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Good afternoon!

Barbara are you home yet from Vegas?  How is Syd doing?

Whitney called earlier. She locked herself out of her house when taking Dylan to the bus so had to call a locksmith. Not the greatest way to start the day but at least the weather was good.

TT has been grabbing things and taking off at high speed. He mearly got the Kindle a while back.

Fran, what are you up to? I hope you are feeling better.

Hello to Hippo, Jules if you're reading, Cheryl, Bonnie, Sandy and everyone else.

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sydsgma1424709942.7833810 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Good morning. I have laundry going and need to pack my carryon with some tops to take home. I looked at the TSv pants..I have a pair of the 24/7 in another style but find them too heavy for az weather . So they stay in mn. I just ordered a pair of lighter weight pants from jjill. M took sydnie to urgent care and they are checking for strep. Since she is still running a fever I am suspicious also. We are getting another new computer. They could not get past the firewall at the Apple Store so are replacing it. That is a good thing because it is not a cheap computer. Claudia sorry R is not feeling well. Be careful on the ice. Linda, glad your lip is better. It is hard when a beloved church minister leaves. Enjoy your walk. They a predicting rain but so far it is pretty sunny. Back to the icebox tomorrow night. ??

Giggle a bit...it is good for the soul.

sydsgma1424725551.8773810 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Yikes..sydnie did a number on her mom. M had a therapy session this afternoon that she cannot miss. Syd texted the nanny and told her not to come, hid ms phone and locked herself in the bathroom. This is not good because it could have some uninyptended consequences for m. Something sure set sydnie off...she gets angry with m over the lack of attention. Glad we will be home this week.

Giggle a bit...it is good for the soul.

LindaLatte1424735345.3735046 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Oh dear, sounds like Grandma needs to go to the rescue.

LindaLatte1424793675.9535046 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Hope your flight home will go okay, Barbara. Also hope things are better with Syd when you arrive. Glad you will be getting a replacement computer. Wonder what happened about the firewall -- strange.

I ended up buying a pair of jeans at Beall's instead of the TSV yesterday. I think these are a Macy's brand (not sure), and I have had pretty good luck with the fit of this brand. I just didn't want to risk ordering new jeans without having a chance to try them on -- the fit of jeans and pants can be very tricky for me.

It is cooler and cloudy here today, but certainly much better than in Maryland or MN for that matter. Not sure if I shared this yesterday, but DD had a leaky outside faucet problem over the weekend, so she is having a plumber come this morning. Another unwanted expense. Yuck. They also had to replace the door handle between the kitchen and garage.

Meanwhile, they had quite a weekend with Army DGS at Reserves. They couldn't pick him up Saturday evening since the highway was closed (due to a tractor trailer accident and ice), and the highway patrol sent them back home. Anyway, several other guys were stuck there (where there are no sleeping facilities), and they put them up at a motel (DGS had to sleep on the floor). In the morning, the motel had a fire, and they were evacuated. Fortunately, he was able to go back to work, they were able to pick him up in the afternoon. The good news is that he got another promotion.

Youngest DGS got his SAT results, and he wasn't happy. DD told him to wait until he takes the ACT before deciding to re-take the test. His results weren't horrible, but not as high as he wanted. Also, they were lower than oldest DGS, and apparently there is quite a rivalry between the two boys.

Hope things are going okay for you and you are feeling well today, Claudia.

Hugs to both of you!


sydsgma1424794309.953810 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Good morning. I am all set to go..high of 8 above tomorrow..aargh. Our plane does not leave until 5 so we have all day. Ms therapist talked to m about her reaction to syd..a little overboard to say the least and all is good. Sydnie wanted to go with m to see where she went etc. which is why she texted her nanny. M was able to laugh about it later in the day. Sounds like dgs had quite the adventure with his reserves. Congrats on his promotion. Many if not most kids take the sat more than once. My nephew who is a senior took it 3 times and his older sister twice. No TSV for me..it looks rather unflattering to me. However there is an IM top that iam waiting to appear. It was on the homepage yesterday. I have a lot of trouble with pants because I have no hips. I find Linea and jjill work best for me. Claudia..hope you are not in the deep freeze. Have a good day.

Giggle a bit...it is good for the soul.

chprsp1424817015.684392 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

The deep freeze was here this morning. -17 on the back porch. This afternoon it was up to 22.

Have a good flight Barbara. I'm glad things worked out with M and Sydnie.

Whit said the college let out early yesterday and this morning was a 2 hour delay. Yesterday driving home there were white out conditions.

Linda, good thing by DD to tell DGS to wait for the ACT results. Congratulations on the Army guy's promotion. Adam has had to sleep on the motel floor more than once. It's too bad about the fire. I took a comforter to the Laundromat then stopped at WalMart, dropped donations at GoodWill and since roads were clear drove out to a nearby town for more dog food. I switched to grainfree to see if that stops TT's itching.

Busy puppy proofing. We pick him up Thursday.

LindaLatte1424821060.6435046 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Puppy? I guess I missed that, Claudia. What type of puppy? He is lucky to have such a nice family to join. Sorry Whit had to deal with that horrible weather. Sounds like you have been a busy bee today.

DD said it was very cold there, and the plumber said the pipe had totally split. Lucky she called him quickly.

DGS received two invitations for college football camps this summer. So, I think he is feeling a bit better about things. LOL One us a small college in PA and the other is in VA. I think he would like to go to a college not too far away from home. Of course, he is only a junior, so there is plenty of time.

Happy things worked out with M and Syd, Barbara. Do keep warm. You keep saying that -- you have no hips -- not at all true of me. In college when I weighed less than 100 pounds, one of my roommates remarked on my big hip bones. They certainly haven't gotten any smaller with time and gaining a bit of weight. LOL

Last edited on 2/24/2015

chprsp1424826793.3334392 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

Same breed as Sammy. Gt. Pyrenees. Not getting things done as quickly as I hoped.

That's great news for DGS. Thank heavens DD called the plumber quickly. I am sick and tired of this cold weather. No thaw in almost 2 months.

LindaLatte1424878787.1075046 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Sounds like your new puppy will end up being a big dog, Claudia. I hope he gets along with your other furbabies and is a very good fit.

Also hope your weather isn't too bad today, and Barbara made it to MN okay.

We had cooler weather than normal yesterday (high in the upper 60's), and it was cold enough this morning that our heat came on -- I think it was in the upper 30's). Sure that would be a heat wave where you live Claudia, but for here, not so much. They are having a rodeo in Tucson, and tomorrow is the annual rodeo parade. Hope that it is a bit warmer, and no rain. On the news last night, they showed the mud in the show ring. I have never been to a rodeo, and I have heard mixed reviews, but I am curious about them.

I called the doctor's office since I was planning to get my osteoporosis shot this morning, but they haven't gotten the drug in yet. Glad I called. They may get it in as early as this afternoon. Not that I love getting injections or anything, but I wanted to get this over.

DH and I will be going to the goodbye party for the senior lunch program director, that should be fun. She will be missed for sure.

Other than the party, I plan to go to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things, and to Curves later. Depending on the weather and timing, we may take a walk as well.

Hope both of you have a nice day!



sydsgma1424880503.243810 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Back in the icebox...and it is chilly. We had quite the hike last night through the airport..no courtesy cart were running. V has a hard time walking long distances.,I am off to get my lungs checked by my dr up here and then need to get groceries and will take syd to justice. She is not contagious but still had to stay home. Claudia..congrats on the puppy..I missed that too. Linda, hips do not exist in my family. Lol. Hope you get your injection today and have fun at the farewell party. Vs surgery was moved up to 830'which is much better than 1230. I will attempt to stay warm.

Giggle a bit...it is good for the soul.

chprsp1424881613.24392 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

My sister got the hips in our family.

Oh 8:30 is so much better, Barbara. Sorry there were no carts at the airport. Fingers crossed your lungs are better. I hope Sydnie feels better. It's good she's not contagious.

More snow this morning, Linda. I had to shovel. Soon we leave for bowling. I'd rather stay home though and pick up. Too bad you have to wait for your injection.

I have items to donate I need to bring downstairs. I cleared a spot in the spare room for the painted coffee table. Taking no chance on puppy teeth marks. I'd hoped to put a few things in R's former work room upstairs but he's got a huge pile of stuff in the middle of the floor. It's a small room.

LindaLatte1424966881.635046 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Good Morning! Sorry you had to do so much walking at the airport, Barbara. That is one of the problems I have with DH -- he isn't crazy about all that walking, and elevators/escalators like they have in airports are very frightening for him. At least there is nothing wrong with his legs. Hope things went well with the doctor and shopping with Syd. I haven't called DD yet, but I saw that their public schools are closed again due to the snow storm last night, and some of the colleges are opening late. Yucky weather to be sure. It should be nice here today, but rain and cooler weather is expected for the weekend. Still much better than most of the country.

I remembered that one of my bosses had a Great Pyrenees dog, Claudia. He was a beauty to be sure. Sorry you had another storm, and hope your puppy prep is complete.

They didn't get my medicine in at the doctors yesterday, but it may come in today. Since I have my "classes" most of the afternoon, I'll probably end up having the injection tomorrow in any case. The party for the director of the senior lunch program was very nice. She will be missed for sure.

Other than my "classes", my plan is to go to Curves this morning and maybe take a walk. We will have leftover soup for dinner (along with bread and cheese, etc.)

Hope both of you have a good day.



sydsgma1424969840.3333810 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
Back from the hospital. Everything went very well...he had sedation which is much easier to recover from. One down, one to go.,the 3 vs are arriving from North Dakota this afternoon. I need to seep the family room. Sweep... I meant. And think about what to fix to eat this evening. It was 4 below this morning and I am cold to say the least. I am on antibiotics for 10 more days. Claudia...when do you get the puppy??? Linda, my mil was terrified of escalators. Have you thought about having a wheelchair for dh to get through the airport ???? It speeds up going through security also enjoy your classes. Forgot to mention that it is great dgs got the football camp .a good recruiting tool. Have a great day.

Giggle a bit...it is good for the soul.

chprsp1425000915.0674392 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

I don't like escalators but do them if I must, Linda. The worst was when we flew home from Scotland sick. R wouldn't look for the nearby elevator just herded me up the escalator. I worry about stumbling.

Glad all went well with V, Barbara.

Puppy sleeping by my feet. The roads were clear but gps directions and mapquest were wrong. As we got near it directed us to a road only opened seasonally. Couldn't see the sign till we turned and were stuck. No cell phone reception but by a miracle I got a call out to the seller and he drove down with his truck and pulled us out. More snow started as we nered home.

I seem to have caught R's cold. Almost ran out of gas an hour from home. I heard several beeps but thought it was from R not fastening the seatbelt till suddenly I saw the gas pump symbol. Made it to a station with a half gallon to spare. Stations on that stretch of the interstate are few and far between.

Stopped at a rest area. R told me the mens restroom was locked. Found after we left he was trying a family restroom and completely overlooked the mens restroom.

Bothdogs accepted the pup though TT was horrified the pup thought he was a female and wanted dinner. Turnabout is fair play as he tried that same stunt on Sam.

LindaLatte1425005403.7575046 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Sounds like a pretty bad experience picking up the puppy, Claudia. Happy that the seller helped you get out, and you made it to the gas station in time. Also glad that the other dogs accepted the pup. Does he have a name yet? Funny about TT's reaction. Hope you didn't catch R's cold.

Glad V's surgery went well, Barbara. Sorry it is so cold there. Enjoy having the V's there.

I my need to go with a wheelchair for DH in the future, but we had some problems with that in the past. He ended up in a pretty yucky waiting room in London one time. And, he was there for hours. I kept running in and out of the waiting room since I wanted to window shop. LOL Also, we needed to wait for wheelchairs to make it to the plane a couple of times, and they were late. One time, we almost missed the next plane due to the delay. To be honest, I am not at all enthused about taking a trip with DH, but I guess it will happen this summer. I would be very sad if I couldn't visit with DD and family.

Hope both of you sleep well.

chprsp1425049446.0574392 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

Could have been worse, Linda. At least we weren't stuck for long and the seller could pull us out. I do have R's cold. Ugh.

I called the vet this morning and was in the process of leaving a message when the assistant came on line. She was so excited about another Pyrenees. Taking him today for worming medicine.

I agree about the wheel chairs. It's hit or miss as to whether they're at the gate when you land and so many airports do not have the motorized carts.

Bo the shepherd is very happy he now has someone to herd. I had thought he'd be the more difficult dog to accept a puppy.

LindaLatte1425053712.3635046 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Glad you are able to get the puppy to the vets today, Claudia. Good news about Bo being happy to have a new puppy. Sorry you caught R's cold.

Hope things are going well for you Barbara. Also hope V is doing well after his surgery.

Nothing exciting planned here, which is fine with me. The doctor's office go the medicine in yesterday but too late for me to go there since I had my "classes", and the lady who gives the injections isn't there today. Also, they are closed on Monday. So the earliest I can have my injection is Tuesday morning. That is my current plan, but I may end up waiting until Wednesday.

Have a nice day!



sydsgma1425056747.333810 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
I am really cold today...had to get my port flushed and get some food for the rest of the time we are here. I have to figure out how to get syds hair into that pouf high bun look for dress rehearsal tonight. Claudia..you had quite the adventure to get the puppy. Name???? Linda, re wheelchairs, when you fly in this country you can arrange everything when you make your reservation. At least I have been able to do that with delta when my back was so bad. Hope your top works at Walmart. I tend not to buy clothes from stores...kohls, penny's etc never last more than one season for me. Could his dd come and get him to be with her when you travel back East??? I used to fly with my mom when she wanted to go visit my brother and he would fly her back. Did you get your shot?? 72 hours to return to warmth. Have a great day.

Giggle a bit...it is good for the soul.

chprsp1425069732.1874392 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

No name yet though I tend towards Griffyn.

I just took him out. Carried him down the steps. He can go up but is not sure about down. Up the steps he scooted twice and I carried him back down each time before he pe ed. He's now sleeping on my foot.

The large dog crate was just delivered but even folded is too bulky and heavy for me to maneuver in. Adam will have to do it.

Nothing like waiting to get the injection, Linda.

Good luck with Sydney's hair, Barbara.

LindaLatte1425139782.8935046 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Griffyn is a nice name, Claudia. Must be fun to have a puppy in the house, hopefully things won't get too out of hand, but..... I was just reading my church newsletter, and they are having a blessing of the animals at the animal rescue center soon. You can bring your animals there as well, and one of our retired pastors does the blessing. Hope Adam gets the crate in place.

Hope you got Syd's hair in the desired bun, Barbara, and you are feeling okay. It is very windy here, and I think we are in for a cool/rainy spell the next few days, but hopefully it will be nice and warm when you come back to Arizona.

I think having DH's DD pick him up, etc. would be very complicated. Maybe someday, but.... And, now he is saying he doesn't want to stay in her house since he/we need to stay in the basement and the ceiling is low (he has hit his head several times). My latest thought is getting a motel room rather than trying to stay with DD or his son's home when we visit there. That way, he wouldn't need to be separated from me, at least at night. Still thinking.

His DD is planning to come here for a weekend visit at the end of April, which should be nice. This weekend, she and the girls (maybe her DH as well) are going to the mountains of CA looking for snow. Yikes! I know the girls were very thrilled to see the snow here during their visit.

I did end up buying the shirt at Wal-Mart yesterday. It looks cute, and the price was certainly right. I don't usually wear out clothes -- probably because I have so many. But, I do get tired of them. I've been pretty good so far this year with not buying clothes, but I love having something new to wear, which is a problem.

My SIL wrote to say that she found out that she will not get any money for my brother being exposed to Agent Orange. Apparently, the VA said that his cause of death didn't meet their criteria. She is very disappointed, but.... I believe a law office had contacted her two years ago to take on her case, and she really had her hopes up.

Nothing exciting planned for today. We will take a walk, and I will probably pick up a few groceries since the specials were for February only.

Hope both of you have a nice day!



sydsgma1425141818.673810 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
The temp will be all of 20 today.?? the 3 vs will leave after lunch...they are fun kids to be around. Vanessa is my little shadow. Sydnie has dress rehearsal all day today..I did get her hair up but m did a much better job this morning. Nothing on the agenda..I am very achy ...parts of my body that normally do not hurt do. I need to time the prednisone with my singing performances. Linda..a motel might be the answer for your trip. Glad you got your top...I try to rotate my clothes so I do not get tired of them. But I know what you mean. Claudia, I think Griffyn is a great name. Wonder what tt and no really think about the addition. More later.

Giggle a bit...it is good for the soul.

chprsp1425153958.9234392 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

20 here too after starting at -10 or so. Very nice pictures, Barbara. Sorry, you are so achy.

Depending on the VA's criteria your sil may be able to appeal through a service rep such as DAV or American Legion. R has had negative decisions that were reversed, Linda.

A motel sounds like a good idea.

Busy here with pup. Carries trophies off to his bed. TT is a grouch.

LindaLatte1425226333.1135046 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007

Hope TT is less grouchy today, Claudia. I may suggest an appeal to my SIL, but I'm not sure she is up for a fight right now. Also, I'm not sure if the VA told her this, or if it was just the lawyer.

Certainly cold there -- yikes! It is nice this morning, but we may have some rain later. Still, our weather beats the cold/ice/snow many are having. The former director of the senior lunch program is moving to Fort Worth, and I saw that they are dealing with ice and snow now. That won't please her, I am sure.

Sorry you are achy, Barbara. Hope you can time your prendnisone so your performances will go well. Your FB pictures of the kids were great. What cute grandchildren you have.

My plan is to go to the gym after church, and maybe take a walk later. We have been invited to a wine and cheese party at 5:00, and it should be fun. I think the hostess will probably play the piano and we can sing along. And, tonight will be the last Downton Abbey of the season. I'm looking forward to the show, but I hate that it is over.

Hope both of you have a nice day.



chprsp1425228260.2634392 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007

I went out after shoveling for more cold medicine. Came back to find Griffyn had dragged Adam's poncho liners and a throw off the loveseat along with TT's pillow (not spoiled is he). He also added the stuffed toys, R's shoe into the mix. I retrieved the shoe only to find him grabbing the leg of R's jeans he had left within reach. He was ready to add them to his pile. He's a feisty boy. If TT barks at him he'll bark right back. It's warmer today but that meant more snow.

I get worn our over the years fighting with the VA when a decision seems wrong. R if left to his own devices would give up. Whitney's state appears more military friendly and sil's decisions seemed quicker and accurate.

sydsgma1425244201.2573810 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun
I could not get on this morning. We are at the airport in the delta club awaiting our flight back to Phoenix. The weather does not look good tomorrow...lots of rain. Linda, have fun at your wine and cheese party. It sounds like fun. Claudia...that puppy sounds adorable. S Pring should be coming soon.,

Giggle a bit...it is good for the soul.

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