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Carla from The Chew

Started 1394571197.817 in Fashion Talk | Last reply 1402302252.92 by Farnella Dot Gridwhop

I'm wondering if any of you who happened to watch The Chew today (Tuesday, March 11) would have any idea where Carla bought her top. I thought it was beautiful and would love to find one similar:)

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jane10101394575907.1582 PostsRegistered 6/12/2010

I wish I knew. I love all her clothes . I would love to know where her clothes are from. I also love Robin Roberts clothes and style from Good Morning America.

ginnerb1394638084.293242 PostsRegistered 8/18/2005

She really does wear the cutest clothes. The top yesterday was a loose, flowing top and I loved the lacy top and floral bottom.

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