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When some of the hosts tell us that they are wearnig Size Small, it confuses me as to what size to order. I will not mention any names, as the regular QVC buyer knows who and what I am talking about. I am 5 ft. 4 inches tall, weigh 127. Do not have weight on my hips, legs or bust. Mostly age around the waist. 5 Foot tall, 38B bra , waist 36 hips 37. WHAT SIZE WOULD I WEAR?????

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lolakimono1369504458.26717591 PostsRegistered 3/29/2012

It depends on the brand, but you would probably be a small. The bust could cause some sizing issues.

gazelle771369504723.6210026 PostsRegistered 3/1/2013

You really can not compare yourself against hosts or models. It has so much to do with your build- broad shoulders or not- long or short waisted- etc. Things measurements do not help with.

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Buttercups1369505090.0334093 PostsRegistered 5/15/2007

I think you have to take all the measurements that apply to the garment -- waist & hips for pants, bust & waist for top, all three for a dress -- and choose the size that will fit whichever is the largest measurement. You can always take something in if it's too loose somewhere, but it can't be let out. This is what I've heard.

I'm appalled, appalled to find that sanctimony is going on here.

champagnep­oodle1369505296.585927 PostsRegistered 9/26/2011

I wear a small in most QVC brands and Xsm for Susan Graver. My waist is 25. weigh about what you weigh 125. If your waist is 36 (or did you mean 26 ?), then I would say you are a medium.

marion325h1369505438.573240 PostsRegistered 1/9/2007

Thank you for answering my post. What you said made sense. Bust is not a problem,

however in the real world I am not a small, I do find that in most of QVC clothes I am small.

except for Demin & co. slacks. I am an extra small. Their pants are getting cheaper and c

cheaper. Cannot buy from them anymore. Louis Delio was a young designer when I worked

in the Garment Center in New York City. He was with Ann Klein, who was Jr. Soph. and who

died at a very early age. Jr. Soph was the greatest line never see anything like it today.

But thanks again

nikkimom1369508035.8833006 PostsRegistered 5/18/2007So Cal

Do not go by the hosts-You need to look at the garment measurements especially in slacks and skirts - w/ a 36 inch waist you would not be small in any of the lines for those items. The host may look bigger than you - w/ height , bust and hips but has a smaller waist so can fit into smaller things because QVC's generous cuts in bust,hip and leg( but they are generally not that generous in the waist area)

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imaclothes­hog1369510854.3123691 PostsRegistered 2/12/2006

Weight doesn't really mean that much, a lot of it has to do with body type-- small medium or large build. Women are so different, we are all subject to heredity and things like bone density, muscle mass, fat stores, water retention, etc. Weight is just a small part of why someone wears the size they do, in addition to their height.

So it is not going to help you, to know how much a host weighs, and it doesn't matter. It helps to know what size a host is wearing, if you think you are similar in size to that host, but it's just a guideline. Also, many women have different thoughts about what size looks best on them. Some prefer a tighter fit, some prefer a looser fit to clothing. One woman may be able to wear a small, while another may be wearing a small, but really should be in a medium for a better fit. Size is a really subjective issue.

So take your measurements and look at the size chart and decide HOW YOU WANT THE GARMENT TO FIT you and then order based on that information.

I know that if I order DOWN a size in brands like D&Co. I am usually happier. There are exceptions but I generally like a bit more room in jackets and I like tops and pants to be a bit more fitted, but not tight.

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CalicoGirl1369511298.197698 PostsRegistered 8/24/2011

You can't go by what the hosts say. Like Amphitrite said, body type and proportion may be a bigger factor in determining size. When I used to buy from QVC it took a couple of tries to realize that I was going to be a Small. IRL I am a size 8-10 or Medium, but I have found QVC to be at least one size (two in some cases) larger than TRW. BTW I am 5'5" and 140 pounds, no lightweight to be sure but I am very well proportioned and a bit more muscular than the average woman my age. If you were to go by me I'd say you'd have to be an XS but that may not be so if you carry most of your weight in your middle.

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desertDi1369517440.56317468 PostsRegistered 7/14/2007Surface of the Sun

Do ya think anybody is gonna tell how much they REALLY weigh ????????

jewel31369520847.7731823 PostsRegistered 6/11/2006West Coast
Look online at the garment and read the garment measurements. Click on "click here" at the end of the description. If you have no Internet access, call customer service and ask them. If you have worked in the biz you will easily understand the pattern info.

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okiebug1369526195.8674384 PostsRegistered 1/2/2008

It also helps to see if a garment is fitted, semi fitted or relaxed and how you like your clothes to fit. If you've been in the fashion industry, you should have no problems looking at the garment measurements and determining whether it's going to work for you. Sizes on garments are only numbers - they are not law. They are different with every designer, manufacturer and have changed many times over the years. Marilyn Monroe wore a size 16 in her day.

taja1231369568121.4133652 PostsRegistered 1/22/2012

Like the OP, I do go by some hosts, designers and models. We can all see and go by what they say is their size. That's why they have models and why the hosts and designers tell us their sizes. I also can tell how something will look on me by them. I watch carefully Nancy, Susan Graver, and (Amy Stran on some things). Susan and Nancy are more like me with a shorter torso and longer legs. Usually I watch Amy to know what NOT to wear. I think it's important for them to tell the truth about what size they're wearing. It's downright stupid for them to do otherwise.

I know Jacque does not tell the truth. If you are small, you can see with your own eyes they are much bigger than you.

They're selling clothes on TV; it's no place to lie about your size or weight. Maybe that's why the Q has so many returns!

chrystaltr­ee1369576924.28714037 PostsRegistered 5/10/2010

Use the size charts but you are my younger daughter's size and she wears an extra small in Q world. I wear a size smaller in Q fashions than I do in department store fashions.

chrystaltr­ee1369577166.61314037 PostsRegistered 5/10/2010
On 5/25/2013 Desertdi said:

Do ya think anybody is gonna tell how much they REALLY weigh ????????

I think it takes an extremely naive person to believe what size the hosts claim to wear. And to order based on that, well it's beyond silly. No wonder people complain about sizing.

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