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Today I was flipping throw channels and here shopnbc had just about everything on 5 easy pays.Long story short I found some wonderful deals. So finally I found a cute top I thought i would buy the twins.Well when I went to check out the S&H was $14.00 for two tops and we get on here and bash QVC.I don't want to put anyone off from shopping at shopnbc because when their S&H is not so high I like shopping there. But I still like the Q best.

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adoreqvc1361682051.5376278 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

i love shop at home shopping channels and love the variety.

yes both shopnbc and hsn have more perks than qvc, but qvc has items neither of them have. so i shop from all of them and love the different selections and values.

Loves2save1361682376.4171168 PostsRegistered 6/19/2007CA
Good thing about them is their great sales and value pay and they do have quite a few days with no shipping at all.

BlingQueen­0221361684981.7236237 PostsRegistered 9/23/2012

They're way better then QVC. I ordered three pieces of jewelry from the Tuscon show and paid only 5 dollars to have all three pieces shipped. Also, their sale prices for special events is fabulous. The Q doesn't give you reduced prices and when ShopNBC has a clearance sale, the prices are reduced very low unlike QVC that calls a clearance price 5.00 reduced. HSN and ShopNBC are way better at reduced and free shipping then QVC will ever be.

mizmolly1361685615.35888 PostsRegistered 8/25/2012

BlingQueen022 -- ITA. Sad to say, but apparently s&h is one thing Q just plain won't budge on. When a co. says flat-out that s&h is its main source of profit ... well, at least one 'knows for sure' what to expect and what NOT to expect! .... Doesn't explain, though , the persistent unwillingness to give customers a break on sale /clearance /reduced prices. Mayyybe the co.'s second source of profit actually farrrrr exceeds the supposedly-'main' ... & they just ain't tellin' ... lol

mzlg1361685707.94905 PostsRegistered 6/25/2006

I prefer shopping HSN and the Q however, I usually check what ShopNBC has for their daily Special and when I/we channel surf. I believe it was the jewelry that was the star of the day with 5 or more value pays and all jewelry had a one time s/h charge of $5 with each additional jewelry purchase w/ free s/h. Today was the first time I have ever made a purchase from ShopNBC, as I have read the problems others have had returning items. However, the jewelry item I selected for a gift, was exactly what my sister would like, so I'm not concerned about a return problem.


Shelbelle1361719940.99336484 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

SNBC often has free shipping days with use of the SNBC CC, I wait for these days, just bought a set of sheets on Th.. when it was offered saved $7.

catprincess1361737518.0072365 PostsRegistered 4/9/2007Rocky Mountains

I tried to order 3 jewelry items from the Tucson $5.00 shipping shows and when I ordered on line it added $5.00 for each item shipping and did not remove it at final checkout. After holding for CS (never did get anyone) I ended up ordering 1 item. I have had this happen on HSN too!

brewhaha1361737632.28754520 PostsRegistered 1/14/2007Sitting in front of my computer

I prefer free S&H from Amazon.

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rogan1361738332.742168 PostsRegistered 8/29/2007
ShopNBC is in the process of reevaluating & revamping shipping costs, like with reduced programs for category shopping, like fashion, jewelry, etc. You can reach the hosts on FB & they take in the comments. Wendi Russo (host) is a new customer liaison for improving customer experiences. I tell SNBC all the time that I won't pay separate full shipping on multiple items, like 2 of the same tops, & they lose my business on the extra items. They have been offering lots of options in recent months like BOGO's, reduced price & free ship on related items, more free shipping specials & the $5/all day ship yesterday on jewelry.

Mmsfoxxie1361738687.1936484 PostsRegistered 6/19/2010

ShopNBC has the best sales of QVC or HSN. And like HSN, their year end sales are really SALES. Six easy pays (or whatever it's called there) is really helpful. I've never had to return anything but I hope it's not as bad as a privious poster said. I still order more from QVC, though, because it has more items that can my eye. In clothing, QVC has just a few in petite, ShopNBC has next to NONE. And a top that I ordered (I love it) was a little on the thin side, fabric wise. They have nice handbags with six value pays quite often.

One negative, though, is that my husband had to stop ordering from them because they kept confusing his account with mine and customer service couldn't get it straight. Seems, they were going by the home phone #. Now, when he wants something, I order it. Simple.

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