be an adjustment for me! patsyh, I'm glad it's working out for you, I think the difference may be renting vs. owning to avoid some of the bigger expenses.

arrianna1312054604.7975072 PostsRegistered 10/20/2010

Will B, I do like a regular community with mixed ages, I am really glad to hear about the good medical care. I have had some experiences here that make me really consider this as a top priority. Missing family is a big one, but my kids are scattering around the country anyhow. Gainesville is now under consideration! thank you all.

mountaincat1312055224.843210 PostsRegistered 5/19/2011

sky blue, if your worried about bugs in your food, or bugs in general, don't move there! Roaches, termits, fleas, snakes, lizards scatter at your feet when you walk outside, ug. You will have to get your house tented regularly just to keep them at bay, and its expensive and big ordeal. Its a place for young that have their whole lives in front of them and don't tend to worry about much, or lets things like this bother them. The humidity is crushing, at first it may not bother you, but it will, sooner or later.

Also, 6 months there, and 6 months up North is NOT a lot of hassel, and believe me when I tell you....you WILL get sick of 12 months straight of it. I missed Autumn SO much, when I longed for the smell of turning oaks and elms I had to always be preparing for the next hurricane or storm. I could go on and on but the ONE thing that is most important is that you have enough money to move away from there if you find you don't like it. I can't tell you how many people move down there with stars in their eyes even with warnings from people who have lived there and get stuck. They just don't have the money to move somewhere else.

We got stuck there because of my late mil. She was sick, and did not want to move away. I hightailed it out of there the minute she passed, and would never go back. The west coast of Florida is beautiful, the water is clear and calm and aqua, the sand is white and sugar fine, the palm trees sway gently by a table as you eat lunch or dinner. Yes, this is all true, go on vacations there, enjoy while your there, but don't move there! Its not the same.

Oh, and Tampa/St Pete is HIGH CRIME area, with horrible traffic. Lots of drugs and gangs. Rich people that HAVE to live there pay a fortune to live in gated, walled off communities.

happy hous­ewife1312055433.2234389 PostsRegistered 1/4/2007

We moved to florida last year after planning to do so when we retired for many years. We had looked all over florida before deciding to move to a very small coastal town about 100 miles south of Tampa. We absolutely love it - we were able to sell our home in Pa for enough to pay the realtor and still build a brand new home in florida. The property taxes and school taxes are much lower as are the insurance rates here so we save there - but to transfer the titles on a car, a truck and a camper to our florida address plus get our drivers licenses cost us $1150. YEP - that is not a typo - but it is a one time thing.that was in sarasota county but all the counties are similar. We stayed in florida last summer because we only moved on June 30, but this summer we are taking a 4 month vacation in our camper home to Pa. to visit the family - most of our close friends have already been down to visit us in fl. this winter - we had company for about 6 weeks grand total. I have also found very few people are actually from fl, so everyone is very friendly and understanding what it is like for those who just arrived and don't know anyone. May i suggest a vacation to the area first to check it out - especially during the snowbird season - winter - because even our very small town is crowded and that may be something you are not prepared for - it can be a pain in the neck. You wait for long periods of time everywhere you go from the doctor or dentist to the grocery store to restaurants or stores.

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Mi Babe1312055467.44322 PostsRegistered 9/18/2010

We are actually moving to Florida soon...Sarasota area. My husband is starting up a new company in that area. We're just going to rent at first till we get to know the area. I enjoy the season changes (Ohio ) but ...am looking forward to it . Lived in Florida when I was younger...and lived in Tulsa Ok. really enjoyed living there. As far as making friends we plan in getting involved in a church down there and know we'll make alot of friends . Wish you the best in your decision .

happy hous­ewife1312055967.9234389 PostsRegistered 1/4/2007
On 7/30/2011 sky blue said:

Sorry for the additional post, silversusie, I have heard of people living 6 mos. north, 6 mos. south, I think it would be very tough. homedecor, thank you for your honesty, it does influence me to proceed, if at all, with caution.I ahve heard stories about bugs, and not leaving food out, even cereal boxes need to be in ziplock bags, is this true?

One day my hubby bought some fruit at a roadside stand and brought in a palmetto bug that we stalked and killed with wasp spray. That is the only bug we have had in the house thus far. I keep my cereal and crackers in lock & lock containers, but I always did, everything else like rice and pasta etc. are just in the pantry.Once i open a box of something , if I don't use it all I put the remainder in a lock & lock or a ziplock bag but that has always been my habit. We still keep fruit out on the kitchen counter with no problem. i grew up partially in florida so i have some good habits already i guess.

As for termites - most of the homes are concrete block construction and our HOA has the yard sprayed monthly. We did order a service to come inside to spray once a year but the wood they used to build the walls inside the house was coated with something green to make it resistant to insects and to mold and fungus. It was odd to see the house being built with wood the color of grass.They also treated the land under the house before they poured the foundation and that was for things like ants because the area was undeveloped land before they came in to build these homes.

Also - the new building codes make the homes very storm resistant. My hubby says it is built like a fortress. They put rebar between the concrete blocks from the foundation to the roof then they strap those rebar to the roof frame.They also pour concrete from the roof down through the block to make it strong.The roof shingles are specially made to resist 200 MPH winds and the windows can have an object blown at them at 250 MPH without cracking. the only weakness is the lanai enclosure (screening) and that is not even insured.

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When faced with senseless drama, spiteful criticism or misguided opinions walking away is the best way to defend yourself.To respond with anger is an endorsement of their attitude. -Dodinsky

millieshops1312057382.6516656 PostsRegistered 3/15/2007

For me, people are far more important than the weather. Right now I'm lucky enough to be a snowbird although when I first bought my Florida condo , I did think I'd be there fulltime by now. But things happen. One good friend couldn't manage in Florida and moved north to be with family, another suffered a third bout of breast cancer and passed away. Still another moved back north to care for her elderly mother. And all of a sudden, all my local companions were "new" when it's the old, familiar friends and family that stand by us the best. I love escaping the harshness of some winter days, but I may never move south full time - because of my friends, though, not because of the weather.

Silver Sus­ie1312057798.88374 PostsRegistered 8/6/2008

Wow , Morning Lover, what good information - thanks! Living in Texas for 26 years (Austin), I got used to the bugs and sealing up the flour, sugar, etc. And I think the lizards are cute! Also - I'd say look at other Southern states besides Fla. Texas, I think, is great. My brother and family are thinking about retiring in Arkansas. I would think that the Carolinas would be good, too. Also - does anybody have thoughts about a 65+ single woman moving South by herself. I'm pretty good at making friends, and I enjoy living by myself. But it's the expense and hassle of trying to live in two places that worry me. Thanks!

Lilysmom1312058378.1873574 PostsRegistered 11/24/2007

Well, sky blue, Millieshops has alluded to it and I will add a bit more. When you are 50+, you are at an age when family and friends develop illnesses, need support and pass on. I know people that have done the snowbird routine of 6 and 6 and spend a lot of time going back home either to see friends and family they miss or to look after those that become ill. This is a reality that faces all of us in our older years. For myself, I love where I live in the north and I very much enjoy my vacations in the south but I could never live there full time. My sister is a snowbird. She spends a lot of time coming home for the reasons I mentioned.

There are so many great places to rent ... perhaps you should try it for a year or so and see what you think. You are getting some great feedback here. Good luck in your decision making. LM

frances11312058498342 PostsRegistered 1/30/2006Oklahoma
On 7/30/2011 sky blue said:

Sorry for the additional post, silversusie, I have heard of people living 6 mos. north, 6 mos. south, I think it would be very tough. homedecor, thank you for your honesty, it does influence me to proceed, if at all, with caution.I ahve heard stories about bugs, and not leaving food out, even cereal boxes need to be in ziplock bags, is this true?

I live around Tulsa. I happened to be chatting with one of the workers at Wal-Mart last week. We were complaining about the heat here. She told me her retired sister had moved to Florida six months ago, and is moving back here because of the bugs.

Sandysue1312058591.3871293 PostsRegistered 1/15/2007

We moved from Massachusetts over 10 years ago and I'm not sorry I did. I don't know where the one poster lives where she has bugs everywhere and needs the house tented. I don't need to store my food items any differently than I did up north because of bugs. I don't see them in my house. There are salamanders when it's hot but they're not in the house and certainly not everywhere. Haven't seen roaches here where we live. We live in central Florida around 10 minutes from the shore. It is hot from May through September but then we have over 7 months of beautiful weather. We have flash rain storms in the summer but only a few days when it rains all day. This year, the north's summer is as hot as ours and here everything is air conditioned. I find my neighbors to be very friendly and we all watch out for each other. I still work since I'm 55 but most of my neighbors are retired. My parents are here, too, and have been in FL since 1989. Florida is not known for high wages but I'm actually making more here because there is no state payroll tax and my cost of living is less. There are so many lawn businesses, you can find someone to do it for $15-$20 a week and in the winter the lawn needs to be done only once every three weeks. I love that the sun comes up almost every day in the year.

Will B1312059055.8672034 PostsRegistered 5/10/2006North FL

Since I live in N. FL. maybe it is different but I had more problems with bugs in the north and especially in DE than I do here. I have always been careful about storing sugar, etc. in closed containers. Taxes are quite high in our county because there isn't that many business in the area, University, Hospital, etc that doesn't pay taxes but I look at it that it is worth it because of the good medical care, etc. We do have some cold days but my DH can play golf most days. Our summers are long but that is just what it is. We are about 50 miles from either coast so if you want to be on a beach, this isn't the place you would want to be. We lived in a tourist town in De for 7 yrs. and it always felt like you were on vacation and after awhile we wanted to be in a normal neighborhood. Good luck in deciding what you want to do. As I said before, no place is perfect.

homedecor11312059899.5633170 PostsRegistered 6/20/2005

gogo: THANK GOD I finally found someone who feels as I do!!!!!!!!!

When I tell people this ~ they think I'm CRAZY ~ so thank you for confirming - moving into gated comm. can certainly have its drawbacks.....

I'm so excited to be getting out only have my lease until november = yippee!!!

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