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January Birthdays - Gift Ideas

Started 1356823240.997 in Fashion Talk | Last reply 1356881522.253 by yorkiegirl1

My daughter and daughter-in-law both have late January Birthdays. One is a career woman mid 40's and lives in California. She seems to like gifts or a gift and gift card. Daughter in Law is expecting in Jan. and wears a uniform to work. She seems to like gift cards and a gift. My budget is about $125 each.

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carrob1356823637.6131839 PostsRegistered 10/6/2010 FL

How about a gift bag with a gift (something personal) and a gift card too!

3blackdogs1356826957.683787 PostsRegistered 3/19/2006

Being an early January birthday, I would just add no christmas leftover items. My Mom always made sure my birthday was special and even though she got great items on sale, they weren't Christmas items.

lolakimono1356827383.90317594 PostsRegistered 3/29/2012

For the career woman, how about a gift card to Talbots, J.Crew or Anne Taylor? The JBK jewelry line is nice as well, if there is a piece that speaks to you.

And the daughter in law might appreciate some things she can wear after baby (new robe, slippers, pajamas, etc.), a nice throw for cuddling during naps, or something to make her feel pretty like perfume or shower gel.

Sounds like either might benefit from a gift certificate for a massage as well.

If they are tea/coffee drinkers, there is a gift basket in the $50 range.

yorkiegirl11356881522.25257 PostsRegistered 2/16/2007

great ideas, you guys! couldn't improve if i had to!!!

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