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does qvc celebrate national free shipping day(12/17)???

Started 1355509660.78 in Fashion Talk | Last reply 1355757447.217 by gonnab

i've received promotions from other sites & can't recall if the q does anything on this day{#emotions_dlg.confused1}

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Judaline1355750992.6316468 PostsRegistered 8/26/2006street of dreams

Surely you jest.

Halili1355751283.91 PostsRegistered 12/17/2012

Great post!!! I do like it!!!!!!

AngelPuppy11355752776.679154 PostsRegistered 5/26/2008

Thanks for reminding us about the Free Shipping Day! I had forgotten. I just looked it up and typed in Free Shipping Day -- a great site came up with 7 pages full of shops/vendors offering free shipping today. Some you have to order a certain amount but most you don't. Some are also offering discounts. For instance, I noticed that the PBS Store, is offering 30% off today. Yeah! I'm digging this!!

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gonnab1355757447.1933288 PostsRegistered 8/10/2007Conn.

apparently not - the TSV has S&H charges.

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