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Good afternoon!

Barbara are you home yet from Vegas?  How is Syd doing?

Whitney called earlier. She locked herself out of her house when taking Dylan to the bus so had to call a locksmith. Not the greatest way to start the day but at least the weather was good.

TT has been grabbing things and taking off at high speed. He mearly got the Kindle a while back.

Fran, what are you up to? I hope you are feeling better.

Hello to Hippo, Jules if you're reading, Cheryl, Bonnie, Sandy and everyone else.

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LindaLatte1397844972.284214 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

So far I'm having ham, asparagus, and probably scalloped potatoes. Not sure about dessert -- may just have the cookies and fruit. I don't think Claudia is making Easter dinner since both Adam and R won't be home.

DD said that according to the mechanic, the brakes on the old car were very dangerous. She was literally praying out loud on the way to the garage. College DGS has a date tonight -- glad he is getting out with other "girls."

Happy you made it to Target this morning Barbara. I went to Safeway after the travel club, and the roads were packed. Guess some of our winter visitors haven't left yet. LOL There weren't too many people at the travel club, which is a shame because it was an excellent program.

Hope the bug guy made it there and sprayed away the critters.

chprsp1397859068.663923 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

We drove Adam down to his reserve unit. That way we'll have 2 vehicles while he is gone. I just got back from dinner at Bob Evans. I had a bogo coupon.

Barbara and Linda, the dress is too short for me also. I received the navy vest a week or so ago. I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not but I do. I will try the ankle pants.

Linda, I'm glad you and DH enjoyed the day trip. Nice that there's interesting day trips available. Good thing the brakes are fixed. Now my fingers are crossed that is it for a good long while.

Barbara I saw the snow accumulation up in MN. Will spring ever arrive?

Linda is right I don't really plan to fix Easter dinner.

sydsgma1397924515.0673211 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Good morning. I have been up since 6..that seems to be my wake up time lol.have done a load of laundry and the meat for tomorrow is cooking in the crock pot. I like pulled pork when it sits over night and I have to be at church at 7!so no time to do it int the morning. Nothing planned for today..I have to do a return so v will go with and then we will have a light lunch at Pardise Bakery..a soup and sandwich place. Mollie called and she still is sick she has to do one more round of oral antibiotics befor they can do ivs. I will be home far in advance of that. I will check back later

Giggle a is good for the soul.

LindaLatte1397929462.9834214 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Good Morning/Afternoon! Sorry to hear M is still sick Barbara. When will you be going back to MN? Hope it is warm by then. Lunch sounds nice. Don't blame you for getting the meat started early -- being at church by 7:00 is pretty early for sure. I tend to wake up when the sun comes up around here, and currently it is a little before 6:00 a.m. I was trying to sleep later this morning, but it just didn't work. I may look into a sun screen for the window, since it would be nice to sleep a bit later when the sun comes up earlier and earlier.

Good idea to drive Adam down so you can have two cars Claudia. Hope his two weeks go well for him. What did you have at Bob Evans? I used to like one of their chicken salads for lunch --- can't remember the name -- Fire something, I think. I don't know if they have any restaurants in the area or not. Definitely not in our immediate area. Glad you liked the vest and hope the pants work for you as well.

DD inspired me to try a lemon ice box pie -- found an easy recipe on the internet. Hope it turns out. She is making that plus a carrot cake for football DGS. I love carrot cake, but my recipe makes too much cake for two people (even with freezing, etc.), and DH isn't that much of a fan.

DH and I took our walk before breakfast, and I may go out to Fry's later to get some of their strawberries (on big sale). Other than that, just the regular laundry and financial stuff.

Have either of you tried the Zumba gold? I saw a class yesterday, and it looked like something I might be able to do. I am not very well coordinated, however.

Hope both of you have a nice day!



chprsp1397930500.613923 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

I had ham with a baked sweet potato, Linda. I have never tried Zumba.

I picked up a rotisserie chicken for tonight's supper along with a salad with fruit in it.

Adam almost left his cell phone in the suv. R spotted it thinking it was the gps. Adam can't use it while he's away but when he gets back stateside he'll need to call us for a ride. Good thing we weren't partway home before we spotted it.

Barbara, I'm sorry M is having so much difficulty with pneumonia. The pulled pork sounds good.

sydsgma1397937667.8973211 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Back from lunch...trying to get my knee to behave. Good thing r spotted the cell phone, claudia. I do not think I have ever eaten at a bob Evans. Linda, I would love Zumba but cannot do it with the knee replacement . I have a friend who does Zumba gold here and really likes it. I cannot do any twisting. Have a good rest of the day.

Giggle a is good for the soul.

chprsp1397950683.73923 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

Barbara, not a lot of choices here. Plaza, Bob Evans, or Applebees are the best of the various choices. TT stole my Greek salad. Bad dog, bad dog! He was not pleased at being kept away from the chicken.

LindaLatte1398014842.314214 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

TT was definitely being a bad dog -- glad you saved the chicken from him. Greek salad? He has odd taste for a dog, but I know they are all different. Glad R spotted the cell phone Claudia.

Hope you got your knees to behave Barbara. I'm still thinking about the Zumba class. According to the instructors website, you can have a free introductory lesson. But, I need to get more details. Sorry you can't do Zumba due to your artificial hip, etc. DD really enjoyed Zumba, but hers was the regular type rather than Zumba gold. Curves is also advertising some new routines/classes, and I think one of my work buddies is thinking about going there. Not sure about that since I already have the regular gym, but maybe....

Yesterday I took DH to a store specializing in shoe inserts and problem feet, etc. Anyway, they fitted him with some new shoes that are supposed to be very good for his feet, and I paid for them. The most expensive shoes I have ever purchased, but I want to make sure his feet are comfortable. He usually buys the cheapest shoes he can find, and the ones he had were literally falling apart.

They also do a free analysis of your stride, etc. (takes about 30 minutes), and make custom inserts. And, they thought DH would be a good candidate -- he does walk a bit funny with one of his feet turned out. And, I would like to do that for him as well, but the price for the insert he would need is about $350. So, that will need to wait until at least July. I have two graduations and a trip before then, which will use up a bunch of my $$$. Also, DD usually finds something she needs when I get there.

Hope your singing went well this morning Barbara, and you are having a pleasant, if quiet day Claudia.

After church, I hope to go to the gym. Later, I have ironing to do. We already took a walk this morning, and it was lovely.

Have a nice Easter!



sydsgma1398019799.973211 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
It was warm in the house when I returned so turned on the ac. It will be in the low to mid 90s for the next few days. Church was nice is a good thing I am a good sight reader. We sang a piece of music that he forgot to give us and although it is a familiar hymn, I had never sung the harmony. Lol. I did figure it out. I am in an achy phase with the knees...linda, I cannot twist on my new knee, no hip problems. The pulled pork is in the fridge. Claudia, that does have eclectic food tastes. Are you cooking anything special today?! I think you might be alone. Linda, glad you found some good shoes for dh. I have found the Skechers go walks work for me but those are the cheapest ones I own. I stii have a few birthday gifts to wrap. I keep putting things back that I was going to take home.i know I have more than enough summer clothes in mn. I am debating going to the pool later. I would guess that I will have it to myself. Have a great Easter.

Giggle a is good for the soul.

chprsp1398021898.8933923 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

Not alone after all. R set off to meet Rick about noon but returned about 30 minutes later as Rick wasn't home and no one was at the place they meet up before the shoot. I was surprised they were having it Easter Sunday. R possibly got the date wrong.

I got a few things done but not as much as planned. No idea about dinner.

I hope your DH likes the new shoes, Linda. Good idea as a gift.

Whit called to say they were considering waiting a year and getting all their ducks in a row before continuing to house hunt. I thought that was an excellent idea.

Darn good thing you're a good sight reader, Barbara. Sorry about the knees.

Bo has been barking at every noise. The thunder shirt doesn't seem very effective for him. I do think Sam's helps a bit. TT does have a great love of "people" food. He's always sniffing the air when he comes in and now the other two are copying him.

sydsgma1398093875.8533211 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Good morning. It's going to be a warm one today...96 I think. I will spend some tome at the pool??! Want to go water aerobics this morning. My knee is off again, but I will be careful.i got my suitcase on the that is a step in the right direction. Sounds like whit has a good plan for the house. I ordered the linea tunic..not sure if I will keep it. I will check back later.

Giggle a is good for the soul.

chprsp1398095904.6773923 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

A warm day for us- mid 70's but tomorrow rain and back down to the 50's. Sorry about the knee, Barbara. Be careful.

I just threw out an older pair of Adam's sneakers. R has been letting TT in his room and I discovered TT had chewed a sneaker. At least it was not new.

I thought Whit and sil had been rushing into house buying so I'm happy to see them step back for a bit.

Did you order the black tunic, Barbara?

TT also stole a slice f bread out of R's hand.

LindaLatte1398099675.8434214 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Good Morning! Sorry I got mixed up about the knee problem/replacement Barbara. Also sorry you are having knee pain. Hope you enjoy the pool. DH and I walked this morning, and it was already pretty warm by 7:45 or so. It is supposed to be in the low 90's here today, which is apparently above normal. Not too bad, however for someone who likes the warm weather (me). When will you be returning to MN?

The gym wasn't crowded yesterday, but it wasn't empty either. Dinner was good, which pleased me. Tonight we are going to a birthday dinner/celebration at a restaurant for one of my "newcomers" friends. She turned 80 earlier this month, but this was a more convenient time for her friends/relatives from out-of-town. She is quite a dynamo of energy (like an older Barbara I think.) I used to think I was pretty energetic, but in comparison not so much. She had to give up skiing due to her knee/hip issues, but hikes and does lots of other physical exercise. Also, quite into politics, reading, etc. Interesting lady.

That is funny about R Claudia. Did he have the days mixed up? The lady who sits next to me in church said that she was a month early with her hazardous waste recycling. It was April 19, but she went there on March 19. She was very happy to get rid of the stuff (paint, etc.)

Church was good, but I was upset to learn that our minister was in the hospital with a possible small stroke. The interim minister was there, and he is excellent, but I am concerned about the "regular" one.

Sounds like a very good idea for Whit and family to postpone buying a house for a while Claudia. I would hate for them to get all settled in and then decide they wanted to move elsewhere. TT is quite something -- glad they were Adam's old shoes.

I don't know which tunic you ordered Barbara, but I hope you like it. I saw that dresses were on easy pay, and I ended up buying one that has been on my wish list since last year (watercolor print in blue). I hope it works out. While I don't wear dresses much in the winter, I find them pretty nice in the hotter months when I don't need pantyhose.

Today I plan to go to COSTCO and perhaps to the eye doctor since my new glasses tend to hurt my head (the arms seem to dig in a bit.) They called to check up on me/thank me, and reminded me that I could come in any time for adjustment.

I had a bad dream that DD wanted money for another car -- don't know why that happened, but..... My SIL is very happy with her new/used car, and I have committed to paying the car payments, which is probably the reason for my bad dream.

Guess I should get moving now. Hope both of you have a nice day and your knees are kind to you Barbara.



chprsp1398100098.1773923 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

A dream like that you don't need, Linda. Sorry about your minister. I hope he has a quick recovery.

I think it is so much better for Whit and family to get their finances in order than jump right in to home ownership.

A pretty dress, Linda.

I need to go out and put Adam's paycheck in the bank. I just renewed a couple of R's prescriptions with the VA online.

sydsgma1398103795.793211 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Claudia..I ordered the is my favorite color. My knee feels better since I exercised this morning. Will see how it feels this afternoon. Linda, I fly back on Thursday afternoon. When do you head east??? Enjoy your nice weather, claudia. Linda, hope your dream does not come to be true.

Giggle a is good for the soul.

chprsp1398105286.013923 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

If I had ordered it, Barbara I would have picked blue. Glad your knee feels better.

Unbelievable- I managed to parallel park in front of Adam's bank. I had to deposit his pay check plus let them know he was gone for 2 weeks reserve duty. I am not a fan of parallel parking.

sydsgma1398190601.1933211 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Congrats on parallel parking, claudia. That is one skill I still can do pretty well even in the SUV.i have pulled out my cane because the knee is now giving out at in expected times. It did the same thing about 4 months ago. I see my rheumatologist on Monday so will ask if I need to go back to my surgeon. Yikes. I was going to run some errands but have a list ready for v to do. It is going to be another hot day which I am going to enjoy because I will not have this weather in mn. Do either of you like the logo tops...I have a couple that are not too full. I do like the material for the most part. I will check back later

Giggle a is good for the soul.

chprsp1398198392.6573923 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

Yikes, Barbara. Keep that cane handy. I'm glad you see your doctor Monday.

I have one Logo top- not too full. I did order the vest that was on yesterday in black.

Rain this morning and cooler. They say we may get an inch of snow overnight.

Twice today I have gone with R while he test fired his pistol. Had to go back a 3rd time because he left his staple gun.

The Linea ankle pants arrived but there's been no chance to try them on.

Any day I can parallel park is a good day. I prefer not to do it.

LindaLatte1398205665.6634214 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Congratulations on your parallel parking Claudia. I have a terrible time doing so, and avoid it if at all possible. When I got my drivers license, you needed to pass the parallel parking test, and I failed it twice. They gave me a break the third time -- I wasn't quite close enough to the curb, but they let it go since I was with an instructor they liked. I believe my problems are due to "lazy eye" and a lack of depth perception. That is my story and I'm sticking to it. I can get out of the parking space (usually), but getting in scares me.

Snow again -- yuck! DD said it was raining there. Hope the ankle pants fit okay.

Sorry about your knee Barbara. Hope the doctor can help. I don't have a Logo top from Q, but the top I wore at the fashion show (and purchased later), seems to be that type. I didn't think I would like that type of top, but I do like that one. Hope you like the black one you ordered Claudia. You must have quite a lovely wardrobe!

I loved that tunic in blue Barbara. If I hadn't ordered the dress, I might have ordered the top, but..... Anyway, please let us know how you like it. I was a bit concerned that it might be full/big on me since I'm sort of small (very small on top). But it certainly looked lovely on-line.

The party yesterday evening was very nice -- quite expensive I'm sure. The 80 year old lady was going strong when we left after 3 1/2 hours or so! She said that she wants to spend time at their other house (near Reno) -- go snowshoeing (if that is a word.) She had one hip replaced a few years back, but her knee isn't in good shape. So, she had to give up skiing.

Today I went to the annual volunteer appreciation lunch, which was nice. And, I made it home in time to go to the gym before the cleaning time. I feel like I have accomplished so much today already -- we went for a walk early.

I did make it to COSTCO and the eye doctor for glasses adjustment yesterday. I also did some work on DH's toenails, and bought a new (stronger) toenail clipper for him. Also got him something to help with fungus on one of his big toes. He told me he doesn't like his new shoes, and he doesn't want to wear them. But, I forced him to do so since I spent so much for them. I think he is probably just having trouble getting used to the shoes. Hopefully, he will change his mind.

I received the wrong order from, but they were very quick to apologize and say that they will send me my order and give me a $10 credit. I can also keep the other person's order (sunscreen.) It was very weird since the other person lives in MN and our order numbers were not at all alike. Oh well....

Nothing exciting going on with DD -- no request for a new car or anything (thank goodness). Maybe I was just too hot the other night.

I think we will be having Easter leftovers tonight. So, I can spend some time reading this afternoon (rather than cooking, etc.)

Hope both of you have a nice evening!



P.S. I will be going East at the end of May Barbara. I need to arrange for a hotel and rental car, but at least I have the plane tickets.

chprsp1398209741.823923 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

Yes, the ankle pants fit just fine.

Linda, that's great customer service. I had a recent order from Sephora where an item was missing, the box the moisturizer came in was torn, and the lid was off the mousse. They not only sent me the missing item, they also sent me another moisturizer and mousse.

Mother would decide she didn't like a color or top and be adamant about not wearing it. Distraction often helped. Maybe you could but other shoes out of sight or reinforce how much better he's walking.

It sounds like a very nice party, Linda.

Barbara, is M feeling any better?

sydsgma1398218196.6573211 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Back from dinner..I could only eat half so wii have the rest tomorrow night. Linda..again I agree with claudia..put his other shoes away. You are good to care for his feet. I cancelled the linea is too much polyester for me. I have one of his poly tunics from a couple of years ago that I do not wear very much because I get too warm I. It. Linda..I have broad shoulders. Probably from my swim Sleep well.

Giggle a is good for the soul.

chprsp1398267838.763923 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

Good morning! Our snow didn't materialize thank goodness but it is chilly.

Whit subbed yesterday for the first time. She had a 3rd grade class and was fortunate enough to have an aide. She had a mixed class. A few kids were autistic. Others got upset easily. She found it best to keep moving around the class instead of sitting so was very tired by the end of the day. She is subbing there through the remainder of the week. The other 3rd grade sub there (for another class) walked out partway through the day. Next week she has geometry classes at the high school.

Tonight is the bowling dinner for the seniors.

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