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Good afternoon!

Barbara are you home yet from Vegas?  How is Syd doing?

Whitney called earlier. She locked herself out of her house when taking Dylan to the bus so had to call a locksmith. Not the greatest way to start the day but at least the weather was good.

TT has been grabbing things and taking off at high speed. He mearly got the Kindle a while back.

Fran, what are you up to? I hope you are feeling better.

Hello to Hippo, Jules if you're reading, Cheryl, Bonnie, Sandy and everyone else.

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chprsp1413639881.7334188 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

Good morning.

Barbara, I recall the time you had with V's socks and shoes, especially the socks. R skipped hunting. I'm surprised. Nothing usually stops him. I was looking forward to doing things at my own pace this weekend.

Knees are acting up. It must be the weather change.

I'm glad A's dogs are doing well. Fran's son and dil had a similar scare a while back.

sydsgma1413648715.9633569 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Claudia..I will join you in the knees acting up club. I finally used my cane last night. I know that time will cure it but I may take prednisone starting Tuesday. We are off tontarget shortly to pick up last minute items for the trip. Need to get some cash from the bank also. Much less hassle packing since I have everything all laid out. All seems well on the home front...sydnie really wants a dog...we are going to have to see about that. Vyrn is not too thrilled about it...he never had a dog in the house. Something to think about. I will be back later.

Giggle a bit...it is good for the soul.

LindaLatte1413651974.44687 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Good Morning/Afternoon! Sorry both of you are having knee problems. Hope you feel better soon.

Having to help DH get dressed and his shoes on is very difficult for me. I know it wasn't easy dressing a squirmy kid, but somehow it seems more difficult with a grown person. He didn't sleep well at all last night, and he wants to go to the urologist sooner than Wednesday. I am happy that I decided to get the appointment with this doctor, despite the longer drive, etc. DH does seem better now, thank goodness.

We had a nice walk this morning, and I'll be doing laundry and my financial stuff later. I'd like to go to the pool as well.

DGS' football team won last night, which I am sure made everyone happy.

I looked at that poncho -- very nice Barbara. I think it will be particularly nice on a tall lady like you. Still debating the top -- I like it, but it is not needed at all. Decisions, decisions.....

Apparently, DD's ovary has been bad for many years (late teens), and I gather that removal isn't a necessity at this point. I know that DD would like to avoid having surgery if possible.

My DH never had dogs around, and he doesn't want to have a cat. His DD tried to talk him into adopting a cat when he was here, but he just doesn't want to take it on. I would like a pet, but it isn't worth fighting over.

Hope both of you feel better and have a good day!



sydsgma1413661837.063569 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Back from target..found everything but it took a bit to locate things. I bought a wrap for my knee to see if that gives it more stability. We had lunch at chick fila..not the healthiest but it was good . Salmon and veggies for dinner. Linda, you are so good to your dh. I know my bil said that helping my sil great dressed was very hard for him also. I do not blame dd for not wanting surgery. No sock knitting on the cruise...I left the needles in a different bag. So I will work on a sweater for Miley. Have a good rest of your day.

Giggle a bit...it is good for the soul.

chprsp1413724612.5234188 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

A rather chilly rainy morning here. Adam and R are still sleeping. I haven't gotten much done this weekend. One must today is laundry. Oh and I must not forget the garbage.

Darn, I wish I thought of it before mailing Whit's package- there's a set of her knitting needles here.

Although it seemed difficult at the time, dressing a squirmy toddler is easier than helping an adult.

LindaLatte1413735248.554687 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Good Morning/Afternoon! Hope your knee is feeling better today Barbara. Sorry you forgot your sock knitting needles, but I'm sure Miley will enjoy her sweater.

Sorry it is chilly and rainy there Claudia -- does it make your knee pain worse? Hope you get the laundry done today with no problems.

Fortunately, I don't need to completely dress DH, but he often needs help. I don't mind him wearing T-shirts, etc. backwards in the house, but not good when we go out. Also, he has lots of trouble with zippers, etc. He is better with his shoes these days, thank goodness. I am starting to worry a little about our trip to Maryland in December since his DIL isn't the most friendly/helpful person. But, that is a couple of months off, so.....

His DD called last night, and I discussed his problems from Friday night. She said that I could always call her (I probably would not do so at that early hour) or try his doctor since someone would be on call. The good news is that he didn't have that problem last night -- he was awake a lot, but.....

Our weather is nice, but I didn't make it to the pool yesterday (too busy). We did have a nice walk this morning, and I plan to go to the gym after church.

Hope both of you have a nice day!



sydsgma1413741514.7573569 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
I have been organizing for the cruise. I have to take a lot of extras like ot can meds..first aid stuff. You can buy that on the ship but it is very expensive. My knee just feels weird today but not as painful or giving out so I feel more secure walking. I did face time with syd this morning. She was still bouncing around but not as much. Lol. Claudia hope you get your laundry done. I do not mind doing it here because there are no stairs. Linda glad you talked to your dil. Dh still sounds pretty independent. I enjoyed your pics. I meant to mention that I hope you are not getting any game requests from me. There are a couple I play but not on FB. It is pretty warm here ...92. The ac is keeping things cool. Have a great day.

Giggle a bit...it is good for the soul.

chprsp1413748971.5134188 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

Laundry not started. I got busy with other things. I'm going to the store. R wants mashed potatoes and turnips. I said only if he fixes them.

LindaLatte1413756497.8734687 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

No game requests from you Barbara. It is pretty warm here, but we don't need AC in the house. However, we did really like it in the car. It is interesting how nice it is to have a one story house. Of course, it is less exercise, but sometimes that is for the better especially if you have bad knees, etc.

Glad you could have Face Time with Syd.

DH is doing pretty well, and then again he isn't. I know things could be far worse, and I'm very happy that he has a good attitude.

I don't know if I ever answered your question about my "classes". I am taking English history (the Hanoverian's, I think it is called) and Male British mystery writers for eight weeks. And I have two one time classes -- one is about Fred Harvey (Harvey Girls fame) and the other about the Crimean War.

I am not sure that I have ever eaten/made a combination of mashed potatoes and turnips Claudia. Are these the rutabaga type turnips?

Good weekend for my sports team for a change -- DGS' high school, my college, and the Washington NFL team (aka the Redskins, I know, I know) all won. Last week, they all lost.

Hope both of you sleep well.

chprsp1413760362.8734188 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

No idea. They're round. Won't have them tonight though as R just woke up. It's after 7 here.

Those classes sound interesting, Linda.

A good attitude goes a long way.

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