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Good morning friends!! I slept great, got up at 6 (!!) and made a batch of blackberry jam before jumping in the shower and heading out. I made meatloaf last night so it's ready to throw into the oven tonight. DD is going to the premiere of The Hobbit at midnight and I'm so jealous. I love love love those books (you all might remember I am a LotR Lord of the Rings fanatic) so am looking forward to the movies this weekend, may go see it twice.

Last night we put lights on the tree. I let DH do it but sat there plotting when I would rearrange to my liking when he started giggling. He knew what I was thinking. So I redid them and we won't try THAT again!! hee hee

The weather is cold but I'm wearing a D&C poncho that I bought a long time ago, with my tall new boots. I had to wear short sleeves because it will be way too hot later.

What are all my friends up to? Ann put new pics up at (if it will let me post at all, remove spaces to see)

http://s1210.beta.photobucket. com/user/pinkyann1/library/

With hope and heart, Kathleen ♥ ♥ ♥
Joy is a net of love in which you can catch souls. ~ Mother Teresa

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PAlady1355412313.971677 PostsRegistered 4/27/2010

Good morning ladies, hope all is well.

Kathleen - Thank you for starting us today. I don't know where you get all your energy in the morning, I could never get all that done and get ready for work. My old job I had to be there by 7:00 and had to get up between 4 and 4:30 every morning, depending on the weather. I always had to be at my job at least a half-hour early, I never could be one of those people who came in 2 minutes before their job started. So making jam in the morning would denfinately be out for me. You go girl!

We woke up to 25 degrees here and it is now 32, no short sleeves for me until June, at least. I am hoping we get a couple days in the 60's, I never did get my car cleaned out before the temps dropped.

Not much on the schedule for today, I do have to wrap gifts, that is a must. Supper for tonight is meatloaf also, my DH loves meatloaf. Well off to get something done here, hope everyone has a great morning.

livehealthy1355412425.2672694 PostsRegistered 2/18/2007

Pretty tree, but that was the only picture I saw if there were supposed to be more=)

Glad you got some stuff done today. So far, I've been a slug as I went through most of my email and played around on FB. I need to head to the gym soon for chest and biceps, and then need to pick up a few groceries at the store. I need to clean house and bake cookies today. Yesterday, I want downtown with a couple friends from church, and we ate lunch and went into a few shops. Only one lady bought some Turkish coffee, but we enjoyed just browsing.

Kathleen, I so would have done the same thing with the lights on the tree thing. LOL. I remember when I used to string lights and would run out before they hit the bottom. Talk about frustrated and ticked!!! I'd love to have a smaller tree, but our living room is three stories high, and a tiny tree would look really silly in there.

Val, here's the link to the apple caramel cake recipe. http://www.withsprinklesontop.net/?p=1772&print=1#comments_controls OR


Hopefully, it'll work! Two things though: I used a GF cake mix and had to cook about an hour. Also, I used the caramel syrup like she did, but it quickly ran off. The glaze made from caramels might work better OR you need to wait until just before serving to put the syrup on. It was very yummy!

Hope you all have a nice day!

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livehealthy1355412522.8432694 PostsRegistered 2/18/2007

Susan, I'm not real energetic in the morning either, though I do like to get up early. Funny that you're both eating meatloaf. The weather was absolutely perfect in Colorado Springs yesterday. Cold enough for sweaters and vests, but sunny and warm enough to hang around outside.

RockChick1355412575.879084 PostsRegistered 10/29/2007Central Texas

Susan, I haven't been to the gym in forever. My drive to work is 20min and I do really push it sometimes, am rarely ever here 15min early. The jam - fruit is all in the fridge ready to mix and had wanted to do it last night so all the jars were washed and ready to go - I just had to boil the fruit with sugar and pour into jars. And, when I get home I will be "done". It was 30° when I got up but it will heat up to almost 70° so can't dress too warmly. Enjoy your wrapping!! One of my coworkers shared that his mom mixed up sausage in the meatloaf and I've been doing it and we love it! Have not told DD yet. lol

Sonya there were other pictures but I don't know how to make it work. :( Your outing with your friends sounds like fun. Your link worked perfectly, and that cake looks good too!

PS. The pushup challenge (12 last night) is kicking my butt! Each night I think "I don't think I can do these tomorrow night". I'm doing 12 regular then 12 "girly" ones. So far. ha ha

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With hope and heart, Kathleen ♥ ♥ ♥
Joy is a net of love in which you can catch souls. ~ Mother Teresa

poochies m­om1355420225.5131099 PostsRegistered 6/8/2007
Wow ladies where do you get your energy?25 degrees here last night but beautiful out today.The dogs are all sunning themselves.I have an adoption fair to take Fiona to on Saturday out of town.She is such a sweet little thing.Of the other 2 one went to a rescue and the other is still under treatment.Who knows what will be next.Id take them all if I could.I am on the prowl for a good but not too pricey telescope.Chase and I made a deal last year to look at the heavens during the great alignment.Its only every 26,000 years and no we don't believe all that nonsense about it being the end of the world.The discussions we have while watching meteor showers and such are great fun.He does horrible in school,hates it,but tests in the top 2 percent in the nation.I keep telling him even if he's bored he has to do his work.He got caught cussing in Russian which I suppose is my fault,he learned it from me.All of your baking sounds so nice.Kathleen I gained weight just thinking of your jam.Well guess I better take advantage of the day and go outside.The dogs are ready to be played with.Everyone have a marvelous day.

LindaLatte1355421700.3035301 PostsRegistered 8/16/2007
Good Afternoon! Thanks for getting us started Kathleen. I never did much before going to work Kathleen. I usually had a light breakfast, did my basic toilet routine (took baths at night rather than showers in the morning), dressed (usually had my outfit ready), and got out the door. I was almost always early, but that was fine with me. Can't imagine cooking before work. Of course, that was before my crockpot time, so I might have done so these days. It has been a big transition being retired in Arizona. Getting up early and walking is a huge change. Now that the weather is cooler, we may delay our walks until after breakfast. To each her own I suppose. We did a bunch of shopping yesterday, and a little this morning. I'd like to go out again to a few more places this afternoon, but we will see. I pressured DGS to try to get his drivers license, which is a multi-step process in Maryland. He seems willing, next step is to find out how much the insurance costs. I'm sure it will be substantial for a young man. But, what can you do. Hope you enjoy the movie when you see it Kathleen. Not my sort of movie to be sure. I will need to look at the links when I have a regular computer. Not that expert at using this I-pad. Hi Susan -- no short sleeves for me with those temperatures either. DH told me that they are expecting heavy rain this afternoon/evening, which is surprising. He said he will probably try to get out early today (he went out late yesterday). Hi Sonya -- must be fun to browse with your friends. I enjoy looking around with DD and DGD. Waves to Jules. Hope you find a nice telescope to use with Chase. I'm sure he enjoys having the time with you and exploring new things. My youngest DGS is an excellent student, but really doesn't like school at all. Go figure! Waves to Jean, Arlene, Val, Karen, Kathy, Rosa, Nancy, Ann, Marijane, Luci, and all of our posters and readers. We went to the mall today, and I found a pair of Clark's clogs on sale for a very reasonable price. Too good to pass up. I also found some boots at the new TJ Max that I really liked, but no room to carry them home with me. As it is, I think I'll be throwing away the extra pair of shoes I bough which are pretty worn out. Have a good evening everyone! Hugs, Linda

FunkyHulaG­irl1355423827.5337429 PostsRegistered 6/25/2011Wherever I go, there I am!

Hi girls!

It's a pretty day out - bright and sunny - but I'm going to stay in and try to get the last of my assignments done....then I have an entire month off! {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

Gosh Kathleen, you sure got a lot done in the middle of the night! {#emotions_dlg.scared} I went to bed just before 5 a.m.; I was reading a book and was enjoying it too much to put down. The only thing that ever got me up willingly early in the morning was when I was flying; I'd happily get up at the crack of dawn. My office was one subway stop away, and even then, I was usually at least a half hour late!

Angel is starting to get more settled in; when I come into the room he rolls over on his back and looks at me as if to say, "What are you waiting for? Scratch my belly!" I put him outside again when I got up to go to the bathroom this morning, and whereas he's been silent until now, when he wanted to come back in, he put his head back and howled! I reminded him he's on probation, so he'd better be a good boy. I'm still trying to figure out what he likes to eat; he's decided he likes peanut butter dog biscuits, but doesn't seem to know what to do with the nice chew bone I got him. He nibbles at the kibble...but isn't crazy about it. What he does seem to like is people food - he really perked up when I took a turkey frozen dinner out of the oven, and when I turned my back on a plate with some apple cake on it, the dish was licked clean. {#emotions_dlg.laugh} The kitties are almost all comfortable with him, and he's learned that they're family, and he's not to bark at them.

Jules, seeing as God made a couple of everlasting covenants, the world can't end - eternal is eternal! {#emotions_dlg.thumbup1}

I gave up on looking for the gift tags I had gotten in Dollar Tree, and ended up going back for more; I remembered a few other things that are missing, but I've looked in every possible place - I'm wondering if I didn't accidentally toss them. Of course, they didn't have the ones I wanted (with kittens & puppies), so I had to settle for something else. Anyway, I got what I needed, and the package for Hawaii is ready to mail; I can't beleive how much stuff I was able to fit into one of the new, long flat rate boxes - over 25 items, including 3 large books. {#emotions_dlg.scared} In fact, I had room left over, so I included some dish towels.

Guess I'd better get to work; have a blessed day, everyone!

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." - Albert Einstein

Pinky Ann1355423851.681730 PostsRegistered 7/16/2009

Hi Gang! Thanks for starting the thread Kathleen! Enjoy the movie! I hope you were able to see all the photos. I only added 5 this year, and they're in the New Beginnings album. I was so out of practice with Photobucket, that it took awhile to even get those in! They have a whole new format underway, which I couldn't work out, so once they change over, I'll probably delete the photos I have, as I won't be going there unless I can figure it out.

This morning I woke up very early, and couldn't get back to sleep. I wasn't tired at all, but ended up with a headache, so I laid back down for a little while around 10:00. Most of it is gone, so hoping this will be it for today. It's day 3, coffee free, and the lack of caffiene is kicking my butt! I didn't have much trouble at first, but now things are getting rougher. I waited to finish what coffee I had, so there would be no temptation to backslide. There's no place nearby to buy it, and that's a good thing. I like some flavors of the Maxwell International Coffee, similar to the convienience store offerings, but less sweet.

After my snooze, I went through the armoire to straighten it up, and got rid of a few things I was undecided on the last time. I'd like to go shopping, likely on Saturday, as I do need a few things, and have a stack of coupons that expire shortly after Christmas. DH and friends have a project here that day, so if I don't decide to go tomorrow, spur of the moment, I'll be sure to go then. Chicken soup will be supper tonight, so I better get it started. pinky

HappyVal1355424624.55648 PostsRegistered 6/9/2011

Sonya, thanks for the link to the cake recipe! I'm going to check it out as soon as I post this. Kathleen, I really admire your energy and I'm sure I'd admire your blackberry jam given a chance (LOL).

Tonight, I am going to a local bar to play Thursday night trivia with Sarah. I haven't done it before, but this is her Thursday night ritual and she's been after me to come along for a while. A couple of her team are "my age", so she feels it will be good socialization for me (ha!).

Saki is still eating ornaments. Found her this morning with one of my little Christmas tree flameless candles, chewing the top. I quickly grabbed it and returned it to its place with the other ones, but noticed that instead of 5, I only have 4!!! Tory and I both had a talk with her yesterday about Christmas decorations, but I guess it didn't work. Not sure where that 5th tree will turn up.

Jules, is Chase your GS? Top 2% and bored in school is a sad story indeed. We try to do so much for those with special needs, but often forget that the gifted have special needs as well.

LindaL, so glad you are enjoying yourself! Too bad about those boots, but glad you bought the Clarks. I'm sure you will enjoy those.

Hugs to all!

kittyfan1355425029.536347 PostsRegistered 11/6/2008Central Tx

LOL: about the conversation with the dog---have been there and done that!. Mr. Boodles barks loudly when he gets left out and wants to come in. He doesn't come in with the herd and doesn't always respond when I call him (usually doesn't) so if he gets left out he will bark loudly at the bedroom window!! Silly boy---one night I saw him heading toward his favorite "hiding spot" so I thought he hadn't gone back out---I looked and there he was.

Count me as one who is normally "early" to work. Love a few minutes before the choas begins. I had been known to be up at 4 mopping the kitchen floor-but that hasn't been for a long time--now we usually sneak back for a few minutes--once the dogs are all back in.

poochies m­om1355426063.2831099 PostsRegistered 6/8/2007
Yes Val Chase is my 12 year old grandson.He was just 7 mos old when his father was killed helping some one in an accident.It will be 12 years this Dec.27th.My daughter was only 20 so I have had Chase most of the time.They had free time on the computer at school and he was studying the history of the fall of Jerusalem.He gets made fun of because he is a self identified computer nerd.Doesnt care for sports,never has.I just can't get him to care about doing well in school.My other daughter is a teacher and she is frustrated too.

livehealthy1355426818.2432694 PostsRegistered 2/18/2007

Jules, I totally understand the being bored in school. I was the same way, and most of my gifted students didn't have much for school either, except maybe for computers or whatever one class caught their interest. DH went to a magnet school, and I think that helped him.

Linda, it is fun shopping with family and friends, at least if you're not looking for something in particular for yourself. I hope the rain in AZ keeps right on traveling this way!

Kathleen, good job on keeping with the push-up challenge. I did a super set today where I was alternating DB flyes with walking push-ups. Fun, fun.

Arlene, you are a brave soul, taking on another dog. Hope he didn't run away and get lost!

Ann, I'm not sure how to look at your other pictures. You should get a FB account, just for the sake of the pictures. You don't have to post anything else if you don't want to. It's super simple=) How come you're giving up caffeine? I had to do that for a long time until I got off gluten. Nowadays, it doesn't seem to bother me, but I try not to overdo it.

Val, our bar has a trivia night too, though it's not a team game. I've never been, but I enjoy trivia games. Does the one you're going too use the electronic devices? DH and I used to love playing those with friends. Our little bar probably just uses cards as I know they don't have the equipment for the national Trivia. You have lots of patience with your doggie. I would be very, very upset about the ruined ornaments. And that is why I don't have a dog or a child=)

Linda, I'm trying to imagine mopping the floor at 4:30 in the morning. Yikes! Mr. Boodles sounds like a character.

poochies m­om1355427370.581099 PostsRegistered 6/8/2007
I remember when he was 6 and his teacher asked him what he liked on tv.He liked cartoons but told her his favorite was the history channel and watching about the ancient Egyptians who were even older than grandmother.LOL

kittyfan1355427599.296347 PostsRegistered 11/6/2008Central Tx

LOL about the "older than grandmother"!!!

FunkyHulaG­irl1355432149.8837429 PostsRegistered 6/25/2011Wherever I go, there I am!

I just got off the phone with HH Gregg; they were great - I have to do my shopping to replace the ruined food - up to $250 - and they'll reimburse me.

Sonja, no problem with Angel running away - he's never far from my side. I think he's still traumatized a little, but he's starting to become a bit more lively. I have no idea of how old he is, but he's not terribly active. Did you see his picture on FB?

Jules, I meant to tell you, Einstein had a lot of problems in school; he was probably more advanced than the other students. And look at Bill Gates - he was a high-school dropout! I wouldn't worry about Chase too much - he sounds like a really bright kid.

Ann, ditto what Sonya said about a FB account. You don't have to even use your real name; you can make up an alias. I have one friend who goes by "Granny Goodfood," and another is "Elsie Tumbleweed." You could be Pinky Ann.

OK, I'm making lunch, and then I have to settle down to work. Have a blessed day, everyone!

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." - Albert Einstein

Pinky Ann1355432642.9831730 PostsRegistered 7/16/2009

Jules: Your grandson sound adorable! It's so sad he lost his dad so early in life. My what a good feeling to be younger than the Egpytians, ehh? LOL Hope you have great fun watching the sky together.

Sonya: It's the carbs and sugar in the coffee I like that I want to give up. You just add the hot water, that's it. Drinking even two cups a day are lots of carbs and calories that could be much better spent. Trying to get the diet back in better shape again, as I haven't watched as closely since my mom passed. Now it's time.

So far caffiene has never bothered me. The availability of my favorites, is becoming less, even online, so it's time to say good bye. I wish I liked regular coffee, as I make it for DH every morning. I do make a strong coffee however. I will say that, as will my family.... My parents stayed over one time, and at breakfast my Dad said to me,"Babe, How about another slice of that coffee?". LOL It is THAT good!!!! :8) pinky

Pinky Ann1355433031.9571730 PostsRegistered 7/16/2009

Arlene: Sounds like so far so good with the pup. Hope it works out! How nice for you to have a months break!!

Val: Have a good time tonight!

Sonya: Forgot to mention about Facebook..... I have no idea how to work it what so ever, and I don't post pics too often. I think about it most when I read someone's pics are posted there, and I can't see them. Then I think about testing it out. My brother wasn't thrilled about the idea of my joining it, though he may not realize it can be more private if you set it up that way. I didn't know myself. pinky

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