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Are you comfortable wearing light colors on the bottom and dark colors on top?

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I know some women avoid this like the plague, but I'm okay with it.

I'm thinking about creating an outfit with pieces I already have, though I haven't actually tried it on yet. The outfit will consist of:

Light gray full-length cotton pants

Lavender ruffled cotton knit tank

Black cap-sleeve silk no-close cardigan (upper-thigh length)

I would wear black strappy sandals with this look.


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luvmypupz1306862046.944991 PostsRegistered 8/30/2010By the Sea Shore

I like wearing white bottoms. I will wear light gray also. I won't wear colors like yellow, pink etc.

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Sydsgma1306862660.323986 PostsRegistered 2/11/2008land of ice and snow and valley of the sun

Your outfit sounds lovey - I often pair dark tops with light colored pants -I think the contrast is stunning.

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Sooner1306862687.916615 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I do it all the time. White or stone pants with black, navy or other dark colored top. One of my favorite looks.

BLH1306863148.011670 PostsRegistered 1/21/2009

no, I'm too fat{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

violann1306863472.2713930 PostsRegistered 12/12/2004
I think the look can be very flattering, especially if the dark top is tunic length.

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Mathilde1306864852.091091 PostsRegistered 2/29/2008

This sounds like a really cute outfit to me.

In the summer for casual wear, I wear a light color on the bottom as often as not, white, light grey or light khaki capris or a white skirt with a black or bright solid colored top.

UpTooEarly1306866202.78853 PostsRegistered 1/18/2011

Sounds great! I love light/white on the bottom. I think it makes legs look long and it's a classy, timeless look.

glorybe1306866517.112750 PostsRegistered 9/25/2007

I am not, but it sounds like that is a good combo for you. I envy people that can wear the light bottoms with the darker tops. I need to reverse that with dark bottoms and lighter tops to balance me out figure-wise; narrow shoulders with wider hips.{#emotions_dlg.huh} I do occasionally wear khaki bottoms only if I wear a white top.

Vamp1306867823.0313168 PostsRegistered 3/9/2007

One of my summertime wardrobe staples is khaki cropped pants with a black t-shirt.

BrazenSong­Bird1306868142.333212 PostsRegistered 11/1/2007Fairfax, VA

I like to wear a black top with lighter colored jeans and black boots or shoes to balance it. The light bottom, dark top thing (for me) must be clothing that is less body conscious, more relaxed, otherwise, it doesn't work for my figure.

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LipstickDi­va1306868352.04341836 PostsRegistered 4/22/2005On the Lake in Ohio

I own no pants other than dark gray, brown, navy and black. I am just not a light colored bottom woman. I hope one day I will get there because I see white jeans on people that are adorable but on me, I hate them.

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islandgrrl1306868893.591341 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Your outfit sounds gorgeous. Right down to the black strappy sandals.

I love white jeans, capris and ankle pants in the summer. I am a size bigger on top (busty) than on the bottom so I find dark-on-top to be a flattering look.

Kathlen1306869864.03714877 PostsRegistered 8/7/2006East Side, West Side, All Around The Town ... London Bridge is Falling Down

Yes ... I do it a lot.

khaki pants with black polo

white pants with cobalt blue

white linen with dark brown tee

bleached denim with dark blue polo


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Cranberries1306869877.44310969 PostsRegistered 4/14/2009

I bought a pair of white capri's recently. Totally out of my regular choice of clothes. I have a deep plum v-neck stretchy/cotton type shirt, kind of like a tee. I have not wore the capri's yet but tried shirts on at home after I bought the capri's. The plum looked really cool actually. I tried on lots of other colored shirts too. I have a black v-neck that is just like the style of the purple and I though the black looked really cool. Kind of s-xy even. I'm thinking the darker shirts are looking much better than lighter ones with this pair of capri's. I think I can also get away with the white capri's paired with a dark top in a fancy setting too. Not super fancy, but not uber casual either. The perfect in between.

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jazjade1306869983.631214 PostsRegistered 12/16/2004Central Texas

Yes Im ok w/ it. I wear white denim on the bottom all thru the spring and summer months.

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CLOTHILDE1306870043.6374471 PostsRegistered 4/17/2011
On 5/31/2011 Sooner said:

I do it all the time. White or stone pants with black, navy or other dark colored top. One of my favorite looks.

This is my summer uniform, along with khakis. I'm very lazy and like to keep things as simple and classic as possible.

bonnielu1306870344.1136484 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Western Maryland

I do not wear colored bottoms. I keep color on top and the darker or neutrals on the bottom. I try to match my shoes to the bottom. One exception I will wear white if I have a long top that seems to go well with it... like black or some other dark shade.

RedConvert­ibleGirl1306870485.52714994 PostsRegistered 9/3/2005Pacific NW

I have no problem with grays and khaki slacks with darker color tops. LOVE tan/khaki slacks with black or red tops.

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goodstuff1306871266.9317160 PostsRegistered 11/11/2008

Your outfit sounds cute, and if you have the figure for dark-over-light, why not? I need the slimming line of dark-over-dark or fully saturated-over-dark , myself!

Brabls1306871590.21314740 PostsRegistered 4/27/2007

I do it all of the time. My fall fav is a camel skirt & rich brown top.

In the summer, I am a white skirt person. May wear a navy blouse or a bright polo.

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UpTooEarly1306873760.39853 PostsRegistered 1/18/2011

I don't think you have to be slim to wear white/light on the bottom either. Look at the hosts and larger models on Q. Many times I've seen them looking great with white bottoms.

Brown Sugar1306874332.85991 PostsRegistered 4/12/2007Near Lake Erie in OH.

Hi Maddie!

I'm completely comfortable doing this.Smile

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MISERABLE661306874634.3874860 PostsRegistered 12/7/2010Noo Yawk

Im pear shaped so no way would I ever wear color on the bottom.

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~k~1306876953.4232525 PostsRegistered 2/8/2007

Your ideas sound wonderful, Maddie! - - I also wear light bottoms - - - I have a narrow frame, so wearing white or light neutrals on the bottom are well within my comfort zone. Stay cool, down there!

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wilma1306877608.6813378 PostsRegistered 7/10/2007

I prefer the darker color to be on the bottom, but yes, I am ok with a lighter bottom piece. The bottom piece needs to fit perfectly, and I need the correct length top (not tunic, but long enough so my hips and thighs are not the focal point) for me to be comfortable doing it. I wore a knee length khaki skirt today with a black top - got a lot of compliments. I also have a pair of khaki pants, dove grey pants, and white pants and white skirt. I admit I don't wear the lighter bottoms as often.

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