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Original Shark Steam Mop--no steam--any fix-it suggestions?

Started 1295138933.673 in For the Home Talk | Last reply 1295212545.303 by Onalee

Today my shark stop making steam even tho it's heating up. I've heard many have had this problem. Have you tried something to get it to work rather than sending it in for repair?

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Onalee1295141653.00724 PostsRegistered 7/22/2010


Jeanne R1295151973.6674788 PostsRegistered 7/5/2010

timely repair is better

Onalee1295212545.26724 PostsRegistered 7/22/2010

Mop is steaming again!!! I read online what several people tried to get the steam hole unplugged. Last night I filled the tank with straight white vinegar and let it sit overnight. Then a few times I used a piece of floral wire and put it in the steam hole on the bottom and wiggled it around. Do this with mop unplugged. Then I plugged it in, set it in the sink and pushed up and down on the handle. Nothing seemed to be happening so this morning I used CLR with water (50/50) and put in tank. Did the same thing with wire after about an hour. Little by little steam started coming out and then it finally came out fully. I then pumped out the rest of the liquid in the tank and then filled tank with water and pumped again to clean it out well. I'm so glad this worked instead of having to pay shark to fix it.

Moral of story here is this....only use distilled water in this mop and be sure to empty tank when finished using it. Hope this helps some of you.

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