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Good afternoon!

Barbara are you home yet from Vegas?  How is Syd doing?

Whitney called earlier. She locked herself out of her house when taking Dylan to the bus so had to call a locksmith. Not the greatest way to start the day but at least the weather was good.

TT has been grabbing things and taking off at high speed. He mearly got the Kindle a while back.

Fran, what are you up to? I hope you are feeling better.

Hello to Hippo, Jules if you're reading, Cheryl, Bonnie, Sandy and everyone else.

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sydsgma1406832422.993427 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Linda...hope the road trip went well. I felt like I was on a racetrack this morning on the interstates I had to travel. I have such a difficult time trying to figure out dinner. Tonight is is cooking in the crockpot. Sydnie really likes packaged mashed potatoes so it have those for her and fresh green beans. I finished my market bag at knitting Nd sipyds dogies. Somehow the ears werenot placed correctly and that gave everyone a good laugh. I will eventually post. Pic on FB. Claudia so sorry Sam iisnot doing well. Hope you got your haircut. We get our glasses at no cost so I have some pretty nice ones. Linda...glad pt is over...that is always a milestone. M is not home tonight so I am going to have an upset little girl. The bf needs to be less demanding of her time to say the least. Have a great rest of the day. I am debating the leather jacket TSv but really need to debate how mush I would wear it.

Giggle a is good for the soul.

chprsp1406839710.694090 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

Hope the Costco trip went well, Linda. A big step but I know you can do it. It's nice your pt is over and done with. R will be starting some for his hip and back. It won't be easy fitting it in with the trips and the days he's volunteering for the muzzleloaders at the county fair.

Sorry about the ears and their placement, Barbara. Mega grocery shopping today. Yes, I did manage to get my hair cut. I hope Syd isn't too upset tonight.

Sam goes back to the vet tomorrow.

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