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Good afternoon!

Barbara are you home yet from Vegas?  How is Syd doing?

Whitney called earlier. She locked herself out of her house when taking Dylan to the bus so had to call a locksmith. Not the greatest way to start the day but at least the weather was good.

TT has been grabbing things and taking off at high speed. He mearly got the Kindle a while back.

Fran, what are you up to? I hope you are feeling better.

Hello to Hippo, Jules if you're reading, Cheryl, Bonnie, Sandy and everyone else.

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chprsp1410535478.0974154 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

Detachment helps but easier said than done. I've had situations where I've needed a degree of detachment. I'm glad you can go on the trip, Barbara. It does sound like M has come up with a good plan.

R had a chiro appointment earlier and leaves soon for pt.

Heard R say something about phone #'s in Scotland to Whit. I quickly said Adam would have emergency #'s. I hope to check online every few days but only want phone calls if it's life or death not daily drama. There's nothing I could do but worry which I already do very well without any help- lol.

LindaLatte1410538064.6934593 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Glad you will be able to take your trip Barbara, and that M has a plan for Syd. Such a difficult situation, but I hope for the best. Sending you some extra hugs. Very happy V is such a big help. Sloppy joes sound good. DH doesn't like to eat either beef or pork, but he will eat McDonald's hamburgers with no complaints -- go figure.

Don't blame you for not welcoming phone calls in Scotland Claudia. When my ex and I were on one of our overseas trips, my Mom broke her wrist (?) chasing our dog. Since I usually took care of her, it was a pretty big crisis. I think DD took her to the hospital, and I think she had lots of trouble getting my brother to help. Of course, I was feeling guilty and helpless in Italy (I think that is where I was at the time). What a mess!

DH and I had a nice walk this morning (it was cool again), and I plan to go to Curves this afternoon. Also plan a grocery run, and probably a trip to the storage room. I would like to get some of my Fall decorations. Not that it is very Fall-like here, but.....

This afternoon is a ribbon cutting ceremony, etc., at Curves, and I may purchase dinner from a restaurant that is selling dinner there. I do have plenty of food if that doesn't work out, but I kind of want to try this restaurant.

The weeds in the alley way were pretty tough, and I tackled them with clippers, etc. (I couldn't just pull them out), and I filled a couple of bags with the weeds. That wasn't much fun. My hair is very short, and I am not thrilled with it, but.....

Hope both of you have an okay day.



sydsgma1410538999.213517 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Thanks for your kind words. I laughed about no drama while traveling, claudia. We have never had a trip free of it. I finally caved and turned on the heat..the house was 63 and that is rather chilly. Linda..there is something about mcdonalds...I rarely eat it but once in a while get a craving for a cheeseburger. Have you tried round up on your weeds...that is what we use in azand it works pulling..they just dry up and disappear. Have a great day

Giggle a is good for the soul.

sydsgma1410621522.4673517 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Good morning. Syd is off to dance and amie and family should be here by lunch will be fun to have all of the girls here..m seems to be doing better. She said she rally likes the psychiatrist she saw and is thinking of switching. That may not be a bad idea to have some new eyes looking at her. It is still on the chilly side but will warm up next week. I will check back later.

Giggle a is good for the soul.

chprsp1410626907.894154 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

It's good to hear M seems to be doing better, Barbara. New eyes may be a good thing. Enjoy Amie and the girls.

Chilly here also and drizzling. It looks as if highs will be in the low 60's through Wednesday. I just put a load of towels in the dryer and I'm debating about putting the fleece sheets on the bed.

Now I have a cheeseburger craving-lol.

LindaLatte1410627599.014593 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Glad M is better Barbara, and hope you have lots of fun with Amie and family. One of my friends who is at her cabin in Wyoming posted a FB picture of snow they had, and said that it is time to come back to Arizona. Yikes!

I use a Round Up type of product on the yard weeds, but these weeds were in the alley, and I didn't take care of them when they were manageable. When I used the weed killer on some of them, they died, but still were difficult to remove. Guess I need to keep up with the alley weeds.

Last night we had quite a thunderstorm -- not expected. But, I don't think any harm/flooding was done. We did have those swarms of flying bugs this morning. They aren't nice, but don't sting or anything. We had a good walk this morning -- it was cool and a bit windy.

The Curves ribbon cutting was very nice -- Chamber of Commerce was there, etc. And, after that I did my workout. They gave out some prizes to those of us who did at least 30 workouts in 60 days, and had our weight and measures taken three times. Anyway, three ladies won prizes for losing the most weight plus inches, and then they had a drawing for three others who did the workouts, but didn't lose weight or inches. I won the second place prize -- several cosmetic samples, etc. and a gift certificate for a local pizza/pasta place. What a nice surprise!

Later I went back and picked up dinner -- Pad Thai (not sure of the spelling), and it was pretty good. We have plenty leftover for another meal.

DD said that DGD was sick, so she took her to the minute clinic. She has another sinus infection, and got some medicine. Football DGS had a good game last night. DD will contact the insurance company, but the doctor said that both football DGS and DGD may be entitled to free or very low cost flu shots. I hope that will happen.

Hope your day is going well Claudia. Are you pretty much packed for your trip?

Nothing exciting planned for today -- laundry and financial stuff. I may go to the pool later.



ETA -- thinking about fleece sheets Claudia? I'm sorry your weather isn't the best. Funny about the cheeseburger.

sydsgma1410630538.673517 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Glad to hear the ribbon cutting was so nice, linda. And it sounds like that was a great prize. I have never tried pad Thai food. We have that here. I have ground turkey sloppy joes in the crockpot. They got a late start so will not be here for a while.v3s team lost last night unlike your dgs. He has 2 of his best players out for injuries. Claudia..did you get your cheeseburger. My pain is in my hips now and I cannot find a comfortable position. I have not had hip pain for ages...ra is a disease full of surprises. Enjoy your day.

Giggle a is good for the soul.

chprsp1410635518.234154 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

No cheeseburger yet. Adam's big truck is parked behind our vehicles in the driveway. My right hip often gives me grief. I landed on it several years ago. I often use biofreeze or joint formula. I have a memory foam cushion on the computer chair.

What a nice surprise, Linda. I hope DGD feels better.

sydsgma1410709929.173517 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Good morning...amie and Miley ended up going to the game. They did not think Kaia would do wee by herself. She finally looked at me this is hilarious how she pretends we are not present. So I am taking everyone but v out for a pizza linch and then will take kaylie and sydnie shopping. M texted this morning that she is not doing well..have no idea what is going on and since she will not sign a release, I cannot talk to anyone. She has to live by her decisions. It will be a bit warmer here next week... I got so warm last night under the blanket that I thought the bed was burning up..Lol.I have put the quilt back on. I will check back later.

Giggle a is good for the soul.

chprsp1410719977.274154 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

Sorry M doesn't feel she is doing well. It must be very frustrating for you to not know what is going on.

I can picture Kaia ignoring everyone.

I did put the fleece sheets on the bed last night and was quite comfortable with just a light quilt over them.

Whit called last night. It seems she was doing dishes Friday night when a plate broke in her hands and the jagged edge hit her wrist. Urgent care was closed by that point and they said the er would be mobbed. So sil used (cringe) super glue. After that he decided to use peroxide which then ate the super glue which had to be reapplied. She is either allergic to iodine which he put on it too or the glue because she started breaking out in a rash and needed to take Benadryl. At least it seemed to work. Lots of drama there.

LindaLatte1410733264.584593 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Wow -- what a mess with Whit and the cut wrist. Glad the treatments seemed to work, but..... I just can't imagine fleece sheets since it is still pretty hot here. But, I know that it is much cooler in other parts of the country. I went swimming yesterday afternoon, and it was nice. It was fairly cool during out walk this morning, but now I'm feeling a bit too warm. Maybe it was our trip to the gym today. I was certainly sweating.

Sorry about your hip Barbara. It is so difficult when you are in pain. Also sorry that things aren't going well for M, and she won't allow you to find out additional information. That is cute about Kaia.

I have ironing to do, and I should really make some cookies. I did make my muffins and the tortilla soup is in the crockpot for dinner.

Hope both of you have a nice evening!



sydsgma1410793592.4933517 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Good morning. When I opened the door to take syd to school, the outside door was open. V is sure he closed it last night. Syd visited her mother and she always has a hard time sleeping so she ended up in bed. We think she may have come out here and checked to see if m was home, it would not surprise me any. We had a great visit with the little girls. Amie took Miley to the game so there were 2 instead of 3 and no fighting as a result. Kaia gave me a big kiss and hug when they left. Nothing on the agenda today. Claudia..poor Whitney. They sometimes superglue small wounds in the er. You should be on the countdown for your trip.linda, I tried fleece sheets here in January and was much too warm. M has them now. Did you make your cookies. I will check back later.

Giggle a is good for the soul.

LindaLatte1410799145.0074593 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Sorry to hear Syd is having such a hard time Barbara. What a lot of stress for a little girl. Hope things improve with M very soon. Glad you had such a good time with the girls yesterday. DH likes fleece sheets, but it has to be the dead of winter before I can handle them. At this point, it is difficult for me to keep a sheet on, much less fleece sheets. LOL It is supposed to turn cooler and rainy here, but I think the highs should still be in the 80's.

I did make the cookies yesterday, and of course, we had to have some last night. DH loves his chocolate chip cookies. I wasn't that much of a fan, but they are tasty.

We had a nice walk this morning, and I plan to go to Curves this afternoon. In the middle, I need to pick up a few groceries (specials that are ending tomorrow). I think DH will be going to the library while I'm at Curves, and I will need to pick up a book I have on reserve there.

I have put up most of the Fall decorations I have -- not Fall here, but I love Fall and Fall decorations. I think there may be some more in the storage room, so I should probably check that soon.

My SIL sent me a picture of football DGS in his uniform -- wow, he really looks the part. Sweet guy, and still doing very well in school (thank goodness.)

Nice picture you posted on FB Claudia -- you look great.

Hope both of you have a nice day!



sydsgma1410807217.263517 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Nice that dgs 3 is doing so well. I liked your gratitude post, linda. Claudia. That is a nice pic of you and r you posted. No fall decorations here.. Think I tossed a lot of my things as I have cleaned stuff out. One sleeve completed on the more sleeve , collar and finishing touches and I am done. Yippee.

Giggle a is good for the soul.

chprsp1410815511.384154 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

The photo was taken on the dinner cruise.

Poor Sydnie. It has to be rough on her. Oh that sweater's nearly done.

No fall decorations here, Linda. Maybe when we get back. I want R to have a thorough checkup once we're back. He is so fatigued. Fingers crossed for the trip which has 2 and 3 nights in different cities. This may be the last big trip though maybe we could try a cruise. Every other time he'd print out a packing list. Not this time. Pt , chiro, and bowling packed into the next few days.

I spent 30 minutes standing in line at the pharmacy. R's Flomax prescription is on auto refill and I need to see if I can get it Wednesday instead of the weekend. The drop off line did not move in 30 minutes so I gave up and will try tomorrow.

sydsgma1410819172.7873517 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Claudia..hope r gets over his fatigue..sorry you had to stand in line with out success. I hate that. Did I mention m gets out tomorrow??? I love cruising because it is so easy once you get on the ship. Have a good evening.

Giggle a is good for the soul.

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